Ruger SR-556: AR-15 has arrived

Ruger was that attractive girl at high school who you wanted to love but she stabbed you in the back and you just could not trust her again. That was two decades ago. Sturm, Ruger & Company CEO Michael O. Fifer has listened us, the customers, and changed the company culture for the better.

There is no better illustration for this change than the Evil Black Rifle itself which has just joined the Ruger product offering. The slogan for the SR-556 is “a platform redefined”. I say it should be “a company redefined”. I present to you the Ruger AR-15, the SR-556:

Ruger SR-556

Ok, I will wipe the tear from my eye, be a man and shove my emotional outburst back down where it came from 😉 Onto the features …

The most significant feature is a new short stroke gas piston designed by Ruger. It shares the same benefits as other gas pistons system: a cleaner, cooler bolt carrier as the excess gas it vented out the gas block, far from the upper receiver. The AR-15 was not designed for a piston and retrofit piston systems can cause problems, for example the pressure from the piston operating rob can cause the bolt carrier to bind. It was been suggested that the Ruger bolt carrier is designed to mitigate this particular problem. Time will tell (I am no expert on this topic).

Picture 4-35
The chrome lined SR-556 bolt carrier.

Picture 5-26
Disassembly of the gas system.

Another feature is a four position gas regulator. The first position prevents any gas entering the piston system. This turns the rifle into a single shot which requires the bolt to be manually cycled between shots. The next position allows the normal quantity of gas into the piston system to cycle the bolt. The next two position each let in more gas than the previous system which can help when the rifle is dirty or the ammunition is low powered. It is a compelling feature for reloaders because it gives them a greater range of adjustment for thier powder loads.

Picture 3-27
Chromed gas regulator.

Picture 6-27
Gas regulator positions.

The rifle also features:

  • Full length Troy Industries Quad Rail with rail covers.
  • Hogue Pistol grip.
  • Ruger branded Troy Industries flip up Backup Iron Sights (BUIS).
  • Ships with three 30-round Magpul PMAG magazines.

Ruger Ar-15 Sr-556

Picture 7-27
Ruger branded Troy Rear Sight

The Specs:

Caliber: 5.56mm NATO / .223 Remington
Barrel: 16.12″
Barrel Twist: 1:9 Right Hand
Weight: 7.92 lbs
Total Length: 32.75″ – 36″ (depending on stock position)
Stock: 6 position M4 style

It is nice to see Ruger has explicitly said .223 Remington AND 5.56mm NATO are compatible with the rifle.

The MSRP is $1,995. It is expensive and you could build one your self from parts for less, but if the gas system works flawlessly then I think it will be a good seller. I think it will sell for about $1800 on the street.

Here is the Ruger promotional video. They seem to be keen to promote it to law enforcement and military: made this video showing the rifle in action:

This photo is from Snowflakes in Hell. For the high resolution version and many more photos as well as on the ground reporting from the launch visit Snowflakes in Hell:

The Firearm Blog  Ruger Sr-556  Ar-15 Has Arrived

This photo Adam’s Incoming blog. For many more photos check out the Guns and Hunting Incoming blog.

Ar-15 Ruger

More information about the rifle is at Caleb’s Gun Nuts Media blog.

Thanks to y’all who emailed me about the SR-556. I appreciate it. Contrary to popular belief I am not dead just slow and overworked.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Brian for sending me these photos of his new Ruger SR-556.

100 0035

100 0038
Fore-end and gas regulator.

100 0044
The Backup Iron Sights.

100 0047
Nice touch with the buttstock Ruger logo.

Steve Johnson

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  • jdun1911

    The four position gas regulator is interesting. It is a good selling point.

    One thing for sure Ruger is under a lot of pressure to keep up with the younger generation of firearms makers.

  • K. D.

    Sorry Ruger, it is not that exciting….Another AR… Yawn….

  • Roadkill

    Yeah. I, too, am disappointed. They’re redefining nothing. Unlike this LCR, this is not interesting in the slightest. Just another overpriced AR clone.

  • Rob

    Ruger, Ruger, Ruger….

    What are you doing? Don’t get me wrong, thanks for the pretty new AR, but I think we have just a few AR’s on the market already… oh wait, not at your ridiculous price point…

    $2,000 for an AR? I know you guys are late to the game, and have developed (read: borrowed and tweaked) this piston system, but how about firearms for the common man.
    I grew up with my dad telling me that Ruger was different, and that they make quality firearms that the regular joe could afford… not this one.

    You have been on this great marketing kick of self defense with your “too hot to keep in stock” LCP and LCR, now you go and produce a fancy AR with a fat sticker price and hope to ride the hipe wave to the next hit product… sorry guys, this ain’t it.

    Should have gone along with some of the rumor mill produced ideas… polymer 1911 — with a price point to under cut Wilson’s and it would have stuck with your marketing campaign of affordable self defense/conceal carry products… well there is always shot show 2010

  • Concerned_Soldier

    It is expensive, but at least they didn’t go with the gas-impingement. Nothing would of been “redefined” then.

    Piston driven is the way to go, at least they had the fore-sight to do that.

    Great job, Steve!



  • Big Daddy

    Nice……but you can buy/build so many just like it, although without the almost useless gas regulator adjustment. POF is probably one of the best of the bunch. So what exactly did Ruger do? At least Magpul/Bushmaster is coming out with the Masada or whatever they call it now. That’s what I expected out of Ruger. Not to mention they don’t even offer it in 6.8mm, 7.62×39 nor 6.5mm in some type of interchangeable system. That would have made it something exciting.

    This is typical of old American companies which do not have fresh thinking, forward thinking people working for them. No wonder our automobile industry failed.

    They could have done so much more and chose not to. They spent the least amount of R&D money to come out with a weapon that already floods the market.

    Watching the videos I see the same kind of jerk upward all piston AR-15/M-16 type weapons have that the much maligned gas impingement system does not have. I hated the gas in my face and smell when I fired my M-16. Not to mention the cleaning issues. But it is a smoother firing system especially on full auto. There is no way to fix the issues with the bolt carrier unless you completely redesign it as H&K found out.

  • War Wolf

    Well, based on the number of comments on this thread I’d say that Ruger just farted into the wind on this product. A post I made a couple days ago had me sounding optimistic but after seeing this offering I think Ruger brought an overpriced commodity to market with a gimmicky valve. I call BS on this one. That said, I will still purchase an LCR as soon as discretionary funds permit.

    My gun buying orgy as of late has me a little light in the wallet. 😮

  • Carl

    Looks pretty good to me. The AR seems to be very popular today, despite the age of the basic platform, so they would be stupid not to enter this market.
    How many natively piston driven AR-15’s are there? Not counting bolt-on systems of course.

    • Carl, quite a few options, but an insignificant number compared to normal AR-15s. S&W recently entered the market with piston AR-15s (search the blog for more info), but they used another companies piston kit.

  • “gunner”

    interesting, but i could live happily without the “tactical rail” that everybody seems to be putting on guns these days. most of us don’t hang stuff on our carry guns, or do drug raids and dynamic entry warrants, so the rails are about as much use as teats on a boar hog.

  • Jeff M

    The rail is ideal for customizing the handguard grip surface, and I like the look of it as well, I find the non-rails truly useless.

    This seems to compete, advantageously, with the LMT (Lewis Machine & Tool) CQB piston rifle, same price point and same quality, but with the “gimmicky valve” and Ruger name. Perhaps it’s more on par for quality and brand recognition with the Barrett rec7. I like it but I think they could have priced it more, shall I say, honestly. Though they will likely still sell every one one of them they produce within a day at that price point, for the next year or two.

    I’m having a hard time deciding, I was waiting for the ACR but this might be just as good for me.


  • Tyson

    Ruger rocks! And for all you silly bills that think this is the last thing to come from Ruger are going to be soaringly mistaken. I agree Ruger is perhaps a bit late in bringing this forward and the price a bit steep, however once all the hype is out of the way and production and demand level this will be highly competitive price wise.

    I really believe in patroning our home made brands, thus compelling them to listen more to “us” the consumer and listening both by producing products we want, but also at prices we want.

    Already called my dealer to get in on the goods, sounds like just under two grand if your dealer stands with Ruger, not bad with all the goodies you get out of the box. My Christmas has come early… God bless.

    Hmmm a polymer style 1911, I might know something about this… 😉

    Plain and simple Ruger makes an excellent product a good percentage of the time and they seem to be stepping up to the plate lately when problems are brought to their attention. I applaud this.

  • So do you think they will get into selling their components, especially the lowers??

  • Carl

    I really believe in patroning our home made brands,…

    So, Tyson, do you suggest I and the other six billion or so non US people (I am assuming here you live in the United States) do the same? Should we stay away from Ruger in favor of our “domestic brands”?

    This is an honest question. I am interested in your reasoning. When shopping for a firearm, should you buy the best firearm on the entire market within your budget? Or should you base your purchase decision on criteria other than performance, like where the firearm is produced?

  • Erik

    Wow- tough crowd. To the ‘already too many AR’s on the market’ complaint I would say- there is a REASON there are so many makers now, they sell. Ruger is a business and wants a piece of that pie. You are free to complain (obviously) and not buy if you aren’t excited by the product, but don’t fault them for entering a thriving market niche. As for ‘over-priced’ mantra the market will determine if they’re priced it too high or didn’t offer enough new features. Besides, have you all seen what a SCAR is going for? What does it do that a CETME doesn’t? Looks a lot cooler, that’s all.

  • Jerry

    Puhleez. I’ve had a Daewoo Max II since the mid 80s and I’ve always pointed out what a better firearm it was than any AR, HK, or whatever. Dime sized groups at 100 yards out-of-the-box and still keeps on kick’n butt. It’s nice to see Ruger has gone in the right direction with the gas system, but Korea got it right when they kicked Colt and their M-16 rifles out and had Daewoo make the K-2 (Max II) for them.

  • chpstx

    I was there at the NRA convention. I just put in an order one for $1,499.99 plus shipping. I think this is a very good price for gas piston plus troy rails, sights and 3 mags from PMag Maglevel.

  • Jonathan Chauncy

    HOORAAAAAYE!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO! I AM STOKED! PISTON DRIVEN AR BY MY FAVORITE MANUFACTURER! I will add this to my Garand and be real happy about it!!

    Hardly “just another AR”


  • Steve


    This is so so very far from just a AR-Clone as all you noobs are screaming. Ruger has hit the mark dead center! on all the drawbacks from just a AR-clone!!

    Ruger could have just took somone elses crap and relabeled it like so many others did. BUT THEY DID NOT! They waited till they had it just right, all the MAJOR improvements and basically reinvented the AR with a better proven reliable system and built it up to Ruger lengendary quality!

    You will not find a better one at this price-point and value! PERIOD!

    Oh, and yeah I aint going over why its better, cause if you lazy butts are too lame to educate yourselves on something first before slamming it well, go read for yourself idiots!

  • Ferd Turguson

    I like the piece….I’m gittin’ one.

  • Ryan B.

    How about offering this rifle in a .308? Now that would be an attractive option to a new “AR-type” rifle!

  • Allen

    This rifle rocks. For this nut, Sturm Ruger & CO. are one the most brilliant and iconic firearms manufaturers in the history of firearms manufacturing. And this rifle only adds to the passion. Barrels are manufactured in house. That isn’t typical from typical AR-15 manufacturers. Neither is the operating system. Granted there are other piston driven AR-15’s out there, but the consensus view and fact of the matter is, the majority of piston driven AR-15’s are garbage. We needed a company to redifine this system. Hats off to Ruger.
    Smith&Wesson did it. Big green did it. Why not Ruger? At least they didn’t just take a DPMS or a Bushmaster, slap there company name on it, and finish it in real treet camo. Come on, the AR-15 is deemed Americas rifle. It’s like peas and carrots, boys and girls.
    If you guys are going to dog a Ruger rifle, I would suggest the early mini-14’s. At least there would be a little legitimacy to your pessimism. I guess the cynics’ minds won’t actually open until caseless ammunition is introduced. Or maybe death ray laser pistols with integrated tracking beams.

  • where the heck do you buy the sweet thing

  • Mongo333

    If it’s ‘just another AR’ then why did the guys at the SIG booth at the NRA convention send me over to look at it????? When you’re competitor thinks you’ve got hold of something then maybe you do….And I agree with ‘chpstx’, with the features and a ‘street’ price $1500-$1600 it’s actually a decent deal……

  • Joe

    At first, I thought “$2,000.00?????!!!!! W-T-F????”…..then I re-looked it. That’s out-of-the-box, ready for tactical application minus an optic. The price of a base AR model, plus the folding sights, plus rail system, plus Hogue handgrip, plus three Magpul magazines would probably be well over two G’s.

  • 1994GunBan

    I hope everyone remember what Ruger Sr. did to 1994 Gun ban, I piss on this gun and get something else.

  • Keith Applegate

    Personally I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with the AR platform with its direct impingment systen as originally designed by Eugene Stoner.

    But the fad du jour seems to be to badmouth it and praise the piston driven AR (of course if it has a piston then its not really an AR) as the best thing since sliced bread, miniskirts and forward cocking serrations on 1911s.

    But, for the most part, Ruger makes reliable weapons and stands behind them with excellent customer service, so I suspect the Ruger SR556 will be a popular item. In fact, the only thing I wonder/worry about with this rifle is that renowned Ruger customer service.

    Ruger has a long standing policy of either refusing to work on any Ruger branded firearm that has been altered with aftermarket parts or else returning a repaired modified gun to its owner with the aftermarket parts replaced with genuine Ruger factory parts. (Let’s face it, the AR-15 is the 1911 of the rifle world. The three most adaptable/modifiable gizmos in the civilized world are the PC computer, the 1911 pistol and the AR-15 rifle. All three are capable of, and constantly, handing tasks never imagined by their creators.) And the #1 reason most people buy an AR is the ability to build/rebuild/modify it exactly the way you want it. Hopefully Ruger will realize this and give their loyal followers some latitude when it comes to factory service. For in order to survive it today’s marketplace they will have to.

    The bottom line for me is this; The more companies that manufacture the AR type rifle the more mainstream it becomes. And that makes it less and less an evil black assault weapon and more and more just another rifle. I applauded Remington when it disguised a Bushmaster with heat skrink twigs and leaves and slapped the big R on it. That made it less of an evil black riflle. Heck fire, I wish someone would start making them in multiple colours. I’d love to see some company offer ARs with wooden stocks and forearms. (I have seen photos of custom jobs and they are beautiful.) The more ARs, AKs and M-whatevers there are the less nefarious they all become.

    I welcome the new Ruger and say “The more, the merrier!”

  • PM07

    One thing to remember is that this is not Bill Ruger’s company. We all know what was said by him during his reign but he is gone . Its nice to see antoher AR in the market. Look at what Keith wrote. It holds true. The more AR type platforms, the less eveil they become. Another point I hadnt seen brought up is the fact that Ruger has been making gas piston rifle for decades. The Mini-14 doesnt get alot of love because it isnt ‘tactically sexy’ enough but it runs like a scalded cat. The price point seems to be holding out at around $1300-$1400. DI Colt 6920 are going for $1100+ and the 6940 is higher. Time will tell as far as durability etc. My agency has 3 Ruger’s on order for T&E. I plan on burning it up and seeing how it takes it.

  • R&R

    What is all the bashing of the Ruger company and its new 556 rifle? These guys must have NOT spent ANY time on research. This Is probably the least priciest of most gas piston AR’s. No ONE is forcing you to purchase it, RIGHT??? HEY, I’ll let ya on l lil secret…the price…that 2,000 number, remember? Well, take a stroll over to, they have a listing of 17 Ruger SR 556. The prices are from the lowest 1,399. to 1,795, plus ya get 3 mags. So, all you guys B——- and complaining of “OMG” the high price…I ask you, If you can beat that, let us know??? I’ll be a proud and happy owner, soon. As far as a 308. caliber, well, I just pull out my Socom 16.

