Blaser R 93 and K 95 Black Edition

Blaser, makers of premium hunting rifles, could not bring themselves to produce a real Black Rifle, but they have produced a new black matte colored model of the R 93 bolt action and the K 95 single shot rifle named the “Black Edition”.

R93 Blackvelvet Composing
R 93 Black Edition

K95 Black Edition News
K 95 Black Edition

Nice looking rifles, but then is every other Blaser rifle. There is really not much Blaser can do to a high end take-down hunting rifle that already has every feature you could need.

I am not sure of price or availability stateside.

Steve Johnson

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  • michael

    Nice looking rifle. I could only imagine the price, being a Blaser it wont be cheap.

  • Whatever

    Am I the only one who wouldn’t trust my life to a Blaser rifle? I don’t like the fact that if the bolt lets go, it looks like there is nothing there to stop the bolt carrier from coming straight back and into my head.

  • michaek

    I saw a pic of a bloke in Germany where his face was Disfigured due to a accident with the R 93 system.

  • Mu

    The R93 accident descriptions mostly trace back to Lutz Moeller. The only confirmed report I found was due to a blown (reloaded) case and plastic rails in the gun. The plastic rails seem to have been replaced by aluminum to overcome that problem.
    The list price for the gun is around € 7,000 in Germany, including tax. While that should translate to about $8,000 without tax in the US, there’s about a 50% surcharge on Blaser guns. Look for about $12k here, or find yourself a local importer.

  • Gabriel

    I have been using german rifles and shotguns for more than twenty years and never disappointed. R 93 is a great system even for large calibers.