Sig Sauer pistols Resume Shipping with Two Magazines

Back in March I reported that Sig had decided to only ship one magazine with their pistols. Being the cynical person I am, I wondered if they were doing if for profit, not overwhelming demand as they claimed.


GunPundit reports that Sig has announced that they will resume shipping two magazines with their pistols.

SIG SAUER suppliers increased production to meet the heightened consumer demand, thus allowing SIG SAUER to resume shipping two magazines with every commercial handgun.

Well done Sig. You did the right thing.

Steve Johnson

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  • EzGoingKev

    If Sig was doing the right thing they would send everyone who got ripped off during the 1 magazine period a second magazine.

  • I agree with EzGoingKev, Sig can do the right thing by sendning the 2nd mag to those stuck with only 1.

    Otherwise, they got caught being dorks and resumed shipping 2 mags because it cost them via public relations or sales.

  • TJP

    I was not aware that Sig was promising two magazines and then attempting to conceal the fact that the final product included only one.

    • TJP, they were open about it. There was no deception.

  • Griffin

    Yeah I’d like the second Magazine for my Sig P250 compact

  • New P239

    I wrote to SIG customer service asking about getting the second mag for my new P239 since I had to pay the same price for the pistol as everyone else but I got screwed with only one mag. Their response was that they had to made a choice to ship new pistols with one mag or no pistols at all because they had a magazine shortage.

    They will not be providing second mags to buyers who only got one because they have no way of knowing which pistols were shipped with only one and they don’t want to have a shortage again. I think its total BS.

    I think its odd that they have enough mags to sell as “spares” but not enough to do the right thing and send one to the people who basically got ripped off…

  • Griffin

    Yeah I agree with you New P239. oldy enough i was able to get 3 new mags for my P250 before they made this annoucnement