S&W 642 and 442 with Mag-Na-Ported-Barrel

S&W have made a special run of S&W 642 and 442 revolvers with ported barrels. These must make one heck of a bang when the trigger is pulled! Both are chambered in .38 Special.

150611 Large
Model 642

150610 Large
Model 442

Steve Johnson

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  • How much of a bigger bang can they have given they already have ~2″ barrels? It amazes me that people can freak out about the dangers of porting a revolver barrel when it already has a gap between the cylinder and barrel that can vent gas, powder, and lead.

  • War Wolf

    I never thought much of ported EDC guns. Too much flash, especially in the dark.

  • Tom Stone

    I own a ported 442.Neither the blast or flash is significantly worse than an unported pistol.The recoil is much more “straight back” and it is much easier to get a second accurate shot off quickly.With a barrel longer than 17/8 the increased flash and blast might not be worth the tradeoff,but it definitely is for me with this pistol,especially with hot loads.

  • Crystal

    Where’s the hammer on these things??

    • Crystal, it is inside the frame. It double action only, you cannot cock the hammer manually. The advantage of this is that there is no hammer get snagged on clothing when drawing it.

  • Tom

    Real Men don`t shoot .38 Specials. May be ok for a woman. This round is obsolete in my opinion.

  • Crystal

    That’s interesting. I’ve never seen a revolver without a hammer. hm!

    Tom… “real men” don’t get out shot by women despite what kind of gun regardless of caliber they’re given. 🙂

    • Crystal, it sure does have a hammer, it is just hidden away!

      hmmm … a hammerless revolver (striker fired aka. glock) would be a very interesting idea!

  • Earl

    Hey Tom … .38 outdated? So you’re OK standing in front of that itty-bitty gun while someone fires an obsolete ol’ .38 at your hiney? 🙂 I’ve seen enough folks die on the receiving end. Decent ammo and a decent shooter … I don’t think you’d be too disappointed in the performance. We’re lazy shooters today. LOTS of bullets … shoot ’em full of holes. As old Bill Jordan said, “Accuracy is final.” (No offense intended my friend. I am happy to carry modern handguns and long-guns with improved ammo. But I am fine carrying my old .38 Chief as well)

  • Mr. X

    S&W has made a sweet B.U.G in the 642. Can be carried in so many ways on the body. .38+P hollow points makes a terrific back-up option on the ankle.

  • LH

    Anyone know the going price of the S&W 442 with Mag-Na-Ported-Barrel?