  • John D.

    Anybody have info as far as legality of the SR 556 in NY State? No 30 rd mags or collapsable buttstocks, gonna need to pick up just an upper?

  • Viper4507

    Hey, I want it! Any idea if it will cycle subsonic ammo in the third possition? that would be sweet, no springs to change to make it slow and quiet enough for home protection too. Dont have an AR yet but if they dont offer it in CA it may be time for a move… this and the XD-M might be worth it.

  • I just purchased a Ruger 556, I paid $1549.00 for it; I was going to buy the LWRC AR but for the features the Ruger gives you more bang for the buck. I have several Ruger 22 rifles & pistols that are suppressed, I have never had a problem with any of my Ruger’s and hopefully the new 556 won’t disappoint.
    I have owned many piston driven rifles and shotguns, I currently own a HK SL8, a Sig 556, a Vector AK-47, a STG-556, a Norinco SKS, a Saiga 12, the new Ruger rounds out my collection very nicely. The only piston rifle that I ever had a problem with was a first gen Robinson ACR, out of the box that rifle wouldn’t shoot in semi-auto, single shot only! It didn’t matter what setting the gas regulator was set to, it just didn’t want to run. The ACR was sent back to Robinson and the gas system was replaced, I never shot the rifle after it was repaired, I traded it off to someone who really wanted it.
    The Ruger looks solid, I haven’t shot it yet, but I will keep you updated on the performence.

    • Jamesvalera

      I was about to buy me a LWRCI, but I change my mind , too expensive. luckily my gun salesman , offered me to get the Ruger SR 556, same concept with the LWRCI, except with the Ceracoat finish. For the price of $ 1447.00 that’s ok for me. You can check this on the web site at , free shipping , and it takes 2 to 3 weeks to ship it . And I didn’t have to pay taxes either, cause I was out of state. I couldn’t wait to see this AR ,I still have 1 week and a half to wait. I hope it comes out good as I watch the YouTube , about this weapon.

  • Paradigmmatrix

    I just got mine on! Paid $1436.00 for it. I have read up on all the higher end AR’s and found that although this may be in the minds of many “ruger-haters”, I am willing to bet that they did not do their homework. DGI systems are where the AR community is heading and all the DI gun owners are feeling left out. Improvements come around in all aspects of life (cars, computers, tech gear, etc..), and everyone always wants the latest “toy”. I have been a fan of Ruger for some time, and find it ironic that so many want to rail on the company for a stand that it’s founder (no longer there), decided to side with the anti-gun lobby, foes any one remember when S&W betrayed the ENTIRE gun community?

    “I’m not willing to be a pawn in a political chess game,” S&W CEO Ed Schultz is quoted in the March 27, 2000, edition of Newsweek. Yet by signing this sweeping agreement, Schultz has become exactly that, manipulated by the Administration into executing a “settlement” that is widely portrayed as a political victory for the White House.

    Nuff said. I am going to keep looking forward and EXPECT improvement from all the awesome competition out there! I even think I may start a Ruger 556 blog, to record my experience with it!

  • ruger makes the best quality american fierarms today,period. but i agree with one man up there that said my dad always told me ruger makes great guns that are afordible. but it does not look like that any more. the quality is still there and the guns are still great but whysuddenly a price tag that looks that it should be on a H&H or something made of gold. i will always love their guns and this new AR is great but at the price, im not gona put 4 carpaments down for just another high quality AR.

  • fistofmeat

    The going price for those seems to be around 1500, and considering that an AR built or bought with the same options costs about the same, I would say it’s a fairly good deal for an, especially if the piston system is proven reliable.

    the price point seems very comparable to other gas piston models

    Considering Ruger’s politics, this isn’t the first that we’ve seen of their change in feelings towards civilians and ‘evil’ guns. They released the SR9 which was the first of it’s kind from Ruger, dispelling their H&K-like hatred for the common man defending themselves to the fullest extent. Seems to be a good step in the right direction, making a well equipped version of one of the most popular platforms, and making it available to everyone who should be allowed one.

  • queencitykid

    Does anyone have any experience firing sub sonic ammo through the Ruger 556, and will it cycle in position #3?

  • USAF justin

    First off, who ever says direct impingment is the way to go hasn’t shot both or is crazy. Being in the military and shooting them all the dang time, i can tell you that i LOVE piston driven rifles. On top of that, the AR has needed an adjustable gas regulater for a long time. If your using a suppresor, SUBSONIC AMMUNITION!! (they usualy go hand in hand) crappy NATO ammuntion!! Having the abillity to send more gas twards the bolt to eject ammunition would have saved countless lives since the AR has been in service. We never should have gone with the FN FAL like everybody else………never here a FAL going down when you needed it the most. Anyways, This AR has everything you need and nothing that you don’t. You want rails because if you are using this for self defence, the first thing your putting on there is a light, maybe a grip, and a red dot. hmmmmmm where is all that stuff going to go? along with that, every part that has needed to be chromed has been. I am getting this rifle the first chance that i get, and i wasn’t even that big of an AR fan (M14 all the way) untill i saw this RUGER because nobody has made a AR the way it should be made. Keep up the work RUGER!!!!!

  • USAF justin

    sorry, i meant we should have gone with the FN FAL or there 5.56 version, the only reason the Dewoo is good is because they put an AR and an AK into a cage together and let them mate, and there child was born a really big and heavy beast of an AR that is as tough as an AK!!!!! hahaha……i still want one though, i keep thinking of taking the Korean guard’s Dewoo any time i leave base lol

  • 0311

    The AR has been the main service rifle for 45 years, far longer than any other rifle in US history, and deservedly so. The A2 has been in service 27 years, and, like the 1911, is a superior weapon for professionals, though not the best choice for conscripts.

    This new short-stroke gas impingement system of Ruger’s might help with their marketing, or maybe not, judging from some of the responses on here, but it is certainly no true improvement on the A2, any more so than the 1/9 twist, popular as it has become, is an improvement on the 1/7.

    I don’t hold Ruger or S&W responsible for actions of their past management, as egregious as those past actions might have been, but then again I have never been very interested in their products. I will admit that S&W has made some well-built firearms in the past, but Ruger, with their investment-cast P-series and their less-than-durable Mini-14, have always seemed directed at the lower-middle end of the firearms market. They’re a step above AK’s and Helwans/Stars/East Bloc copies of the Browning, but they aren’t on the level of good 1911’s and HK USP’s.

    It’s interesting to see them try and compete with their SSR 556 in the price range of quality AR’s. I noticed their LCR is also more expensive than most of their other products. I think they’d have more success if they stayed in their usual price niche a few steps down from the main contenders, but perhaps they are trying to go more upscale in the handgun and semi-auto rifle market the way they did with their No 1 rifle.

  • Bobby

    I would rather own a LWRC rifle.

    I was about to buy this weapon, but chose the M6A1.

    6.8 x43mm >>>>> 5.56 x45.

    If I buy a gun, I want a real bullet, not a varmint killing round.

  • richard ditson

    Love what i’ve read and i have four Ruger pistols (p-95-50yr aniversary singel six-sp101 357-bisley) and would love to add this AR but at 2000.00 dollars i have to look elsewear. i hope the price comes down once the product has been out a while.

  • Keith Applegate

    I am astounded by many of the preceeding comments.
    Does no one bother to read them?
    Seems there are several who are getting them for substantially less that MSRP. Which is normal for Ruger products.

    If any of you (outside of the Republik of Californication or Kennedom of Taxichooseus that is) are paying, or have ever paid, full retail for any standard production Ruger firearm, you either make too much money or need a few lessons in smart shopping.

  • Savvoy 6

    I had a terrible time with mine. It went 20 rounds and froze up. There was a problem with the trigger pins and Ruger informed me that the rifle goes into a fail safe mode rather than go full auto. I sent the rifle to them and they fixed it, tested it and gave me three free Magpul mags. I have not gotten it back yet and I cannot decide if I should keep it or not. I could sell it with a clean conscience now that it has been fixed. I mean, what is going to go wrong next? The Ruger people were first rate in the customer support area. I have dealt with HK, S&W, Taurus and Berretta. Ruger has been the best. HK was the worst. I just wonder when they are going to recall all the other guns with this faulty part. The fact that they have not is another story. They say that they installed a redesigned pin in mine. Anyway, I have never had a worse start with any gun, ever. I don’t know if it’s accurate. I never got that far. All in all, a big disappointment for the money.

  • Savvoy 6

    I want to make something clear after my last comment, I will give the SR a full and objective test when I get it back and post my results here. I have been very critical and I owe it to the good people at Ruger and those who read this blog to have a real accounting made rather than my frustrations expressed. My critical thread on was cut off. I was informed that they do not allow heavy criticism on their site. has a thread about bolt tilt that readers might want to see. I do know this from experience… if there is a problem, Ruger will fix it. I get the rifle back next week free of shipping charges either way. By next Friday, the results will be posted.

  • John

    It seems that the SR-556 isn’t getting MSRP, and you can pick one up for around $1600-$1700, US. Sure, Ruger isn’t revolutionizing the industry, but if you take the time compare price, platform, and options to other gas-piston systems, this rifle is very competitive.

  • Bobby

    Correction on my other post. I meant to type.


  • SWATCybercop

    Anybody have any first hand knowledgeabout whether the SSR-556 is subject to “bolt carrier tilt?”

  • jason R

    I seem to be hearing alot of Gas piston bashing, there was a reason behind the idea in the first place,to make a cooler running, cleaner rifle. Almost every other manufactorer is getting in to the gas piston ar biz. Smith and wesson,bushmaster, and paraordanance among others all have gas piston run A-Rs. The direct impingement gas system is a very good system without a doubt, but theres always room for improvement. I strongly believe that the gas piston system will soon become the standard.

  • herbyhunter

    In response to SWATCybercop “My local gunsmith said ruger has the rear of the bolt carrier machined in a way that prevents Bolt Carrier tilt. I appreciate the post by Savvoy 6. If I am using my gun in a time of self defense I would rather have it go full auto than not at all. I also feel that their is nothing wrong with direct impingement. For me I try to spend my time and money finding what works best for me with the guns particular limitations and strengths for the value offered. The best research (in my opinion) comes from shooting the gun and using it. Lastly, thanks to The Firearm blog and those who post. I really enjoy this sight and the posts. Again, go out and enjoy the shooting sports.

  • Keith Applegate

    In the past three weeks I’ve been able to fondle, er, um, I mean handle four of the new Ruger rifles.

    I must admit all four seemed to be flawless in construction. They balance well. They feel solid when you pick one up.

    And the price on each one was well UNDER $2K.

    I really like the sights AND the longer sight radius. I just don’t understand why ANYONE would want a 16 inch barreled M-4gery. Rock River got it right with their midlength. Better cyclic timing since the gas port is as equidistant from the muzzle as the full sized M-16/AR-15 AND the longer sight radius helps your accuracy when using iron sights.

    And yes Virginia there are still us dinosaurs out here who use iron sights on occasion. And the sights oin the new Ruger just seem to lay there when you throw it to your shoulder and go for a flash sight picture.

    I was a skeptic when I first head about it. But now I am a convert.
    Now I just need to fire one to be 100% sure. But then I’d probably want one badly and my budget just won’t allow for one for quite a while.
    Hmmm… anyone need any extra body parts?

  • will

    I had the same experience as Savvoy 6. Fired one full clip and inserted the second and the bolt would only drop half way. A pin was coming out of the side of the lower, and could not be pushed in as it was out of alignment. Gun would not work at all. Called Ruger and they said they had never heard of this happening. Took it back to retailer. Retailer said they were going to send it back to Ruger and gave me a brand new gun. Fired two clips through this one and it did the exact same thing when I put in the third clip. Using Winchester brass casing fmj 5.56. I guess I will be taking it back to the retailer first thing Monday morning. Funny thing, the salesman who sold it to me said they had 9000 rounds through the store model and it worked flawlessly.

  • Keith Applegate

    Well, I have been thinking this all along but I was shy to say it because I was hoping the jinx had lifted…
    But if you think about it there have been “recalls” on two of the newest Uberveapons from Ruger lately.

    First there was the recall to fix a minor problem with the Ruger SR9. That was their first really modern gun in thirty years. It was discovered that some of them (Not All just SOME) could fire if dropped with their safety off. A minor concern, but a concern no less. Now I would have really been worried if some had fired with the safety on. But Ruger, unlike some plastik pistol companies, freely admitted there was a real defect and promptly instigated a zero cost repair program.

    Next came the eagerly awaited .380 caliber LCP. Finally a true pocket rocket from a mainstream manufacturer. And guess what? OOOOPS, it was discovered that they too could fire if dropped with a chambered round. It was determined that an upgraded hammer mechanism would fix the problem and once again a ZERO cost repair program was put in place.

    It would seem, at first glance, that new Rugers have teething problems. Possibly, in their desire to shorten the timeline from concept, to announcement, to dealer delivery, there just isn’t enough time to discover all of the ways Murphy can appear.

    Consider this for a moment, Ruger COULD produce a hundred or so and put them in the hands of real “operators” (and not just a few magazine writers) who would really put them through their paces for six months, or so, in hopes of discovering any weaknesses. Naturally, this would delay the final production by AT LEAST six months. Six months that is IF no problems werwe found. If any problems arose then they would be addresses and then the process would begin again. POOF, then you are looking at a year delay at best. And then there would be no assurance that every conceivable operational faux pas had been encountered.

    As it is, Ruger does its best to produce a reliable tool that will give years of trouble free service. [All in all, they have an enviable track record.] Then they release it to the public where thousands are put to use all at once. Now, between all of the professionals using it in hard life environments, the hobbiests shooting the snot out of them in the first week, the chairborne rangers (those few who actually buy one) nit-picking it to death after field stripping it 14 times per day and the novices dropping it on the kitchen floor while practicing their quick draw, any real problems will appear rather quickly. A lot quicker than they would in any contrived testing protocol.

    Just like I vow to never buy the 1.0 version of any software, I usually wait until the furror dies down on any new firearm. I am quite content to sit by and let someone else do the beta testing.

    Now I understand that there are those of you out there who simply need to be the first on your block with the newest of the new. That’s fine.
    But you have to accept the reality that by having the first version, you may not (yet) have the best version.

    Personally I just wait for the SR-556 Service Pack 2.

  • jack

    I see this thing selling for 1500. That is really a steal guys for what you get, that is if you want a gas piston system.

    The only thing that is what is always on my mind with a new gun is proven reliability which is obviously non-existent. This is something the poster above me addressed in much more depth.

    Can anyone inform me on how is this things accuracy out of the box?

    I also agree with 1994 gun ban, however the company has taken a completely different direction now.

  • jack

    I just re-read my post, and one thing stuck out like a sore thumb. I do not agree with the 1994 gun ban! I agree with the poster by that name above.

  • rbforbama

    How do you remove the stock from the SSR 556?

  • Keith Applegate

    As near as I can tell it uses a standard CAR/M4 stock.

    I spoke with a fellow at my range last week (he was packing up as I arrived so I didn’t get to fire it-drats) who had installed a Magpul stock that was formerly attached to a DPMS.

    He reported zero problems in 500 rounds and is very satisfied with the Ruger’s accuracy. He also said that so far he was liking it slightly better than his Stag and had already sold off his DPMS since it couldn’t hold a candle to the Ruger.

