SayUncle spotted this ad for a SIG 556 Short Barreled Rifle. What is very interesting is that the rifles being sold by Manchester Firing Line are factory manufactured, not conversions of the standard rifles.

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SIG 556 Short Barreled Rifle

Although the price is steep at $3,495, Sig 556 Reviews notes that SBRs conversions are popular with the Sig crowd:

The P556 has definitely been popular with the SBR crowd so its good too see that Sig Sauer is paying attention and grabbing some of this pie by jumping into the NFA market. There have been a few post’s on the SigArms556 forum about people with P556 SBR’s that have had customer service issues (Sig basically coming back saying theiy voided they’re warranty)

Gun writer and SBR enthusiast Bob Boyd is currently building his own Sig SBR and modeling it after the Sig 552 Commando Carbine. The Commando is probably better classified as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), than a Short Barrel Rifle.

Stgw 90 Kurz
8.9″ barrel Swiss Army Stgw 90 kurz aka. Sig 552 Commando Carbine.

I am looking forward to seeing Bob’s rifle when it is completed.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nooky

    Sad you can’t have the true swiss design.

  • Nick

    “Sad you can’t have the true swiss design.”

    Sig 556 upper + Sig 552 parts kit.

  • Nooky

    Yeah I’ve seen that

    Looks like quit a pain in the ass thought, sure the adventure must be fun, but like all retro fit kit, it’s never the real thing.

  • CS

    I have a Swiss Arms Green Classic Carbine – like this. Great gun.

    Just bought it, am going to get a SB Short dot scope I think. Anyone else have any ideas?

  • CJC

    Whats sad is you talk to sig and they list the MSRP for the 556405 at around $1399. love how gun dealers keep trying to rape the public on owning this weapon which is only different from the full size by barrel length. If you want a sig 556 SBR…by the pistol pay the 200 dollars for the Form 4 and do it your self.

  • Goo

    This is the gun featured in snow mission of the movie, Inception.

  • Carl Spackler

    I completed my clone project, it took a lot of effort and money, but there is truely a unique clone, not something you’ll see at your typical gun store or gun show. It was faily easy, just do the following. But you must start with the Pistol variant, the rifle variant being chopped to a SBR does not work, do not go that route unless you want unyielding ass pain.

    Sig 556P (Pistol variant)……… $1,250
    Sig Clasic Lower……………….. $650
    Original Sig Stock……………… $350
    552 Parts Kit ………………….. $150
    Custom Color Match Gray…….. $350
    ATF Tax Stamp………………….$200
    Barrel Diopter Sights……………$200

    Build does not include optics, foregrip, or original clear 20/30rd Sig Magazines, but can be added additional costs.

    Came out to just over $3000, the only thing it doesn’t have is a full auto selector, otherwise its 100% 552 Commando. I get more questions about the 552 at the range and gun shows than anything on the planet.

    • Do you know any gunsmiths who will do this conversion ?

      Thank You