Blade Runner gun sold for $270,000

The “2019 Detective Special” prop gun from the movie Blade Runner has been auctioned off for $270,000!

Bladerunner Blaster-Thumb-550X377-16159

At first glance the gun looks to be some sort of auto-revolver. It is in fact a Steyr Mannlicher .222 Model SL rifle action and trigger group with some revolver parts tacked on. Note the double set trigger and Steyr’s iconic “butter knife” style bolt handle. It even retains the Steyr serial number.

Photo from a gunbroker auction.

Phil Steinschneider has a website detailing how be built a replica of the prop using a Steyr Mannlicher .222 Model SL action and a Charter Arms .44 Special Police Bulldog revolver.

Phil’s replica

Many thanks to Kevin for emailing me the Link.

UPDATE: Tam notes that this may still be classified as a firearm by the BATFE.

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  • I have wanted this pistol for more than half my life. Even a good quality mock-up would do. I just don’t have the money to buy one nor the skill to make one. But it is lovely.

  • I can’t possibly be the only person to think that there’s money to be made in working replicas of famous movie guns. Why aren’t there any?

  • Rodolfo

    Just for that, I’m putting Blade Runner on.
    No ‘director’s cut’ for me

  • Man alive, that is a lot of money for something to look at! I don’t remember seeing that piece in the movie. I will have to watch it again and look for it.

  • CS

    He uses the gun throughout the movie to shoot replicants.

    Also, the original movie gun was sold – not a replica of it…

  • CS

    (that last comment was aimed at readers comments, not the post) You don’t need to post this btw… Just had a weekend in 7500 feet high mountains doing some precision rifle target practice, too much sun)

  • whatever

    There is something seriously wrong with the way things are when someone will spend $270K on a movie prop.

  • $270k!

    And my wife thinks that when I visit the gunshop I have done- questionable things…

  • eric

    Whatever, there is nothing wrong with it. The ability to do something like this is part of the many things that makes this country great and what it is.

  • Erik

    I agree with you, Eric. No question about the right to do it. The wisdom of it? That is another story. You mis-spell your name btw….

  • charles222

    The level of craftsmanship present in the late 70s/early 80s prop departments for major films never really ceases to amaze me. I mean, there’s this gun, made from two completely different weapons. It looks like it actually works. Another one is the original Star Wars lightsabres; they were built out of Graflex flash tubes for cameras. Does that look at all like a camera accessory? No..

    Also, there are a few companies that specialize in recreating film props-there’s one where you can get your own M41 pulse rifle and Colonial Marine armor. Can’t remember the name of the company, though.

  • mark

    This is one of those weopons that I have look at for years and tried to figger out whatg they made it from!!!! You look at a Stars wars blaster and you instantly that it was a c96 mauser!! You look at the colonial storm troopers weapon and knew it was a British Sterling!!! The Blade was hard to figger out, and now i know why. Thanks for the info!!!