  • Jason

    it might operate well and shoot well can’t speak to that but took a look at it in the store yesterday and it is HEAVY. might as well carry a semi auto tactical “sniper” rifle. it had no optics on and no clip in it and had to weigh over 16lbs. forget that i’ll splurge for the S&W. they might be able to save some weight if the forend wasn’t all aluminum and made it out of a polymer.

  • Lance

    I like the Ruger system. With a good gas regulator like the M-14 (M-14 all the way!) it can take any ammo. I think the US military needs to take a look at this. The M-4 will be around for a while and I think a upgrade for it will be well liked. Ruger is a relighable US company and is not a EURO transfer like HK, FN, or Beretta which I DO NOT trust at all since they have there owners live in Brussels or Berlin and dont have US intrests at heart. I ike the HK-416 but I know its far more expensive and would require HK to ship its production line from Europe to the US which would take alot of time. Ruger is already here. I think a SR-5.56 would be a good military rifle.

  • Amram

    6.8mm! Helloooow! Now if you einsteins at Ruger had made it a 6.8, THAT would be something to write home about. This is just another ho-hum, also-ran, you dopes.

  • chris

    It is only 7.92 lbs Jason….not that heavy considering how solid it is built.

  • Hifiho

    Wow! I think I scored bigtime. $1300 from a legitimate third party. New in the hard case. Not a shot fired. Only one 30 rd Mag though. That leaves a bit leftover for optics. Hope to bust her cherry tomorrow.

  • Henry Bowman

    “The most significant feature is a new short stroke gas piston”

    For the politically-minded among us, the most significant feature is that Ruger ships it with 30-round mags.

  • J.R.

    This gun WILL go in my arsenal; right next to my Mini-14 and Mini-30. I have ran thousands of rounds though both without even a small hiccup. Ruger stands for excellence in my book. I’m excited!

  • Jason

    I purchased an LWRCi M6a2 a few months ago…..similiar specs….16″ CHF Barrel, Troy Battle Sights (same ones), full rail, gas piston (non adjustable), pmag…all very similiar…differences include a vltor emod collapsable stock, enhanced maid grip, 1/7 barrel,…..i paid $1700 on sale, common price is more along the lines of $2200 (most places online)….

    I love the lwrci rifle…..but if i couldnt have gotten it at $1700, for my needs, i’d have gone with the ruger sr-556 based purely on similiar specs and value for the $…assuming i could get it for <$1600 vs the lwrci $2200+

    Is the ruger the next thing since sliced bread, no, but for $1599 (in Cabella's current sale add –, it's got a lot to offer for a high end ar…given all the goodies and specs….and it kicks the tar out of the DI S&W's for the price point

    I'm also in the market for a 6.8 or .308 / ar10….i may just hold for a few months to see if a SR-308 is in the works….if the actual street price is proportionally less with similiar specs to a high end .308 is…..i'd more than consider it.

  • ZBs

    I just won this rifle in a raffle.

    I am happy.

  • Marlin White

    I ordered one last week from the local store around the corner. $1450 and had it in 3 days.
    I like it!

  • Steve

    So many have noted that they either ordered one or have one or more AR style long gun. How about some feedback one of you guys that has fired one of these puppies alnog side and other AR’s.

    Looking at buying one would like to hear some feedback this.

  • jeff

    So…16lbs, huh? That would have meant you were holding 2 of them. Read the specs. So far mine is 100 percent and a steal, especially cosidering what the sights and rails cost sepearately.

  • Barry Clark

    Bought mine for 1470.00 + 15.00 shipping . Where is this 2000.00 stuff coming from? Yes i have shot only a couple of mags through it as it did not take long to sight in my EOtech 552 . This rifle is smooth and a lot less money than a Robinson XCR which would have been my choice if money was no matter. I have a Ruger mini 30 , Mark II pistol, and i like this Ruger the best so far. They definitely don’t cheat you on accessories as the Troy battlesights are some of the best. Also put a vickers tactical sling . If i ever get my Hensoldt magnifier in , i think i will have a hell of a package. Will post again after 1000 rounds.

  • scott

    I just got the new 556 yesturday and am looking forward to shooting it.the wepon looks to be well built.I have been a ruger fan for years.keep up the good work.I cant wait to see what ruger puts out next

  • jeff

    So I took her to the range. only had a 25 yard pistol lane available, but accuracy was great, recoil was milder than my Mini-14 (which I do love), and reliability was 100% with all three included Pmags, two old PMI 40 rd mags, a Tapco mag, and some ofthe old Ramline translucent Mini-14 / AR-15 “dual purpose” mags. The sight picture on the Troys is excellent as well. No sign of carrier tilt or pin walkimg either.

  • TJ

    Luv my new Ruger AR-15 SR 556…Own many differant Ar 15’s and this one really impressed me, granted I was optimistic before going out and shooting it, but what a sweet gun to shoot. If you have not shot one don’t comment, because you really have to shoot the gun to compared it to a non gas piston AR…Bottom line very happy with the Ruger & would strongly recommend it…For the price look at the add ons you cannot put these add ons on another AR at this price!

  • bigbang

    Ruger SR-556, I just had to have one. But now I wish I had waited. I have had nothing but problems with it. I have sent it back to the factory for repair twice and still not satisfied with it. From stuck shell cases, not chambering next round and the charging handle dragging across the lower receive causing wear on it. This rifle will not operate with cheaper ammo. I should have spent that $1600 on two other brands of AR15

  • shadow1

    I purchased a SR556 a week ago. When I got it home I excitedly took it out of the case to examine it. The trigger seemed heavy so I checked it on the trigger gauge and found it releasing at 11lbs, I checked the fit and finish and found that the upper and lower receivers did not fit tight, I was able to see daylight between the receivers and the rear of the receivers where they turn up only met in one smaller area with rather large gaps above and below where it touched. Everything else seemed ok. I called Ruger and they told me to send the rifle back to them. Now I paid $1795 for this gun and reading some of the negative comments made as to the problems and recurring problems with this gun I must say that I’m a little nervous right now. I own 8 other Rugers and have had no real problems with them. So Ive decided to focus on the positive comments and hope Ruger customer service is as good as Ive heard. Sorry about the rambling.

  • David K

    No such thing as to many anything on the market, it causes price drops via competition, and we win.

    I have recently purchased mine for $1500, so go buy any gas piston design, with the Ruger quality (upper lower receivers are tight)(I own their bolt actions, and both the LCR, and LCP hand guns, all great quality), and all the extras they offer with it, and stay at $1500 or better. Hope you can, but I doubt it all things being equal.

    I am off to shoot it tomorrow, and will give my feed back. GT Distributors Inc of Austin TX was my vendor, they had their’s out and had nothing but praise. They don’t BS customers at that store.

  • MikeD

    I put one of these on layawa

  • MikeD

    I put one of these on layaway 3 months ago. Picked it up a couple of days ago and got to put 500 rounds through it today. Shoots great, not a single hick-up. So far I am very happy with my ruger 😉 I tore it down and cleaned it. Was impressed with how clean the lower was. The piston was dirty but very easy to clean. I shot all wallmart rem 55g ammo on setting #2. I saw many good reviews about this rifle but also saw that people were having problems. I am glad that I took the chance and bought this. I hope people dont get turned off by a few neg posts.

  • matt

    I just picked one of these up today from my local dealer and I love it. Everyone is complaining about the price but I got mine for $ 1,480.00 before tax. Sure cant find even a used one upgraded to some of the stuff this gun has for that. just my oppinion.

  • CPshot

    Does anyone have any idea how accurate this ruger SR-556 is? I know there are all kinds of carbines out their but I read one time in carbine magazine that a guy named Malachi Luhrs made a recorde shot of 1000 yards a with Bushmaster m4a2. I cant remember what the MOA was but it was good. Thats crazy.

  • Daric

    @ CPShot

    Are you asking for maximum effective range or accuracy? They’re different.

    I don’t know about this rifle, but MER for an M-16 for a point target is 550m, and area is 800m. So it’s conceivable to hit a target at a grand with an AR, but far beyond most shooters’ abilities. I know I couldn’t, and I’m a soldier.

    As for accuracy, the data I’ve read is that it shoots sub-MoA with the right ammo.

    These days, most rifles will shoot MOA and it’s entirely dependent on you, the operator, to exercise proper technique to make it do so.

    And I saw up there someone said it’s an 11lb trigger pull? Sounds a little heavy.. I’m thinking about picking one up next week before someone on the Hill makes them illegal again. 😛

  • Ryan

    I bought my SR-556 about 2 weeks ago no malfuntions of any kind 1 M.O.A. accurate at 100 yards with 55 grain hornady softpoints. It does however show signs of carrier tilt after only 60 rounds. I am talking to a gun writer and his gunsmith about it and have an email in to ruger. I will let yall know how it turns out.

  • MikeD

    I have seen this carrier tilt issue on a few forums and my ruger is showing slight signs as well, from what I am hearing it only does it a little at first but never gets any worse? Also the bolt does not seem to be taking any damage so is it really anything to be overly concerned about?

  • Ryan

    I paid too much for it to eat itself, a guy on seems to have a solution, but i dont believe i should have to pay for it. I paid a premium price for a great rifle on the outside, Ruger should step up and make it a premium rifle on the inside too.

  • Ryan sorry

  • Ryan

    To answer your question yes i think its a problem and from what i gather it does vary from rifle to rifle, once it starts it has to get worse.

  • kip

    Reading through all of these entries, there is a great disparity between “it’s perfect, they’ve fired 9000 rounds without a hiccup” to “I fired 20 rounds and it froze up and had to go back to the factory for replacement parts”, to “new out of box, loose upper and lower fit, Ruger said sent it back”, and everything in between… a helluva lot of variations in the ownership experience from rifle-to-rifle.
    That’s usually indicative of a quality control problem.

    I agree with Keith Applegate that this is basically a Beta version that is now getting real-world testing, and issues are going to show up. They always do. I don’t know if Ruger is implementing corrections as problems are found, presumably they are, and as such, there could already be multiple ‘versions’ of the rifle out there, and this could account for some of the differences in first-hand experience. These corrections will have to be for both design bugs and any manufacturing problems.

    And, of course, the influence and impact of different ammunitions on the operational performance of a weapon always has to be a consideration.

  • Ryan

    Thats true i have faith in rugers customer service (I pray) i sent my upper back today. I would be mad as you know what if the rifle wasnt so accurate. I will post back when i get it back.

  • TJ

    I bought a new ruger SR 556 like the way it shoots pushed alot of round thru it with no problems…

    Now my dilemma the chrome bolt carrier, Ruger made a big change in the machining of it which changes the function of the gun, if you look at the bolt carrier pictured above the serrated edge on the right side of the bolt is only machined up to the shell ejection window on the gun, now Ruger is machining the serrated edge all the way up to the Ruger logo on the bolt carrier “which now matches all AR’s”…
    Why did they extend the surration another two inches? What problems will this cause having one like pictured above with the shorter surration?

    If you would like a better comparison look in last months rifleman magazine and you can see the surration when the bolt is closed…I called Ruger & they said the first ones they machined for aesthetics “looks” but limits the function, with the bolt carrier above when the action is closed all you see is a nice rounded chrome bolt “yes looks nice not surrated?”.
    Compare the bolt above to another black rifle you will see the differance…

    Has anybody else noticed this? Or would Ruger like to comment on this?

    I set out to buy a second SR556 when I noticed this, but refuse to be Rugers guinea pig with my money!

    I’m very disapointed with Ruger making changes while in production without an answer or a fix to the ones already sold!

  • Great review on this item. We just started carrying this recently at our store and I look forward to trying it out. Using the piston system does seem like a really great way to keep the rifle clean.
    Keep up the great work!


  • TJ

    Question the bolt? Ruger has changed how the gun is built both the old style and the new re-designed bolt carriers are out there on the market which one would you buy?

    Same gun machined completely differant Hmmm which to choose….See my previous post

  • shadow1

    Up date on previous post. It has now been several weeks since I purchased the SR556 and it is now in its third trip back to Ruger. First time it was returned they fixed the trigger pull to about 6 lbs but did nothing about the upper and lower receiver. As I stated before there was a quite large gap between the two receivers, to the point that you could wiggle them back and forth. I contacted Ruger and complained that at the price point for this gun that much movement was not acceptable. I then returned it again and I got the rifle back with a letter that the gun was within spec’s. This time I called and insisted on speaking to a supervisors supervisor. I was told to again return the rifle (Ruger paid for all postage) and and they would present the problem at a supervisors meeting. I then received a letter that I would be receiving “New Built” gun with special attention given to the fit of the receivers. It’s been two weeks now and when I called yesterday the gun had not yet been assembled. Well, here’s hoping that the third time is the charm. I’ll let you know what happens.

  • Rick

    I picked one of these for $1500. and have put alot of rounds through this baby and I couldn’t be happier. This gun came with 3 magpul 30 rd clips and a ruger case. This thing is a tack driver and looks sweet too. Ruger definetly got this one right!

  • machine gun Kelly

    The gun is much heavier than any other AR-15, I’m suprised they didn’t take that into account when designing this gun also the gas piston system does’nt seem to make any differance between the Ruger or any non gas piston black rifles.

    For the price of this Ruger I can buy a black rifle but a four rail on it and beat Rugers price plus have a lighter gun that shoots the same, like I said I see no differance with the gas piston on the Ruger, so wait till all the hype dies down and the truth will be told!

    Want a real gas piston gun buy a Sig or try M&P who just came out with a new gas piston system this month, until then shoot your buddies Ruger & keep you light weight AR.

  • Keith Applegate

    Just what is it than makes you say the Ruger is not “a real gas piston gun”?

    Maybe I need to carry a scale around with me? As it is The Ruger SR-556 doesn’t feel, at least to me, any heavier than any other AR with quad rail forearm.

  • Ryan

    Well Ruger has had my rifle for almost two months(!!). I would have come out better using my 1699.99 as fire starter strips, at least I would be warm. The SR is considerably heavier than my brother’s S&W M&P 15 with a four rail system and the scope. If you have been thinking of purchasing one of these dont do it buy something else and spend the money you save on modifications, and thank me later.

  • machine gun Kelly

    Ryan…Sorry to hear you haven’t recieved your gun back but that seems to be Rugers customer service these days, if you plan on keeping the gun put a bypod with with a cheap scope, sit & call the coyotes in, its way to heavy lugging it around…I spent the extra money & put an eotech on my SR what a waste, will be removing the eotech & selling my Ruger SR which I really don’t care to have in my collection after owning one, sell it while people still want one!

    My EOTech will go on one of my M&P black rifles, the S&W is my favorite out of my collection, I also have a M&P with a 4 rail and scope, like you said’ and I agree much lighter than the Ruger SR556

    The iron sights on the Bushmaster & the M&P I find to be accurate enough @ 200 yds or more depending on your skill for anything your shooting and top that with an EOTech now you have a light weight run & gun coyote hunting weapon

  • machine gun Kelly

    Keith Applegate…

    Quote 1: “like I said I see no differance with the gas piston on the Ruger”

    Like I said’ the SR 556 is heavy and the barrel you will want to let cool long before you have to worry about the ejector overheating, I see no differance in the Ruger piston & any non-piston black rifle…Also it has not been proven to cycle any cleaner!

    Quote 2: “Want a real gas piston gun buy a Sig or try M&P who just came out with a new gas piston system this month”

    Sig has a gas piston system that is proven, it may have to do with they have it on an AK syle platform…
    For the S&W have not seen it yet just came out on the market, but I will let you know my thoughts when I get my hands on one.

