Cool but Useless handguns

James has written a post about five very interesting, but ultimately useless handguns. Very funny to see what some people thought were good ideas.

The HDH: Greater capacity than a Glock 17

Steve Johnson

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  • Thank you so for the link! Always a thrill.

    • James, a very cool post! I was acually going to do a write up about the The LeMat but you beat me to it!

  • “The HDH: When one round fired at a time is just not enough”

    Actually, the HDH did fire one round at a time. It had two barrels, one on top of the other, and each pull of the trigger would revolve the cylinder only a teensy tiny amount, only one chamber would line up with a barrel, and only one bullet would come out.

    The thing that made people want to buy the gun was that it would fire twenty times before running dry. The reason why it sucked was that it was a massive, heavy, expensive gun that was chambered for an underpowered .22 centerfire round called the velo-dog.

    It was marketed as a fistful of manly he-man studmuffinrey that would put the kabosh on any empty-headed villain that would dare to go up against someone equipped with such awesome firepower. You don’t need to shoot them with an effective round as long as you can shoot them often!

    I’ll let your readers decide if that was a good strategy for self defense.

    • Ah, I mis read the article! I just assumed two firing pins = two bullets. Thanks for the correction.

  • Sven Ortmann
  • Matt Groom

    If someone made a modern HDH in .22 Long Rifle or .22 Magnum with updated styling, I bet it would sell.

    The other designs? Not so much.