Target Cannon: Reusable reactive target

The Target Cannon is a reusable reactive target designed to be used with .22 LR firearms or high powered air guns.

Tc Front View2-600X300-1

The device has three vertical “barrels” which are loaded with blackpowder. A shotgun primer is inserted into the side of the barrel. The shooter aims at a hole in the front steel plating. Through the hole is a steel plunger that ignites the primer. The result is a big bang and lots of smoke.

Picture 17-10

It looks like a lot of fun and only costs 25c per target (according to the manufactures website. I do not reload. ). That even cheaper than the poor-mans-reactive-target (pool chalk).

More info at Target Cannon.

Steve Johnson

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  • EgregiousCharles

    Ice cubes make a great cheap reactive target for outdoor ranges.

  • j

    Ice, yeah I was about to say the same thing. I used to fill yogurt cups with water and freeze them.

    I started folding a bottlecap in half around a piece of string and putting the bottlecap in the yogurt cup as it froze. End result – small blocks of ice on a string that I could suspend from a target frame.

  • Tony

    That thing seems a bit… fussy.

  • redmanlaw


  • anon

    Um… I thought the whole pointing of shooting cartridge arms was so I didn’t have to muck about with loose powder and primers…

    Seems like more work than fun.

    Empty cans suit me fine.

  • vinnie

    clay pigeons on the burm. Cheep easy.

  • Matt Groom

    I can see this being useful for outdoor Rimfire plinker ranges that have various reactive targets who can’t use ice and don’t want to have to sweep up chalk, clay pigeons, or glass bottles, etc. Short of that, this seems like a lot of work to haul out to the field.

  • John

    I have to agree – seems like more trouble than it’s worth to me. As long as we’re talking .22s there’s really no need for reactive targets (okay, they’re fun – I’ll admit that) and anything more serious, well, just use Tannerite if you want reactive as in “boom” or the good old bell on a string if you don’t.

    Helium balloons also make for a fun and pretty challenging long-distance target as long as you happen to be in an area with some wind.

  • Sam Suggs

    so guns fired bye other guns why not just fire your gun twice(: