New Ti-RANT Suppressor from AAC

Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) have developed a new ultra high-end suppressor called the Ti-RANT. It weights about 1 oz less than their Evolution 9mm suppressor while offering greater sound reduction. This is achieved by using titanium and titanium alloys, hence the name Ti-RANT.


The specs are:
Weight: 8.6 OZ (244gm)
Length: 7.9” (201mm)
Diameter: 1.38” (35mm)
Finish: GunKote, T3 HARD COAT& SCARMOR
Sound Reduction: 35-38dB

The business end of the Ti-RANT

Of course the high-end construction and technology comes at a price. AAC will be selling it for $1195 shipped. That is about $300 more than the Evo 9.

More info at AAC

Steve Johnson

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  • B Woodman

    I get it!
    Ti-RANT = Tyrant

  • clamp

    WANT! Stupid mortgage payment…

  • If only it were legal for me to own one in my State!!

  • komrad

    Is there really any reason to own a silencer? If you’re hunting you should be able bag whatever game you’re after with one shot. If you’re plinking earplugs are much cheaper. Even if it were a self defense situation a louder noise might be more intimidating. And then there is the little thing about the $200 tax that makes some trouble.

    • komrad, plenty of reasons to own a suppressor. Hunting and plinking are both more fun and less chance of worrying other people. I know – I own some.

    • To protect your hearing.

  • komrad

    I guess the $200 tax just wouldn’t be worth it to me. I mostly shoot .22s anyway. And of course I bet there is an awesome factor to it that I wouldn’t know about.

  • lolob

    komrad – you shoot .22 because you are broke and don’t appreciate real guns like suppressed sbrs, full auto. keep your little broke ass comments to yourself, thanks 😉

  • If they were legal where I live I’d own one in a heart beat. I’d eats bakes beans and ramen noodles for a month to pay that $200 tax!

  • Khalid

    Greetings to all. I am looking for technical drawings of this new Ti-Rant, so I can compare it to the Evolution model. So, if anyone can direct me, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • PanzerSS

    really cool silencer, you get a cool addition to your arsenal, plus keep the neighbors happy too! Plus if you are hunting with one, Hey you might just bag one more than without a suppressor!