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  • HK_USP_45

    He’s got his finger in the trigger well of his “gat.” No, no.

  • B Woodman

    And here I wasn’t sure if it was a poor picture image, or the idjit had his finger on the trigger. . . .

  • jdun1911


  • Aaron

    Finger off the trigger?

  • MrSatyre

    No mask???

    It’s hard to tell, but is his finger even on the trigger?

  • Jeff

    Is the pistol out of battery?

    • Jeff, you got it!

  • His momma must be so proud! I wish the image were a little larger.

  • Adam

    I’ll tell ya what’s wrong with the picture…

    he’s still alive

  • Freiheit

    What bank has a couch?

  • Wolfwood

    I wonder: if we blew up the picture, do you think we could see the Loaded Chamber Indicator’s status?

  • K.D.

    Not strange, my bank has a couch and easy chairs. Usually people wait to see a loan officer sit on them. If I go inside with my wife and there is a long line, I sit in the easy chair.

  • Doug

    A little education please..
    OK.. I assume “out of battery” means the pistol is not in the “ready” state for firing- .. but what details in the photo indicate this?


  • Jeff

    Looking under the barrel, it looked to me like the slide wasn’t all the way forward.

  • Entropy

    Doug, that’s pretty much it. The slide hasn’t gone all the way forward, so it hasn’t chambered a round fully. Thus it wouldn’t have fired if the moron had pulled the trigger.

    That’s not the only thing I can see wrong with it – the gangsta style is the obvious other mistake, but has anyone else considered that the idiot hasn’t done a thing to cover his face or disguise himself? I bet the cops had an easy job identifying him from the mugshot we have here.

  • Johann Van De Leeuw

    REALLY FUNNY!!!! Ha ha, that’s my laugh for the evening…thanks!