    Keith…I’m just giving my views of the gun, I felt the same way you do when I first bought mine….If you like your Ruger SR556 keep it!

  • Ryan

    Thanks MG Kelly, when i get it back you can bet your ammo stash that it is not welcome in my collection anymore. Ruger is sending me a NIB rifle that my gun dealer is taking back, He went as far as to have an S&W M&P 15T awaiting the return of the Ruger.

  • robert

    I bought it. I found my sr556 for $ 1376 bucks. This is my 3rd Ar. It far out performs both my S&W MMP and my Dpms. Excellant shooter with just the iron sights, and so far I haven’t found ammo that doesn’t perform perfectly. Those who put this gun down might not have shot one. I am truely satisfied with every aspect of this piece. Of course only time will tell the whole story, but I for one am pleased Ruger finnally decided to join the party somewhat fasionably late. I wouldn’t take the MSRP for it. Robert KY

  • Chris

    Ryan you mean a Model M&P15 PS….this is the piston system model they make and as far as weight is concerned don’t get your hopes up because it is only about 1.4lb lighter than the Ruger 556…..Ruger is 7.92lbs(with the iron sights and rail covers) and the sw is 6.5lbs(withought sights and rail covers) so there really isnt all that much difference in weight. Also look at what they are made out of the ruger seems more “heavy duty” than sw but I think both are good guns.

  • Chris

    Or maybe this model M&P15 PSX it is the same one just with a quad rail instead of the plastic hand guard, some how it also weighs 6.5lbs?????????? I think the SW website has some inaccuracies on their specs……..

  • machine gun Kelly

    I can only laugh at your comment:
    “I found my sr556 This is my 3rd Ar. It far out performs both my S&W MMP and my Dpms”

    Far out performs are you joking? I guess if your looking for a bench rest model!

  • Ryan

    No, I mean the one that has the 4 rail and no piston. But I digress I just recieved the new one and is way too pretty not to heat it up properly may have to get both LOL. I will post back when I air it out. It has a longer gas block, different bolt, and seems a stronger buffer spring and overall fit and finish is much much better. If this thing shoots one M.O.A I will be eatting crow at all the websites I have posted on.

  • Chris

    I am currently visiting my older bro in Richmond VA. I went to gander Mt. about an hour or so ago and got to explore this weapon a little bit. I loved what I saw, for about a year now I was dead set on just buying a bushmaster AR-15 but looking at this, I think I will spend the extra couple hundred because that gas is where it is at. Thank you for posting this information!!

  • buster barrett

    ive been hearing alot on how ruger has “backstabed” in the past. but i have the NRA edition of the mini 14 and let me tell you. nicest gun i have ever shot. because of my mini i have loads of faith in this rifle. little to pricy for me to get my hands on yet.

  • Julio

    Doesn’t seem to me to be a problem with another AR platform regardless of whether copy, clone, or new innovation.

    More competitors in the arena give you choices. I don’t see how or why that’s a problem or a reason to bash Ruger.

    Piston seems to be the flavor of the day lately. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t own one yet that is a piston AR platform so I reserve comment.

    From what I see so far, seems to be a pretty respectable offering and a little bit of a price premium, but that price premium is to be expected right now given the market conditions. Truth be told, I was seeing AR’s like the Bushmaster M4 A2 or the older XM15 A2 selling for upwards of $1,200 not long ago. That being said, I had purchased mine at around $800 before the craziness and buying frenzy started. Others I’ve had for years.

    We should celebrate respectable, solid performing entries into the market. This is one more product and choice available to gun owners and gun buyers. Ruger is a respectable firearms company, that manufactures excellent firearms, and an employer. Let’s keep focus on the big picture here. There is no “one gun” for everyone…. welll…. maybe a Ruger 10/22, but seriously, different firearms appeal to different people for different reasons.

    Would I look at this gun as a possible purchase… absolutely.

  • Bryan Brah

    I’m glad that companies are finally addressing the biggest criticism of the AR-15, namely the hot exhaust gases blowing into the breech. Ruger isn’t the first on the market with a gas-piston AR system, but they’re the largest so far. They may be a bit spendy, but I bet they’ll sell every one they make. As far as the new “gimick” of an adjustable gas system, what’s old is new. FN’s have always had a similar system, and they work great. The trade off for additional weight of a piston is a cooler-running, softer-shooting rifle that will feed anything you give it. After shooting M-16 A1s in the military, and owning several AR’s, I finally had enough of scraping carbon off the bolt and carrier. I’m truly excited about the new generation of light combat rifles, and have been saving my pennies for something in 5.56 that will use mil-surp mags, this might be the ticket … or maybe the SIG 556. If only Uncle Sugar had adopted the Armalite AR-180 instead of the M-16, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  • Dave

    One word about the Ruger SR556 “HEAVY” if I want a gun thats heavy let it by a .308, if I’m shooting that much ammo out of a gun to heat up the cycling of the gun that would give me a problem, then let it be a fully auto.
    Other wise I will stick to the much cheaper Smith & Wesson S&P AR-15 which I can say, never had a problem with & has never jammed, for the lighter weight can’t beat the S&W.

  • Why is everyone knocking the SR556. 2 grand for a piston driven XM15 is a awsome price for what the gun has to offer. And your saying its heavy…come on unless your going on a 20 mile forced march with a 100lbs of gear to the shooting range i dont wana hear it. It weighs 8lbs men.Its also chambered in 556 not 223. It is the same thing as the lwrc and all the other guys except lwrc and other guys are about 500 buck’s more depending on model, Also you can spend $1800 just for an upper receiver thats piston driven. And building one is gonna be about the same price if not more. Here ill keep it simple. You dont wana run a DI bolt carrier with a Piston system your gonna run into issues. Your also missing out on the metal and coating technology alot of these company’s are offering here wink wink. In the end i think The gun is great and is worth every penny of that $1995 price tag, I think it will cost just as much to build a gun of the same quality. How much is a handguard and Buis seights going for of that caliber? Hey who am i to talk though. Have fun and keep it down range Green Horns.

  • Chet

    I was dead set on getting one of these, but some of the negative comments make me nervous, especially since I have had problems with an expensive Benelli shotgun that was rated as “the best” and had to send it back to the factory several times.
    I guess buying a gun is hit and miss, just like buying a car…there will be problems with some of the productions no matter what!
    Once i convince myself (an my wife) I’ll be ordering ab SR-556…that is unless I wait too long and they become outlawed!

  • dusty (but not rusty)

    The Ruger brand is “quality” from the old days that has remained consistant though today. If you are interested in quality and not having to guess about its durability, Ruger’s Performance over decades answers the question, period, end of discussion.

    That’s why 2/3rds of the “keeper” Weapons in my vaults, are Rugers! Looks like they may be getting a new addition in the near future the SR-556, once I can afford it. Price is important in commodities, but means little for the end game, in my opinion. That’s where the true value of a weapon, it’s inherent quality, reliability, and sense of confidence it gives it owner, matters.

    I like that I’ll have some universality in ammo with my old Mini 14 in 223, The Ranch Rifle in Stainless and Synthetic in .223, either with fair amounts of range time are just as deadly as any of the AR’s out there, for Coyotes, or whatever “shoots back” threat, presents itself in the future!

    The Gas system on this weapon may well prove itself to be one of the best designs in many years for AR’s, especially for the weapons that get lots of cycling with various ammo, both for practice, sporting, or real live fire situations out there in “where-ever-stan” our boys(and girls) may end up in.

    Thanks for the forum and opportunity to exchange views! dusty

  • buster barrett

    WOOT WOOT! go ruger go! i love 223s. they are just so darn reliable. my ruger mini 14. never jams, sounds good and is accurate. its the NRA edition so it has that shorter barrel but more barrel twist. i highly recommend RUGER!

  • Do the words “accurate” and “mini 14” belong in the same sentence?

  • machine gun Kelly

    Wow’ I did’nt know there where so many people still so misinformed about the Ruger SR556.

    The gun is overweight like hauling around a fat ol’man and the gas piston is just that gas spewing from the mouths of Ruger, that still to this day has not proven the rifle to cycle any cleaner or cooler than any other non gas piston on the market, Oh’ speaking of market reminds me of the markup on the SR556 way over priced.

    Buy yourself a nice Smith & Wesson M&P you will be much happier with it, don’t be one with regrets lugging around an overweight disappointing Ruger SR556 !

    Want a gas piston? Buy a Sig proven to cycle cooler & cleaner what an awesome weapon and more dependable than the AR style frame.

    Another great weapon of choice the Remington R25 shoots a 308 caliber, very nice gun that you will be very happy with, also much cheaper than the Ruger SR556

  • Wormfood

    I have owned the rifle for a brief 1000 rounds to date. I have a Mark AR 3-9x40mm Leupold mounted. I spent 10 yrs in the Army shooting the standard issue M16. I have handled a colt M4 but never shot it.

    The M4 I handled was heavy to me based on the fact the concept is to be lighter; it was mainly do to the handgaurd rail system.

    The SR-556 has a heavy rail system as well. But it(Hand Rail) and the extras on the rifle included in the purchase are a good deal. I paid $1500. Find a piston system with the Ruger quality, and the trimmings on this rifle for that price point, then great. Consider it too.

    You can make this rifle into what ever you want, a fast close shooter, or a ranged varmint/target rifle. It is accurate, it did just fine for me at 300 yards nailing milk jugs. It will shoot beyond my abilities at this time.

    I will take a piston system over a DI any day. I am not taking it to war, the details do not bother me. What I do know is after 300 rounds I can hold the bolt carrier in my hand. I can wipe it clean with a rag. It is considerably easier to maintain then a DI system.

    I have had no miss feeds or malfunctions of any type as of yet. I did not clean it for the first 500 rounds (300 and 200 round firing sessions). I will continue to watch for carrier tilt, and any other short comings. I will make them known if so.

    This SR-556 is a tool, that fits many needs. It is made by a very reputable company with a long history of manufacturing great firearms. It is a strong option, and for the money it suited all my needs.

    I am not a fanboy of Ruger, I will buy other AR15 systems, but this one is solid and a contender with anything at its price point and above.

  • machine gun Kelly

    “Wormfood”…You haven’t seen the new Sig Saur’s 516, because if you had you would throw your Ruger to the ground in disgust.

    The new Sig is not only built on the AR’s style frame, weighs 7lbs. 4 oz., also comes with all the goodies “Standard addition’s” Troy industries fold down battle sights, full rail system w/rail covers, Hogue grip, polymer mags, folding stock w/cheek rest, trigger pull 2 stage 3lbs. and what the Sig is known for their proven adjustable gas piston system.

    The Sig Saur’s 516 is not only superior but also sells at a much lower price $1300. suggested retail, so you know you can pick one up new for about $1,000… Not only are you getting more bang for your buck with the Sig516 but it’s priced so much lower than the Ruger’s SR556.

    Sig516 shoots a .223 and the .556 Nato rounds, if you have not had a chance to hold one in your hands yet, please take the time to check it out.

    Read about it in January 2010 Rifleman magazine, very informative article and pics of the Sig516, also the grueling test they put this weapon thru, incredible is the only words that truly suits the Sig516 !

    You will truly be very impressed by the new Sig 516, check it out before you make a decision, I know you’ll be very happy with it.

  • john jamison

    Not sure why the bad rap for Ruger but my P-89DC, Mini-14, and SR-556 all shoot awesome!

  • hifiho

    Hey, “Machine Gun Kelly”,
    Are you referring to the Sig Sauer 556? Or is the 516 you refer to a new model?

    If it’s the 556, the full-railed model goes for significantly more than the $1k street price you suggest. The basic, fish-gilled model sells for $1300 and more all day long, and the railed, “SWAT” models, and folding stock, red-dot sight options all bring the price up towards $2k.

    I’m fortunate enough to own both, and I actually prefer the weight of the Ruger. But the Sig IS proven, and the piston is no gimmick. I’ve pushed more than 1200 rounds downrange with the Sig with no complaints. The Ruger hasn’t seen more than 200 rounds (still shopping optics).

    The discussions on this forum are interesting and often-times bashing this gun or another. But both rifles will remain in my safe.

    Educated consumers are one thing, but mileage will vary with the individuals use, habits, expectations, experience, etc.

    And, unfortunately– products attempting to meet the marketing and advertising behind them usually wind up being questionable due to the need to sell, rather than the reliability of the item. This is common in all new products and technologies. It’s not limited to firearms.

    My $0.02

  • Answer to your questions: I was referring to the new Sig Sauer 516.

    Yes, I’m correct on the suggested retail price 1,300 everything sells under suggested retail.

    The Troy Industries fold down sights are fine even @ 200 yards, for optics that would be an additional cost to any gun, your preference whether it’s a scope, red dot or etc, etc, etc “scopes are a whole different story”.

    It does have a full rail system, also let me correct myself on the stock it’s a telescoping stock “not folding” as I stated above.

    My question to Ruger regarding the SR556?…Is why did they change the design of the bolt while in the middle of production and refuse to explain how it changes the function of the gun, why have they not replaced the bolts for the people that bought “obviously” an obsolete bolt?

    Both bolts are still on the market with significant changes, at the top of this page look at the bolt pictured, if yours looks like the one pictured you have one of the first manufactured before they changed the design, if yours doesn’t look like the bolt above then you have the new design. “Don’t worry you will see the difference at first glance”

    I’ve called Ruger on this issue multiple times and they don’t have an answer, Why? They do acknowledge making changes to the bolt and say they will call me back with an answer, I have yet to receive a call let alone an explanation. Talk about customer service or maybe just dodging the issue !

  • Ryan

    Ok people I have another 800 rounds thru my SR556, the first 500 were Brown Bear cheap crap. I ran the brown bear thru as fast as possible with ZERO malfunctions and it was cool to touch considering the amount of powder burned. The magazines used were p-mags and a mish mash of colt, center ind., Oray?, and a lancer. The one FTE was with the rifle resting on the magazine when fired, this was with Hornady ammo a colt mag and was shooting slowly, so go figure. 200 rounds of ATI 62 gr fmj went without a hitch as did some silver bear and lake city. After mounting an old Leupold 3x9x40 accuracy at 100 yards with my favorite varmint load, Hornady 55 gr sp, was very acceptable averaging 1.25 inches per 5 shots with the first three shots of all groups fired going .5 to .75. All in all after waiting almost two months for my rifle to come back from ruger I will be keeping it happily. As for the Sig516 i will stick with my American made ruger thankya very much. I must appologize to Ruger for my negative posts that being said I do believe they could have been faster getting it back to me. Yes the SR556 is heavy so is my 1895SBL, it will grow on ya.

  • Ryan
    Good to hear your happy with it.

    I have a question for you: Look at the bolt carrier at the top of this page, then go to Rugers link “click on my link above” and watch the video “stop the video at 1:20” and look at the bolt thru the ejection window of the gun.

    Note: the surration in the window has been extended further up the bolt carrier, this means they had to change the diameter of the bolt.

    *Now which bolt do you have? The one above or the one on Rugers video?

    Ruger refuses to explain or put these bolt carriers side by side and explain what are all the changes they made between the two, and why they made the change?

    Also beware a lot of the first SR556 Rugers they made with the old design bolt carriers are still on the market!

    It’s one of two things, either they were swamped with orders and used bolts that did not meet blue print specs, so they let them slide thru inspection to keep up with demand, or they had problems with the bolt and made changes.

    Please…Mark Gurney Production manager for Ruger, people would really like to hear from you, explaining why?

  • Jeff

    machine gun Kelly – try lifting some wieghts at the gym. 8 lbs is not heavy. Quad rail, gas piston, metal BUIS….it’s gonna have some weight to it. Mine’s still running 100% with no issues of any kind, and not even having been cleaned in well over 1000 rounds. I’ll take a pass on the DI models.

