Wilson Combat .22 AR-15 Upper

Wilson Combat have added a complete .22 Long Rifle AR-15 upper receiver to their AR-15 product line. It is in the M4 style with a quad rail, 16″ barrel, front flip up sight and a A2-style flash hider. The price will be $995.


When they release more information I will be sure to publish it on the blog.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    That’s just ridiculous for a 22 upper. The complete spikes upper is only $600 and even that’s expensive.

  • Flighterdoc

    A thousand dollars for a .22 upper?

    Hmm. I have 7 AR platforms. For the cost of only two of the uppers I could buy .22 conversion kits (and extra mags) for all of them. They work well, and only take a minute to install.

    Just what niche is this supposed to be filling, besides “we can”?

  • jdun1911

    What a rip off if you asks me. A conversion kit cost $160 or less. A complete upper runs you around $500. A standard complete lower does not run $500.




  • Tom Stone

    You pay for the name.Wilson has been doing too much of this lately and it will bite them in the ass at some point.Fine products,but.

  • Tyson Chandler

    I agree with all of the above. $900 for an upper? That would almost buy me two of the colt or s&w dedicated .22’s or any of the various makes of .22 uppers with money to spare. I won’t even go into the economics of conversion kits. Sorry Wilson, you can keep this one.

  • Horsedog

    If I or any one else paid $900 FOR A 22 UPPER. They shouldnt be alowed to own a gun cause thier as( Dumb as a 3 legged goat) enough said.