  • “Jeffrey” I’m amused by your personal attack, if you only knew. lol

    I will point out you misspelled “weights” and you didn’t bother to read my last post because it said nothing about weight of a gun, now did it?

    Now, if you take the time to read my last post…Please don’t answer the question on Ruger’s behalf about the bolt carrier? You’re incapable of a technical question that you’re not privy too!

    Weight from a military stand point is very important when you add a Kevlar vest, helmet, water, MRE and whatever else depending on the mission so adding a couple of pounds to a rifle is a huge deal!

    Oh’ forgot this is a civilian bench rest model.

    Take your SR556 out and do a little run and gun, then come back and tell me the difference!

  • Rock Hopper

    Thanks for all the reviews from the people who have actually SHOT this gun. I just picked one up (for way too much according to some of these posts..but hey, I’m in California…) and am impatiently waiting out my “waiting period”.

    I’ll post back when I put some rounds through it.

  • Hifiho

    What’s a “waiting period”? And why would any red-blooded American willingly live in such a place anyway? California? Isn’t that just the Northern part of Mexico?

    Sorry to hear of your plight. Buying a firearm here in Alaska is about as easy as buying Nyquil or beer. Yes, we have to pass the ATF paperwork. We don’t have pay-toilets or theme parks either.

    Keep slingin’ lead!

  • A “waiting period” is a product of the Brady Campaign, if I am not mistaken. Here in CA we have to wait 10 days from the time of the purchase of ANY firearm from the day of purchase until we can pick it up. We’re also limited to one handgun purchase every 40 days.

  • hifiho


    I GOT it. I just don’t “get” it. I guess we should just feel lucky to not have to wait. But I still feel sorry for those who do. That’s worse than a kid waiting for Christmas!

  • While I don’t support a waiting period I do understand why some want it for your first firearm purchase. If someone was buying a firearm out of anger and had the intent of committing a felony with it then a waiting period would give them the opportunity to “cool off”. But considering CA has record of pistol, rifle and shotgun purchases for me here in CA it’s silly to make me wait an additional 10 day “cooling down” period. If I were going to commit a felony with a firearm, and I am NOT, I wouldn’t go and buy another firearm.

    If you’ve seen the movie Lakeview Terrace there is a good poke at CA gun laws. The main character is being threatened by his neighbor who happens to be a cop. In fear for his life, he goes to buy a firearm he’s told he has a 10 day waiting period before he can have a firearm to protect himself and his wife. You’ll have to pay attention because he doesn’t actually go to a gun store, it’s just a passing comment when he is venting his frustration.

  • $300 Rebate* Offer on SIG556® Rifles!

    1. SIG556® Patrol SWAT

    2. SIG556® Classic

    3. SIG556® DMR

    For details go to:

    Just posted on their site, not a bad deal $300.00 Rebate!

    They also just came out with a new Sig Saur’s 516 built on the AR’s style frame, weighs 7lbs. 4 oz., also comes with all the goodies, Troy industries fold down battle sights, full rail system w/rail covers, Hogue grip, polymer mags, telescoping stock w/cheek rest, trigger pull 2 stage 3lbs. and what the Sig is known for their proven adjustable gas piston system.
    Suggested Retail $1,300.00…This may be something to look at first?

    Either way you can’t go wrong!

  • Rock Hopper

    Jeez…sounds like somebody needs to start their own anti SR-556 blog.

    Have you ever even fired the SR-556, machine gun Kelly? Why are you so set on steering people away from this gun? Do you work for Sig by any chance?

    I don’t recall you ever saying you’ve fired this gun in any of your previous comments, so I am honestly curious as to why you’re such a hater.

  • machine gun Kelly

    Sorry “Rock Hopper”
    I tried to reply to your questions, but the moderator removed my post, so now you will have to live in suspense…I know Oh’ jeez!

  • machine gun Kelly

    Mr. Moderator

    This will be my last post on this site, for now I see you do not want to hear or read the truth!

    You have taken away my “First Amendment Right” freedom of speech, without that you lose your “Second Amendment rights” to keep and bear arms!

    I refuse to step to the left with you, I will be on the right!

  • Rock Hopper

    Sorry to hear that, Mr. Kelly.

    BTW – (If you do happen to read this) I re-read my comment and it sounded a bit rude. While I was being a bit of a smart aleck, my intent was not to be rude.

    I’m sorry you were edited, as I was honestly interested in why you were so set on turning others away from thise rifle.

  • Harry H

    This or next month I’ll get my permit to posess (a) firearm(s),and as I’m planning to buy a suitable rifle for the disciplines DSR or/and IPSC the Ruger 556 is a very interresting weapon and in my opinian a good candidate. Inspite its retailprice of almost 2 Grand! (at least it’s cheaper than H&K!!) I already read that aprox. 1500 bucks is a ‘going price’ for this beauty. Can anyone inform me what US-dealers are allowed to export (this) rifle(s) at a reasonable rate to the Netherlands, my home-country?
    Greetz, Harry H.

  • Rocky

    I purcahsed one in late august, and only paid $1495.00.
    It functions flawlessly, and is deadly accurate out to 500 yrds. with iron sights.
    The last few Bushmasters I owned were absolute junk!!!, and they were’nt exactly cheap either, way over $1100.00!
    Gee for only a few hundred more I have a weapon that I can truly depend on, and it functions properly unlike the junk made by bushmaster.
    I would bet my life on this weapon, cut and dried!!

  • Rocky

    But i will say on thing, I like my SIG556 much better, and it is deadly!

  • billy shane

    compared the sig 556 sway ($1800) to this ruger and ended up with the ruger. the sig swat is a great gun but very propriotery. The ruger takes standard AR accessories. They took their time an did it right…if you think this is priced too high (picked mine up for $1460) for a piston gun with the troy rails, nice case, troy buis,3 mag pull mags, you do not know what value is. Ruger stayed true to there price point history here…lots of bang for the buck for a VERY solid quality rifle.

    Don’t listen to the nay sayers…compare them Apples to Apples for yourself and make your choice…my guess you will buy the Ruger.

    God Bless…and out.

  • Rocky

    Billy, you must remember that i do love my SR556, and so far it does live up to my expectaions, maybe I got lucky, but it does’nt matter.
    any new product will have a few bugs.

    But I also love my SIG556, and it uses all the AR mags I want to put through it, and I only paid $1395.00 for it 2 yrs. ago.

    Like I said I did pay $1495.00 for my SR556, and I think it was a little over priced, compared to the SIG, but I truly hope that the Ruger lives up to It’s name after many thousands of rds.

  • Rock Hopper

    I finally picked mine up yesterday evening. For those of you complaining about the price, just be glad you don’t live in Kalifornia! I purchased mine at a gun show for almost MSRP (still the cheapest I’ve seen it around here) and that’s without the three sweet Mag-Pul mags you others get to enjoy. Had to wait the ten day waiting period, then had to drive 100 miles one way to pick it up yesterday because that is where the broker was!

    Anyway, it was nice to fnally have it back in my hands. The Troy rails and fold down sites are awesome, and are what made me pick the Ruger over the S&W. The S&W was $300 less than the Ruger. I wanted quality rails and sites and both had decent rails, but I would have replaced both fold down sites on the S&W and that alone would’ve almost cost the $300 I would’ve saved. Not to mention I was curious to see how the gas piston system worked, having never shot a gas piston driven rifle. The only mods I plan on making are upgrading the trigger guard and the bolt catch, then adding some optics. Further down the road I may upgrade the trigger and maybe put Trijicons on the fold down sites….but that’s about it. Everything else I wanted came on the gun.

    I did notice the same thing Shadow1 had noticed on his, in that there was just the slightest bit of light visible between the upper and the lower, but it doesn’t seem as bad as he described and is definitely not a deal breaker for me. I think DPMS makes some sort of “wedge” to correct this, as well.

    I added a Harris Lite 9-13″ swivel bi-pod and the Ruger still doesn’t seem too much heavier than my buddy’s Stag, and is only a bit heavier than my other buddy’s stock Delton.

    Closest open 100 yard range to me is 70 miles away, but you can bet the house that I will be making that trip as soon as I am off of work!

    I’ll update tomorrow how it shoots.

  • Rock Hopper

    OK – So I put about 80 rounds through my SR-556 last night. The only issue I had was after the third round I fired the bolt stayed open for a few extra moments, then slowly slid closed. I hit the manual advance before I pulled the trigger and that round shot fine. I had no problems after that. After that happened I did a quick visual of the chamber, etc and didn’t notice any obvious signs of wear / catching, or carrier tilt. I didn’t get home until after midnight and had to be at work at 6:00AM this morning, so I didn’t get a chance to clean it or give it a once over for anything out of the ordinary. If I see signs of carrier tilt or anything else unusual I will report back.

    Other than that this is a great rifle. I’m still a fairly novice shooter and was able to put all of my rounds on target at 100 yards using just the fold down iron sites. The fella next to me was also shooting an SR-556 with a lower-end Nikon scope and was consistantly getting ~1.5″ groupings.

    One thing I noticed was that it was bone dry out of the box. I made sure to lightly oil all of the necessary parts prior to shooting it. I’m wondering if maybe some of the other folks who had trouble with theirs’ might have neglected to do this?

    Anyway – I’m thouroughly pleased with this purchase…and my buddy didn’t even take his Delton out of its case last night since he was so busy drooling over mine and the other guy’s Rugers.

  • saigonbrian

    A slightly more general piston vs DI question. Say I get the Ruger we’re all chatting about. Being a piston AR can you put on all the same uppers (eg. 6.8mm, .300fireball, etc.) that you can with a DI AR?

    I’m looking at getting my 1st AR and need to make the basic Piston vs DI choice.

  • Cody

    Hey guys I pick up my new 556 in a few days. This is my first AR, and I’m new to the platform. I’ve picked out a good holo sight but I need a recommendation for a good tac light for the SR-556. I can’t find one for the picatinny rail that has no exposed wires. Thanks for any recommendations!

  • Rock Hopper

    OK, so I put another 150 rounds of various ammo through my SR-556 yesterday with absolutely no problems.

    Included in this “ammo test” were the cheapest rounds I have been able to find – .223 Hornady TAP 55gr. Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Ammo (Training rounds) that I picked up at a gun show for $130 for 500 rounds. I fired off almost 100 rounds of this ammo and had zero issues…and it was just slightly less accurate than the 55 grain Black Hills ammo I was shooting at 100 yards.

    Other things to note were that it was very foggy out and some of the clips I left out on the bench had a bit of condensation on them and still no issues.

    However, my rifle IS showing minor signs of carrier tilt. I will try to post pictures later and report back if it gets any worse.

  • Ryan

    500 more rounds of the dredded silver bear thru my SR and I couldnt make it malfunction upside down, either side down, rested on the mag any which way ya hold it it is going to go bang and chamber another round. How bout 1 1/4 MOA with cheap ammo? Very very satisfied. Get a surefire nitrolon led, ount it in a cheap scope ring, 1 inch tube fits perfect. Most of all if you havent already join the NRA.

  • Ryan

    Cody, I meant ‘mount’ it in a cheap scope ring and keep it close enough to be handily accessable, mine is mounted on the side forward and above my VFG. I run my carbine using the “thumb break” method so the tail switch is directly in front of my thumb. Standard weaver rings have a big enough nut on them to be called quick detach if you hand tighten them, as I remove my light when going hunting or to the range.

  • Big Easy

    Here ya go. Received my SR, purchased for $1319, not much higher and much better quality than the other AR platforms I have reviewed. A lot of the posts question the .556 or 223 rounds and there worth. My question to you, have you been shot with one. It’s a tumble round and it does very well what it is designed to do. This round has proven it’s self time and again, though many conflicts… As far as Ruger, it is a time tested company, not a fly by night. I expected much and was not disappointed. I have been a lover of the AR since having to tote on around for 8 years. This is the best that I have fired, handled, and had the pleasure of owning.

    And the posts above stating, It’s Heavy”….It’s a Ruger, it’s quality!!…

  • Ryan

    Wise man once said “Heavy is reliable, heavy is accurate” who said it? I dont know. If your 5.56 is tumbling or “key holing” it is not working properly and you should contact the manufacturer of your rifle.

  • Ryan

    Saigonbrian, the Ruger has a standard lower and will accept any standard upper. DO NOT get a piston ar if you think it will be easier to clean and doesnt need lube.

  • Jerri W

    I just bought a new SR-556 this weekend. $1,375 out-the-door, background check “et al”. Sighted in the BUIS and the scope at 25 yards with some inexpensive Bi-Mart ammo and got both sights in a nickel sized red dot stickie on used computer paper using a camera tripod with a rifle rest adapter and my boy friend, with a spotting scope called the placement so all I did was concentrate on shooting at the red dot. (I know – run on sentence). After that loaded up and used up the three magpull mags full, 90 rounds total, shooting, changing mags as fast as possible, chasing around some old coffee cans filled with sand (at least until they wouldn’t hold anything but air). Pulled the bolt carrier out as soon as the last mag was empty and it was clean and cool. Next dry weekend, I taking the match ammo out and adjust the sights 200 yards. By the way…not one malfunction, Nada.

    The rifle comes with everything that I’ve read, plus the really nice carry case, as described in Gun Blast.

    As for revenge for Bill Ruger’s liberal stance. I’m not really old enough to have every known the man, but he’s dead and buried. Ruger is alive, and turning out a really nice AR with 3 30 round Magpul magazines. Bury the past, live for today.

    Love my new SR-556.

  • Jeff Anderson

    I have a Ruger serial number 590-02xxx. Its been flawless, after almost 1800 rounds now and its been a pleasure to use. I have cleaned it after firat acquiring it and after each trip to the range. I see no internal issues. Some other pistons may have this carrier tilt problem but on my example I do not see any signs of it. Buffer tube looks brand new and the accuracy is as good as any of my two Colt Ar15s (6920 and 6601).
    Ruger should have a winner here!

  • Bob

    Nice gun, but the a twist 1:7 right hand to accommodate the heaver rounds would have been a better direction than the other way.

  • Rocky

    The only time I saw a bullet tumble was in the old M16 A1, because it had a 1 and 12 twist barrel. And only when using 55 grain bullets, which is all we had in vietnam.
    When using 55 grain bullets in the newer rifles using 1 and 9 twist you will not get any tumble, or keyhole!
    I honestly would reccomend 62 grain green tip ammo, preferably by lake city ammo, for i have found that these rounds to be very, very accurate!
    Not to mention they puch through steel like butter, gotta like that guy’s.

    And yes I love my SR556, And I also love my SIG556 just as much, and one more note guy’s, get your selves an EOTECH model 512, or better, for these are fantastic holo sights, and they work well with the weapons that we speak of on this forum.

  • Rocky

    Remember people, You are always going to have a slight gap between the upper, and lower no matter what!
    But it should never be extreme, for that would defianately be a problem, or a flaw.

  • Dalton Kinder

    Well i thought the SR-556 was pretty sweet…. But maybe if it had better sights.

  • Rocky

    The Iron sights on the SR556 are some of the best on the market, and are very expensive Dalton!!.
    With those sights, I personally can hit my target at 300 yrds.
    I don’t see what the problem is.
    Dalton, install an eotech model 512 holographic sight, and you will be very happy.

  • Rock Hopper

    I agree with Rocky. The Troy Industries fold down sights are some of the best there is…and were actually a big selling point for me. That’s pretty much $300 in sights on the SR556!

  • Rocky

    Thanks Hopper, you are so right, they are beautigul sights for sure bro.

  • Giff

    How do you use a holographic sight? Is it better than a scope? New to the game

  • Deac

    Well i have a Bushmaster XM15a2e and a M&P15 MOE and the ruger SR5.56. I love shooting all three but the bushmaster is hollow sounding and when it gets hot it rattles. The M&P is the same but not AS bad the ruger does not rattle when it gets hot and its nice to have the single shot when teaching my kids how to shoot and for the ones that complain about price… well if you cant spend a little more for the quality then stick to the generic ARs because there are alot of knock offs out there.

  • Rocky

    An eotech sight is a holosight, it is non telescopic, but it is fantastic!!!
    If you want it to be telescopic, Eotech has a very expensive add on that will make it so, but I would never go there personally.
    hey Giff, you can go to there website and check out the offerings if you so desire bro.
    Personally, i can hit my target at 300 YRDS. with my model 512 without any help, they are that good.
    Also, DEAC is so very right about bushmaster, and any others like.
    the 556 runs cool, for it is a piston, and not direct gas.
    If you check AR’s you will find that they come from the same mold!
    Just check the stampings on the lowers for instance.
    Good Shooting, Rocky

  • Deac

    Rocky you are right about the 5.56 running colder then must but if you look at all the AR type rifles they all (for the most part) have machined pins holding them together. but Ruger fixed the “heat up and rattle” problem with replacing all machined pins with rolled pins that expand when they heat up. A friend and i brought our Rugers out and he shot aprox 500-600 rounds that day and he got his rifle VERY hot and it sounded and performed just like mine with only 90 rounds.
    Im not going to discriminate about how much people can pack and carry but i took my M&P and Ruger out hunting in Montana for varmints and there is a weight difference and having to hump a few extra pounds does make a difference at the end of the day. But isnt that why we take our wife/girlfriend? the back rub at the end of the day is the icing..

  • GreenCitizen

    So i just got the NEW Sr-556 and took it out this weekend. Sighted in and called it a day… Took it out teh next day and about 200 rounds later the plunger pin that holds the buffer sping in buffer tube was dislodged git wedged under trigger mechanism the bolt carrier was stuck halfway into the upper and the buffer tube and the spring for the plunger pin was mangled to all heck….. Probably now needs a new buffer tube plunger and spring…..Good Job Ruger……Try Agian…..

  • Rocky

    geez green citizen, I am so sorry!!
    Obviously the bolt carrier (upper receiver) was misaligned with the buffer pin, there is a slot in the bolt carrier to prevent any collisions with the pin.
    Or maybe the lower receiver was misaligned with the upper receiver.
    Either way you have every right to be pissed off.
    Get that rifle shipped back to ruger right away bro.

  • Rocky


  • hifiho

    I’ve run into a similar issue on my SR556.

    After less than 800 rounds, I’m starting to have failures to load. These have dented the cartrige beyond use.

    I’ve decided to keep my Sig556, and sell the Ruger.
    Which will be replaced by the new Sig516 when it becomes available. I only have room in my safe for reliable arms. I can use a stick for a club just as well as a $1500 rifle.

    An unloaded gun and a broken gun are only as effective as a stick.

    My $0.02

  • Jerri

    Between me, my dad, my brother and my bf my sr-556 is still working great. I have met several other sr-556 owners at the local gun range and they are not having any problems either. Could be a couple units of the thousand that Ruger has already manufactured and distributed that snuck through the QC folks. (??) Or maybe we got some “Bill Ruger” haters…trolls. Time will tell….it always filters out the facts from the fiction.

    In the mean time, my sr-556 is running great !

  • Rocky


  • Jerri

    That would be great Rocky! My father, brother, bf and I have put close to 2,000 rounds through my month old sr-556. Weather cooperating (Oregon don’t you know) this next weekend we’ll pass the 2K mark for sure. So far it has not malfunctioned with either the “el cheapo” Bi-Mart ammo, nor with my dad’s reloads. My dad is a colt fan, who bought his first AR, a Colt SP1, in 1980 and has added three more Colt AR’s to his stable since then. He isn’t satisfied the Ruger will hold up either, and said that if we break it, he will buy me new one.

    If you do have any problems with your “endurance stress test” please post some digicam pics of the carnage someplace on the web with public access, and if my family breaks mine, I’ll do the same.

    You know what they say…”type is cheap, pictures speak !” or is it “a picture is worth a 1,000 words.”

    Whatever…Good Shooting !!

  • Deac

    Well i have had my first mishap with my SR 5.56.. we were out shooting and i let my dad have it for a wile(he is a shigleshot guy) and after 1/2 hour and one mag he was handing it back to me and as i was grabing it he let go and it sliped and fell on my %$@&*^#! big toe…
    Now that i have a broken toe i will have to say the SR does have a weight problem lol. we put another 600 rounds through it and still have not had a problem with the rifle. so i had to go get my son the SR .22 and that is a wonderful looking and shooting rifle also

  • Rocky

    I’m starting to think that there is alot of disinfo out there, such as the competition posting bad things about the SR.
    Anyone can post on this site, anyone can leave a comment, including the competition.
    Obviously any company with a new product is going to have some problems, but recently i’ve been hearing way to many.
    I just don’t know guy’s, what do you say?

  • Deac

    well i think there is alot of B.S talking out there about the SR.. i for one LOVE the rifle and am very happy with it. and have never (so far) had a bad Ruger..Like in a past post i have several AR type rifles and have put alot of rounds down range but i honestly am feeling the SR is my first choice now. and im not using just one maker for ammo i have used wolf,federal,winchester,pmc,reloads and remington .223 and 5.56 in my SR and havent had a glitch..
    just my view..

  • Rocky

    Thanks Deac, that gives me more confidence in the new SR!!

  • Deac

    Well i dont want to sound like the ruger is the only rifle ill ever shoot, there are so many nice AR type rifles out there. i love my bushmaster i have put thousands or rounds down range with it. i have to say it is the most reliable rifle i have ever owned it just keeps going and going it has proven itself. the m&p i have im still breaking in and im thinking about a $1800.00-3500.00 sig. wow its expensive but i hear alot of good stuff about them just not sure what one id like, i have never owned one.. so if anyone can give me info on what they have or heard id appreciate it. thanks. Deac

  • J.H.

    Just got my new SR-556 this past Saturday after about 6 months of saving up for it. Yes it is a little pricey, but ended up with it for $1420.00 plus tax and happy with that. Shoots great and right out of the box the rifle held a 1″ grouping @ 100 yards on the sights with the first three rounds. I was impressed anyway since know days I need a scope to see the target at that range. I shopped many different brands before settling on the SR-556 by RUGER and definetly no regrets here. Yes, in a way it is just another AR, but a darn good one with alot of goodies that just sweeten the deal a little more. I think they did a great job, but I am partial to Ruger and they make a great product. For those that disagree about the RUGER SR-556 you entitled to your opinion and to spend your money where you want too. Nobody paid for mine, but me.
    Now – for the few complaints I DO HAVE about the SR-556. Nothing to do about its operation – that has been flawless. But, when I recieved mine it was absolutly filthy. I always clean all my guns right out of the box anyway, but the condition this rifle was in is inexcussible. There are metal shavings in areas that should not have been there! the roll pins that are driven in to hold the rails and various other parts look like crap with dings to different areas of the rifle that should not be there or happened during assembly. I would think that Ruger could use the proper tools that would not marr or damage these surfaces. I also had various areas that had rub throughs on the finish and my upper/lower recievers finishes are not uniform in spots with almost white blotchy finish. For this I was really disappointed that Ruger would let one of their products leave in this condition especially for the price of this rifle. But, anyway I have contacted them about this and awaiting a reply. Other than that it is a great rifle and performs flawlessly.
    One last thing – For anyone looking for a good, low priced AR-15, Take a look at the “DOUBLE STAR” brand. A great first AR-15 that won’t break the bank and performs just as well as any of the higher end brands like the Buschmastrers, S&W, ETC.. You can pick one of these up for about the high $600 to $800 range and they perform very well. I own one of them and have no desire to get rid of it – it performs that well. Check them out – well worth a look, epecially if your wanting a good AR and not break the bank.


  • R E R

    I recently purchased a Ruger 556. The problem I am having is a failure to load the first cartridge into the the chamber. The gun either jams or no cartridge is loaded. This is happening 21.333% of the time. After a cartridge is loaded the gun is cycling properly after live firing, no misses.
    I have been cycling the gun about 100 times and the percentage has been consistent. Does anyone have a suggestion why this may be happening. I am loading the cartridge using the release button on the left side.

  • Rocky

    DEAC, yes the SIG 556 is a great weapon, i bought one in 07 for $1400.00
    and instantly was shooting under an inch at 100yrds. using an eotech mdl. 512 holo sight.
    I highly recommend this rifle to any one!!

  • fishndude19721

    I have been looking at purchasing an SR556, but have read they have changed the bolt. All of the ones I have looked at have the bolt pictured at the top of the page. In one of the post, someone says you will notice a big difference. I have yet to see one. One SR556 had a serial number of 590-09XXXX, and the other was 590-109XXXX. Can anyone tell me where I can see a picture of the counter measured bolt or what the post counter measure serial number is. I can order one today for about 100 less than what other shops are quoting, but I want to make sure I get the new bolt.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  • Rocky


  • Mike

    I had the same problem, sent it back and they swapped out some parts and did a little re-alignment/ gunsmithing job on it!
    When I got it back took it out a couple of times, shoots nice a few jams “add oil here” but I think I need to stick some more rounds thru it to break it in, or? Maybe just got one that was built on Monday or Friday.

    My bolt carrier doesn’t look like the one above and it’s a new SR556 from the factory!

  • Jasceni

    Just picked mine up a week ago and it shots like a champ, the only problem I have is that I live in Mass. (ya I know that’s more then a little problem)

    But back to the point of this, here in mass. we cant have mags bigger then 10+1, does anyone know if any pre-Ban mags will work with this platform or am I S.O.L


  • Rocky


  • Rocky


  • Deac

    well i have put my 8000th round down the barrel of my SR and other then a sore toe not one problem. and im still loving it..
    Jesceni i personaly like using Smith and Wessons M&P 15 mags the black polys look and work great. Does anyone have any sugestions on a sig im looking tocget one.. Thanks

  • R E R

    Just received my 556 back from Ruger. Replace on major part and repaired two other parts. The gun seems to cycle properly. Kudos to Ruger and the quick turnaround time. Looking forward to giving the gun a good workout in the next couple of weeks. Now about that SR9 c I have had my eye on.

  • fishndude19721

    Well I just ordered my SR556 finally from a dealer in VA. They said this is the first one they sold. I called a alot of places and seen a huge variance in price. The cheapest was in in Indiana where I recently vacationed but they did not have one in stock, plus the shipping and FFL dealer cost, I think I have found a good deal for close to $1400.
    Thanks to Mike and Rocky. I did get a response from Ruger and all they said was
    “The bolt carriers are from two separate vendors. Each vendor machines the bolt
    carrier slightly differently. However, there are no differences in function
    between the two.”

    I look forward to finally receiving this firearm and hope it lives up to it’s performance that has been discussed on this forum.
    As long as it lives up to my expectations, I think it is a great deal with all the options it comes with for the money. If I do have any problems, I hope Ruger lives up to it’s customer service that everyone has said is so great.

    By the way. the dealer said it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

    I’ll let you know how it shoots.


  • Rocky

    keep us all posted on how well it functions Fishndude.
    thanks brother.

  • Julio

    I wouldn’t consider that you know proper function on any AR platform until you’ve at least put about 800 rounds through it.

    I’d put thousands of rounds through my Bushmaster Rifles without any hiccups at all. I like the brand and it’s done well by me so I stick to ’em.

    This Ruger seems like an interesting offering and more Ruger’s are finding their way into my safe these days. Every manufacturer can have hiccups on products. The measure of a manufacturer is whether or not they stand behind the product they sell and make things right when they have gone wrong…. especially on a rifle that you are investing well over $1,000 on.

    There were some issues with the Sig rifles if I remember right… parts aren’t interchangeable with other AR style rifles and such.. there was something else but my memory isn’t there on exactly what at the moment. Piston rifles I don’t know if they’ve proven themselves just yet but I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a Ruger 556.

    Ruger is a good brand and I know they’ve earned my business back after that long ago “stab in the back”. There are precious few manufacturers left and we need to support the ones that are committed to putting out good products at respectable and palatable prices.


  • Dalton Kinder

    so can you put any type of sight on the SR-556?

  • Rock Hopper

    Dalton Kinder – The Ruger SR556 already comes with some of the best fold down sights available. I don’t see why there would be a need to change them.

  • Caleb Crank

    I don’t own 1 but it looks reliable. I am not an expert but IF you can afford it it looks good. It cost almost $2,000.

  • Rocky

    Caleb, you should’nt have to pay anymore than $1599.00 for one.
    if you pay more than that, your getting taken.

  • Michael Corrick

    Think SIG 556.

  • Rocky





  • I’m quite impressed with the SR-556. A bit pricey. However, if you want quality, your going to have to pay for it. Ruger is quality.
    I recently aquired an SR-556 and mounted a Burris AR-332 scope to it. Not a bad combonation. My only complaint is the trigger pull. I’m presently looking for a gun smith, “trigger guy”, to lighten it up about 8 lbs. I could be wrong, however it feels like about a 10 to 12 lb. pull. It’s enough to through off my aim. Perhaps being new it is in need of being functioned for several thousand rounds. I put 200 rounds down range the first day out. My trigger finger was sore by the end of the day. Odd, or I’m just a woos. No matter. Perhaps someone could offer some advise.
    Overall, out of the box, it’s a great wepon. Any ney-sayers are merely blowing smoke. Ruger has redeemed themselves with this offering.

  • Richard,

    Contact Bill Springfield about your trigger.

  • RamboReo

    Hello All !!!!

    I am buying my first AR-15 in the next month and im about 90% sure ill go for the Ruger SR-556.

    My first question is, are there any internal or significant differences between the FB & C versions ?

    Second, are these guns still having the Carrier Tilt issue ?

    Thirdly, For casual / occasional shooting is it wise to always leave the gas regulator in the same position ? & which setting is best ?

    Lastly, anyone who has owned one & put a lot of rounds through it … what do u think !

    I would really appreciate the feedback … Thanks

    I Love Rambo, America, Cincinnati Chili & my Wife

  • fishndude19721

    I finally put some once fired milliatry and nice looking 55 gr rounds this past weekend. To my disappointment, the 2nd round jammed in the chamber. I cleared this and then the 3rd round……..well it didn’t load into the chamber.

    All 87 rounds rounds after that fired flawlessly.

    It’s been awhile since I have purchased a semi-auto rifle, but I was surprised at how hot the quad rails got. Good thing for the hand guards. Also, I shot the last 40-50 rounds fairly quickly and was amazed at how much the barrell was smoking. I hope this is normal for a new rifle. I think it is the chemicals or coatings used to treat the parts just burning off.

    If this not normal, then someone please let me know.

    Being new to the this type of sights, how am I supposed to aim these? I only shot 90 rounds and not at a bench, I wasn’t able to really figure out the best way to use the sights before it was time to leave.

    Any help is always appreciated. Otherwise I am impressed with this being my first AR.


  • After viewing the 37 minute video of Wayne LaPierre’s address to the NRA convention in Charlotte, I could not resist the temptation to seek out and purchase an AR. I just had to possess a weapon that so many idiots don’t want me to have. Not being a regular at gun shows and ranges, I went to the only person I know that is. He told me of the SR 556 that had recently been re-priced to $1549 at the local Shoot Straight store. Other gun enthusiasts in our R/C flying club had good things to say about the Ruger, so I loaded my planes and headed straight for the store. I added a nice optical sight for $90 and bought a 300 bulk pack of rounds for $150. After sighting the gun in, I was extremely impressed with the accuracy and performance. I now understand why the AR is so popular. I think it is a better investment than the current yield on 12 month CD’s!

  • I bought my SR 556 for 1.495. I have put about a 1000 rounds thru it and never had a jam, from the time it came out of the box. My reloads, new ammunition, 55 gr 62 gr SS 109. I have decided not to clean it to see how many rounds I can put thru it before it starts to act up. Kind of mean huh. The thing is extreamly accurate. The only complaint is, it is a little heavy. I think Ruger should have fluted the barrel. And yes mine smoked to when I first shot it.

  • Rocky


  • Bryan Armostrong

    Guys, I got one last December and now since its shooting season I have been at the range many times with the SR556. Its been flawless and very little recoil compared to my Colt LE6920.

    Awesome gun, piston driven, chrome lined full profile heavy barrel. A bot heavy but the weight makes follow up shots on target easy so your groups are nice and tight.

  • Rocky



  • Martin

    Hey all! Long time reader, first time poster…

    I was shopping around my local gun stores recently, looking for a new 5.56 AR platform. This would be my first weapon and I was really excited just to be looking.

    I won’t lie to you and say that my first choice was the Ruger. It wasn’t even on my radar. I was seriously considering shelling out the big bucks for the Bushmaster ACR, or some other weapon that “Call of Duty” has made popular…

    I held a few rifles in my hand, wasn’t able to shoot any, just clearing that question up right now, and there were some good ones, to be sure. Remington and Bushmaster were the most prominent.

    I’ll also take this time to state that I’m not gun savvy in the least. I have a BASIC understanding of firearms and what makes them go boom, but when looking for my rifle, aesthetics played a big part in the selection. I had no preference betweein Gas Piston and DI. Hell, I didn’t know there was another choice. Yeah, I know it’s shallow, and some would argue stupid to buy a rifle based on how “pretty” it is, but hey, that’s the kind of guy I am, I suppose…

    Anyways, I was at my last stop for the day, just browsing, when my firend pointed something out to me. Lo and behold it was the Ruger SR-556. I shrugged, and picked it up and held it to my shoulder. I know it sounds corny, but this one felt right. Yeah, it was heavier than the Bushmaster and Remington, but in my experience, (Which is limited to pistols, yes I know, totally different animal, but you gotta start someplace, right?) heavier framed weapons seem to work better with me.

    Just a note here on weight: Unless you’re planning on running through the forest or a desert with body armor and gear on, IMHO, just cowboy up and carry the extra pound. “Yeah, it’s the best gun I’ve ever fired, but it weighs an ounce too much, so I can’t use it.” I think you can handle carrying 8 pounds from your car to the shooting lane. If you can’t, then why are you shooting the 5.56? No disrespect meant at all, but there’s plenty of .22LR out there. Weight isn’t an issue with them. I could understand if you’re chambered for a .450 Bushmaster or something outrageous like that. The bullets are enough, so cut the weight of the gun. I understand that. But for a .223/5.56? come on, man…

    Anyways, back to the rifle. Aesthetically it is a beautiful gun. The quad rail, flip-up sights and stock just made this look like a mean mamma-jamma.

    As far as the inner workings… from what the gun store owner told me, it’s the same as any other gun, save for the Gas piston system. Is there anything significant I should know about the innards of this thing that he may not have told me?

    Ah, the GP system. For my money (A lot of it) the GP system seems the way to go. I haven’t seen anyone talk about the SR-556’s ability to become a bolt action rifle! To me, this seems like something that give the Ruger a bit of a right to charge what it does for the rifle. It seems to me that the SR-556 is almost 2 guns in one. (Forgive my nievete, because for all my research, I haven’t been able to find any rifle using a DI system that can function as a bolt action rifle as well as an autoloading semi-auto.)

    I guess I should wrap up…

    Out of all the weapons I held that day, the Ruger SR-556 seemed to be the way to go. Looks great, feels great in hand. Never shot it, but what I read on here looks positive… I think this will be a good investment. I suppose I’m not just paying for a rifle, I’m paying for the brand as well!

    *hops off soapbox*

  • Rocky



  • Martin

    Hey Rocky, I don’t know if I need my eyes checked, but does the SR only have a sling attachment on the stock and not the foregrip?

  • Rocky


  • Phil

    I purchased one of these gems about a month ago. I paid just over $1500 for it. It was LOADED with a lot of great accessories..directly from the factory. If I had bought a DI BushmasterI would have spent even more in the long run and probably have less quality items to dress it just like the Ruger. The rails, the guards, the grips, the Troy sights…!! Plus..I have the newest gas piston set up. I have added a Grip Pod, a Fennix flash light with mount and a Eotech 517, This thing rocks, Runs flawlessly. I had a few problems with some re-loads I bought from a great reloader and while shooting, it was jamming up. I turned it up a notch to 3 on the settings for the gas piston and fired off another 200 rounds without a hitch. LOVE IT! Accuracy is good. From 75 feet, I was in a 1 1/2″ grouping firing at every 2 second mark. I can live with that! Good looking weapon as well. The weight is nothing that I would be concerned with that much. As said in previous posts, I guess if you were running through the jungles and had to keep it reeaaalll light, then maybe…just maybe… it could be a problem…but I’m too old for that crap. I just want something to target shoot with and maybe a few tactical maneuvers and maybe when the SHTF. You can NOTR make a wrong choice with this weapon..and they are NOT that unreasonably priced at all. Man up and buy the darn thing!

  • Rocky


  • Keith Applegate


    Have you notice that yuou are the only person here with your caps lock on? Online, TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS GENERALLY CONSIDERED TO BE YELLING!
    Plus it’s a little harder to read. Typing a single word in a sentence in caps is used to indicate emphasis.

    Okay now that it out of my system…

    As for the weight of any battle rifle, has anyone ever handled a 1903 Springfield? A M1917 Enfield? A 98 Mauser or an M1 Garand? All of them are nine pounds or more. And that’s with ZERO attachments.
    That was one of the great advancements the M16 had over the old M14. The M14 with its 20 round steel magazine of 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester) gets real heavy real quick. The M16 was touted as being under six pounds. But since then we have added the A2 upper receiver, A2 buttstock (on rifles only), heavier barrels, railed handguards with optical sights, lasers, forward grips, etc., etc. and the beast has grown (groan) heavier. But anytime I hear somebody missing and poaning about the weight of the AR I remind them that our fathers and grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought TWO World Wars dragging around 10 pound rifles and lugging .30-06 ammo. Consider WWII when the basic battle load was a 10lb M1 Garand and 88 (yes only eighty-eight) rounds of .30-06. The modern day basic load of an M16A2 and 210 rounds of 5.56 is a comparable weight. NOTICE: I said BASIC load. Many of today’s soldiers carry much more ammo than that. Also, a modern day warfighter has many more tools to choose from and therefor carries a lot more gizmos than our forefathers did. But they also have much better webgear to carry it in. Now imagine the poor BAR gunner of WWII and Korea… he had a 20 pound BAR with 200 rounds of .30-06 in 10 heavy steel magazines.

    But then again I also say, “Shut Up and Man Up!” War ain’t supposed to be easy.What was it that Clint Smith said about people who complained about a pistol being too heavy? “Carrying a gun is supposed to be comforting not comfortable.” or somethin like that.
    When I hear some whiner at the range cmplaining how his uberlight unobtanium 13oz .38 special is the only gun he can manage to carry but the recoil is too brutal to shoot I say, “Well, if a standard 16oz (ONE POUND) snub nose is too heavy for you to lug around all day they maybe you’re too pussified to be carring a gun at all”.

    That’s the way I see it, YMMV.

  • Keith Applegate

    Operating Systems

    The very first autoloading rifles were blowback. It worked (works) well for .22 Rimfire and low pressure pistol type cartridges but that system just isn’t suited to high pressure, high velocity cartridges. (That is unless you mount it on a tripod and use a team of horses to charge the action.)
    Autoloading development then split into two camps. One continued to focus on recoil oiperation in this case delayed recoil as exemplified by the German G3 (HK 91) and gas operation.
    The first successful gas autoloading rifle came from the amazing mind of John Browning. In the 1880s he started working to use the propellent gasses to operate the action. He modified a rifle (either a Colt or a Winchester – reports differ) to fire 16 shots per second. This became the basis for his 1895 machinegun. In that gun the gasses excaped through a port near the muzzle acting against a swinging lever under the barrel to operate the bolt. It worked okay for a mounted weapon but was useless for a mobile application. He next developed a gun that trapped the gasses in a chamber near the muzzle that forced the barrel and bolt rearward. Patented in 1900, a busy year for Browning, his long recoil action was a breakthrough in rifle development. A similar system was employed in his Auto-5 shotgun. But it still had several drawbacks and was very heavy, he felt a true piston of some sort was the way to go.

    Browning then focused on using a piston mounted under the barrel once again operated by gasses bled off near the muzzle. The 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) used this system. The fabulous M1 Garand also used a long stroke piston as does the German Sturmgewehr and the Russian Avtomat Kalishnikova (known as the AK to y’all) and its offspring. The short stroke system designed by David Williams that made the M1 Carbine so efficient dates back to the late 1920s. Eugene Stoner used the short stroke system for his AR-18. (Not because it was better than DI but because he wanted it to be different from his AR-15 since the patent rights to that had been sold to Colts.)
    While the direct impingment system used by Stoner in the development of the AR-10 and AR-15 dates back to 1901 with the French made Rossignol (which was not a big success) and later used in the 1940s Swedish Ljungman (which was, sort of). So the old saying that “Everything old is new again” certainly applies here.

    For those who say that DI is awful and piston is the only way to go should consider these two statements…
    The AR-15 platform was the FIRST mass produced autoloading rifle that could be manufactured to shoot 1MOA out of the box! There are a LOT of great ARs out there and a lot of long range matches have been won with them. Camp Perry for one. However there are some sloppily manufactured/assembled ARs out there. The M16 family of rifles/carbines have been the Standard A US Military battle rifle longer than ANY rifle in our history. So it must work or we would have replaced it by now instead of ordering more and more.
    The poorest functioning, least accurate battle rifles of all time were all piston designs. But there have also been some great ones too. Just look at the M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M14/M1A, FN-FAL, SKS and Kalishnikov. Also the M14 which was our Standard A rifle only from 1957 to 1967 (Limited Standard to 1970) has been called out of retirement and once again proudly serves on the front lines with our brave troops. And those who use it seem to love it.

    What I am trying to convey to everyone here is that there are pros and cons with BOTH systems and neither is perfect. BOTH can function extremely well IF properly designed and manufactured. You pays your money and you takes your chances.

  • Rocky

    keith i do it cause my eyes are poor, thats all, i am not yelling at anyone, i just like to use caps. it helps me.

  • Rocky


  • Keith Applegate

    PS since it seems that words surrounded by arrows do not appear, I must correct the fifth sentence in the post above.
    That sentence should have read; I guess that pesky “Caps Lock” can become rather tricky.

    Also the “quote on” and “quote off” notices didn’t appear either.
    Sorry for that.

  • Travis S Tucker

    Got my ruger sr 556 the other day. After 500 rounds in 2 days it never failed to fire on setting 0-1-2 but 3 was hitting really hard. My guess is it’s still very clean and too much gas is getting in. I’ve run 10 different pmags, 4 GI mags. 1 command arms & one tango down each having mixed ammo in them all brass with different grain loads. It worked better than my old Colt match rifle. The iron sights are so badass. The rail is custom the sights are custom the buttstock custom. Even the hogue grip is customized with the ruger logo. As a youngster who knows that politicians on both sides don’t care too much for guns. NRA just gives them slot of coin to support it and their constituients love guns as well. But anyways the SR is a great price for a AR with $320 back up sights. $priceless Custom Troy Rail(don’t think you can buy that on it’s own) 3 Cheap Admittedly Pmags. Cheap bag cheap ass rail covers. But I have xtm magpul rails covers Troy grip and Magpul UBR stock mil spec. It looks better than any AR on the Market. Everytime I’m at the range I get the Hey Is That A Ruger SR :).

  • Rocky

    That is Great new’s travis, I feel the same way bro. thanks a bunch

  • Keith Applegate

    You consider P-Mags to be cheap?

    Do you mean cheap as in inexpensive?
    Cheap as in shoddy worksmanship and unreliable performance?

  • David K

    I posted back on 26 Sep 2009 after having made my Ruger SR-556 purchase, and now I provide entertaining/helpful feedback at this time, I hope.

    Setup: Ruger SR-556, Scope:Leupold® Mark AR
    (, Grip Pod
    (, VLTOR RIFLE MODSTOCK, Ammo: Wolf : WOLF POLY 223REM 62GR FMJ, as nasty as it gets, nasty why?

    plagiarized—> “…Steel doesn’t expand as well as the brass. So gasses and fouling escape around the case neck and deposit between the case and chamber wall, causing a restriction. This is how cases get stuck.”

    The above ammo I used is the first batch that I had/have major issues with in my Ruger. After 100rds or so the a casing expands sticks, and the case rim gets ripped off. Cleaning the chamber fixes this issue after getting the very jammed casing out. This batch I believe is just hotter then the standard, another issue with cheap ammo, consistency.

    I have fired maybe 1000rds of this stuff prior to this batch no issues, and currently Bear ammo with no issues. The stuff is still nasty and I may rethink its usage. It does allow me to shoot a lot of ammo on the cheap, and introduce new shooters( on the cheap), the cusp of my post.

    So a family get together at my Dad’s home in MO, I have my Ruger SR-556 on a bench shooting at a 12″x12″ steel target at 320 yds via my range finder. No bags just the Grip Pod. The scope allows adjustment for dead on aim, no hold over with a click of the dial.

    I had my sister’s boy friend from Chicago who has NEVER shot a rifle, ever, get behind the Ruger, and at said target five hits in a row. My sister supplied eight for ten hits, my seventeen year old niece 99% steel on target (30rds or so, she was almost annoying). My eight year old nephew slaughtered a large dead tree at 50yds sitting on his mother’s lap. That was just pure entertainment; he had no issues with the recoil, I believe he emptied a 30rd mag.

    The morale of the story: The Ruger shoots so well, and is so forgiving (as the design was intended) that with a little instruction even totally new shooters can nail a 300+ yard target.

    I wipe the bolt, and carrier down with a cloth, nothing more. I run a Hoppes Bore Snake through it. It is clean. I have yet to clean the rod system.

    I can hold the bolt carrier in my hand after 500rds, it is hardly warm, even in TX 100+ temps.

    With this crappy ammo I get 2″-2.5″ MOA at 200yds, and 1″-1.5″ MOA at 100yds, off the bench with said optic. I know good ammo will provide better results.

    All other aspects of the Ruger have provided rock solid performance, and durability. I made a great purchase. Nice to get it right once in a while ;D.

    Oh yes, I love my 6.8 LWRCi as well! ;D

  • Travis

    Pmags are great but are only 13 dollars a piece. They are very cheap but good reliability.

  • Rocky

    Magpull mags are awesome!!

  • David

    I like it. I have owned a great many guns, rifles, pistols and shotguns. I have researched the hell out of the ar type rifle. Talked to a great many owners multiple ar type rifles, and truly done my homework. The concensus is, LWRC is the best on the market. Unfortunately they are in the 2k-2500 range. If there is a second tier, the sr is in it. It shoots like the child of an ar/ ak marriage. It has that distinctive ak piston recoil, while performing ar type accuracy. I brought mine out to VT to break it in. I used eight different types of ammo, both 556 and 223 and it had not a single failure to feed/fire. I shot the hell out of it, and this thing works! Plain and simple. I would also like to add that I am a glock-guy. So if you are looking for reliability above all else, look no further.

  • Keith Applegate

    to David K, the info you found on steel vs brass wasn’t entirely correct.

    The mild steel cases as used by Wolf/Tula and Bear expand and seal the chamber just like brass. The problem with steel is that it doesn’t “skronk” back to a smaller size like brass does. This is why no one males steel cased revolver ammo. If you have ever fired steel case .45acp or 9mm ammo in a revolver, you know how nearly impossible it is to extract. This is why the Soviet designed weapons all have such powerful extractors.

    I have never had any problems using Wolf Steel cased ammo in an AR-15 or M16 RIFLE. However the AR-15 CARBINE is a whole ‘nother ballgame.
    Especiall when using the short M4 style gas system with a 16″ barrel. The greater distance between the muzzle and the gas block with the sixteen inch CAR length gas system causes an increase in the “timing” of the bolt. The bolt starts to open sooner than designed with more chamber pressure present. If the gun is not properly lubricated the steel case will adhere too tightly to the chamber walls forcing the extractor to either fail or pull through the rim.

    This problem is NOT quite so severe in the mid-length gas system.

    So, when shooting steel cases in a CAR/M4 semi-auto rifle make sure you keep your chamber clean and lightly lubed.

  • Rocky

    I would never oil my chamber, unless it is put away for storage, same with the barrel.

  • Keith Applegate

    OOOPS… In my previous reply to David K, I accidentally deleted several sentences;

    It sould have read as; This is why the Soviet designed weapons all have such powerful extractors. And why the Soviets were pioneers in the application of hard chrome to the chamber and bore. Hard chrome prevents the corrosion from corrosive primers and a chromed chamber is better suited to steel cases. Most US civilian ARs do not have a chrome bore. The only drawback is a slight accuracy loss. All else being equal a non-chromed bore will usually be a little more accurate.

    About a decade ago Wolf stopped coating their cases with lacquer and switched over to a polymet coating that is a lot more slippery than lacquer. Bown Bear, Silver and Golden Bear steel cases are either lacquer, zinc or brass coated respectivally. (Recent production Bear ammo has non-corrosive primers.) Lacquered cases and noticably stickier in the chamber.

    And while I know this is not supposed to be a history lesson. Let’s not forget that there were several early autoloading weapons, both semi and full automatic, that REQUIRED lubricated AMMUNITION in order to achieve even basic functioning. I consider the “new” Wolf to be lubricated ammo. The polymer coating makes a big difference.

    So IF you are experiencing your extractor ripping through the rims LIGHTLY lubricate your chamber. And I don’t mean use a small squirt of CLP. I mean a damp (not wet) patch or at MOST 2 drops of lube directly in the chamber.
    Don’t forget the bolt will remain locked with the case tight in the chamber, until the carrier moves it. Timing will remain exactly the same. When the bolt moves the case needs to have released its grip on the chamber walls.

    One should never lubricate the chamber in a recoil operated firearm. Especially if it’s a simple unlocked blowback.
    Hopefully I do not need to define recoil operated as opposed to gas operated.

  • Steve here,

    Lets keep this on topic. Please discuss the SR-556 only, not AR-15 rifles in general.

  • Keith Applegate

    I apologize for my participation in the thread drift. My intentions where simply to illustrate the differences between the original Eugene Stoner designed direct impingment system and the more recent piston system developments such as the Ruger SR-556. I wanted to show that the Ruger has several advantages over a common M-forgery carbine length AR-15.

    There are some people who think all AR-type rifles are the same.
    Welll,the Ruger SR-556 is NOT just another AR. It’s quite a different critter under the hood.

    Yes, perhaps I went a little too far back into history with my explainations.
    But I just wanted anyone who reads this to understand what we were discissing. Not everyone who reads a blog is a firearms expert. We must never forget there are many silent newcomers among us who are looking for information. We risk turning them off if we talk over their heads or treat them as stupid.

    Once again I’m sorry for my part in the derailment of this thread.

  • firebear

    Hey all
    and to Kieth & rocky thanks for your coments and info you guys sure have helped with understanding a lot fo issues with ths SR556.
    I am about to purchase one and yall have convinced me that my first choice was the correct one. as I have been in lawenforcement for many yrs I have had acess to many weapons and am not new to them by any means I have worked as a favor to a friend in his gun shop on and off for quite a long time also so I hear things good and bad about many guns but the SR556 has all been good with the ocassional hickup. so for my money I will be purchaseing a Ruger SR556 with no major concerns I also have talked with our Ruger rep and Ruger is behind thier new rifle for any probs that might be. All yall out there keep up the chat it so helps people gather the info they want and need. PS I like firearms history kieth.

  • Keith Applegate

    Thank you sir.

    Practice safe,
    Practice hard,
    Practice often.

  • Rock Hopper

    I’ve put close to 3000 rounds through my SR556 in the past 7 months with absolutely no issues…and let’s just say I should be a little more “vigilant” with my cleanings. Still no issues.

  • bpartwthog

    Does anyone here have one? I love everything about this rifle except mine jams way to often! Not good when you spend the money they are asking.
    I bought the Ruger because I have and believe in their product. Maybe I got the Black sheep of the litter,Ha. I’m sending back to Ruger hopefully they get it right. ( I’m sure they will )…

  • David

    bp. Really? I have used over 10 ammo manufacturers and both 556 and 223, have maybe 1500 rounds, and not a single failure to feed, extract or any other type of failure.

  • bpartwthog

    David- just sent the rifle back today. I am holding back my disappointment till I get it back, hopefully cured of its wows. Bullit casings are catching on the claws leading the bullit into the barrel. When it jams it jams tight. Put only couple hundred rounds thru the rifle jammed to many times to remember

  • Travis Tucker

    I still get the ripped casings on setting 2. No matter what the ammo. It doesn’t shoot wolf great at all. I don’t shoot crap ammo much but when I’m broke I would like to fire some wolf. Since my last post 2,000 rounds of Eagle Tactical have been fired. Great feeding on setting 1 but when you turn it up to 2 jam first shot. I’m going to send mine in for repair since it’s deer season and I don’t upset the hunters. Really pissed me off though for 1,500. If it’s not fixed on the first try. Selling it and grabbing another Colt Match Target. Those are the daddy of the AR platform when using a scope like me.

  • Real Grunt

    I served in the USMC and I thought the AR was junk, thats putting it nice.But it is nice handeling,accurate,and shooter freindly. I did not like how picky with dirt,and jamming POS it was. My brother got a Berret Rec-7 6.8 and it ran great. And that red neck did thing to that gun that is realy bad. That maid me a beleaver that there are good ones out there. I bought one for 1500 at cabela’s . And that gun runs dam good , shots staight. I broke the barrel in and now have 250 through it with out cleaning. I never liked them after seening fristhand men going down over them. But I think ruger built a dam good gun. I even put the AK in the safe and now carry the Ruger SR-556 in the truck every place I go with the 1911 and 870. Ohrah

  • Keith Applegate

    The 4 position gas plug on the Ruger is an obvious copy of the 4 position plug used on the Daewoo piston rifles. Since my only piston 5.56 rifle is a Daewoo K2 (and I have two uppers for it ) I am very familiar with their operation.

    They both have a position that allows no gas to enter the system making the gun a single shot straight pull bolt action rifle.

    The other three positions control the amount of gas that reaches the piston. I leave my Daewoo on S which is the smallest port allowing the least gas to operate the rifle. My rifle runs flawlessly with every factory load I have tried (including steel cased ammo from Wolf, S&B and Herter’s) as well as all of my handloads, so that’s where I leave it set. In fact I have no reason to use anything else.

    Now since it runs great that way, why would I choose to open it for more gas? More gas increases the lock time and the speed that the bolt carrier moves. If you are ripping rims that nmeans your rifle is unlocking too soon. It means that the case has NOT had time to release its grip on the chamber wall.

    So if your rifle works well on the lowest setting why worry if it doesn’t on a higher setting? I suspect that if I were to set my Daewoo on a higher setting (either M or L the middle and largest port settings respectively) I’d probably be ripping through case rims too.

  • bpartwthog

    Haven’t been on the blog for awhile, had sent my sr556 back to Ruger to fix a feeding ramp issue. I received my rifle back in four days after they had received it. Flawless, simply flawless, the rifle shoots great. I had a date at the range the day after I got the rifle back, perfect is the only word I can use to describe the way it functioned. I put about three hunderd rounds thru it, couple different brands, slow fire, fast fire sideways and upside down. Gun spit the rounds out as quickly as I could pull the trigger. Great job by Ruger for fixing the gun in a timely fashion and simply standing behind their product. Gun is now standing its post with Hornady Tap ammo as my number one deterent firearm……

  • Keith Applegate

    YIKES !!! Someday I’ll learn to proofread. (and type better)

    The 2nd sentence of my 4th paragraph above SHOULD have read;

    More gas increases the unlock SPEED and the speed that the bolt carrier moves.

    (someone really should have called me out on that one)

  • Rocky

    Yes the open sights are truly wonderful! I am able to group one inch or less at 100yds. with them.
    I love this rifle!

  • aaron

    When I was in the Marines my M-16 jammed on me religiously on the ranges and live fire exercises. Scared shitless I would be sent to war with such a weapon. Shot alot of rounds through my friends new ruger ar and no problems. Mebbe their is something to the new piston driven system? The Marines Corps taught us when you have a jam it was tap rack bang. Tap the magazine rack the bolt and shoot again which was bull shit because you almost always had a double feed and it didnt work. Think Ruger may have gotten it right. Only M-16 impersonation I have been impressed with.

  • Rich

    Yikes. For someone looking to buy their first AR these comments are all over the place. Positive and negative. I asked my friend who was a 6 year Army sniper to recommend and AR and he instantly said “The new Ruger 556.) Enough said for me. With nothing else to compare it to, I’m buying one with the proof in the shootin. Thanks everyone.

  • Wormfood

    I have had my Ruger 556 for almost two years now.

    This will be my 3rd post regarding it. One of my posts was under David K, one under this moniker.

    I have just shy of 3K rounds through it. It is accurate, and easy to feed. New shooters have impressed me often with it; several nailing paper plate size steel gongs at 325 yards off the bench repeatedly.

    It cleans easy with all the major parts being chromed; I can hold the bolt carrier in my hand promptly after firing thirty rounds. I prefer the rod driven system.

    It is a touch on the heavy side compared to other AR-15s.

    Avoid the Russian Wolf ammo, as stated in my post under David K, the coating on those rounds melts and sticks the casing in the chamber if allowed to sit, causing the casing rim to be ripped off by the extractor.

    Russian Bear ammo coated in zinc feeds and extracts great.

    Even with all the competition today, this is still a contender with any AR-15 at its price point.

    No buyers remorse here!

  • aaron

    I like Ruger alot. However I got a Stag Arms Model 8 piston driven with Pelican hard case, 2 mags, 60 rounds ammo, quad rail w/bipod, Eo Tech HWS, and much more in 2012 Survival Kit. Look it up at Rifle is freaking awesome and get alot more for your money. BTW I had to pay a little extra to get the 8 instead of the model 2t the kit comes with.

  • Rocky

    What does the stag have too do with the Ruger 556???

  • aaron

    Just saying I have a friend with the Ruger and believe it is overpriced compared to the deal I got from Stag Arms. Nothing more

  • Kota

    ok first off, i gotta comment on what Bobby said about the 5.56, one, the 5.56 is a very powerful round, i have an AR-15 and it is one of the best rifles i have ever owned, second i think the SR-556 is a fairly nice looking rifle although i still prefer mine though because it has the traditional handrail that the original M-16 had, anyway i think ruger should come out with a new rifle, somethign that could both be used by civilians and the military, also something that is under $1,000, something to redefine rifles but keep the classics around, the person to do that will change history forever…and i think Ruger can do it.

  • price of ar-15’s .. also price of stainless steel ar-15

  • Keith Applegate

    I wasn’t aware of anyone, ever, producing a stainless steel AR-15.
    And why would anyone want to?

    Since the AR-15 already has an upper and lower reciever made of aluminium there’s no need for the corrosion resistance of stainless. And the increased weight would be a deal breaker for most.

  • DAG

    I have to start with the price. Yes a little steep. I’ve had this rilfe for about two years now. the first shot out of the box was a bulls eye at 25 yards. Very nice. The rilfe is a touch heavy, but managable. I do like the full rails, thous aading the weight. The stocked butt stock is a little lose. Nothing Magpul cann’t handol. How ever. I put about 2500 rounds though it, and last week I took it to a 300m range, and after about 45 rounds I thought I’d go check the target. I took my finger off the trigger, fliped the safty and BANG!!! Scard the $#!* out of me. I drop the mag, and opened it up, check to see if there was something visably wrong. Nothing. SO I loaded and pulled the charging handle and BANG!! The only two times a firearm has fired without me pulling the trigger. By now the safty is locked in the fire position and the hammer will not lock in the down position. I understad were and tair, but after 2500 rounds a trigger asembly should not be failing. Needless to say, I am very disapointed. My $1600 AR is worthless at the moment. I’m going to see if my dealed can send it back to Ruger. Hopefuly thay will remady this problum. Untill this, I was very happy with the Ruger SR 5.56. I would love to see them make a semi auto 308 in a AR plat form.

    • DAG

      Well after I disassembled the gun. I took out the trigger assemble and found three blown out primers. That’s what was the cause of the malfunction. Bulk Federal ammo. I had bought a second 500rd box before I realized what the problem was. Other than that, the gun has been flaw less. I do love this AR.

  • I see quite a few comments critizing Ruger for “just another AR” or bashing them for their overpriced, borrowed design. I haven’t seen 1 single thread about it’s actual performance.
    Let me inform you:I have 2 AR’s, a Colt & the Ruger. I paid about $1600 for mine(the Ruger)… about $200 more than a “good”, close competitor(a gas gun, not the piston design of the SR 556). My Colt performs exactly as I believe it should, ie- I have no qualms with it but the Ruger shoots better, hands down. The Colt is older and was less expensive but I do have to say that Ruger, while some of their ideas maybe ‘borrowed’, did not “half-ass” it.
    I’ve got a brother, a brother-in-law and a couple of buddies that own different brands of AR’s. Some of those have had “a little work done”….mine shoots every bit as good, if not better right out-of-the-box,factory trigger, factory barrel, etc. I’m not a Ruger spokesperson, in fact I’ve not been all that pleased with them over the past 15-20 years. I’ll admit, I do own 3 other Ruger firearms…a couple of which are badass, another one- not so much! So, in essence, I’m not paid by Ruger to tell you these things; I’m just telling you the truth as I know it. A friend of mine(who doesn’t own an AR style rifle) went with me yesterday to do some handgun work. I took the 556. He sat down and busted standard orange claybirds(stationary), consistently at 200M. That’s a guy who doesn’t own(nor am I sure he’s ever fired) an AR. He had a blast & even commented that now he “had to have one”!
    Long story short, this weapon is fine! Believe or Not…that is your choice but I know the truth

  • jlewis406

    I have a SR-556C and this morning I put the 500th round through it. I have owned it just about a month now. I had some difficulty sighting it in, but I am almost positive it was caused by the new Burris AR-332 that I slapped on top of it. After I swapped out the mount with a GG&G ACOG mount and re-zeroed the gun it has shot excellent. Today I shot at a rather busy range in Tucson. I didn’t feel like pelting the guy next to me with brass every few seconds so I turned the piston on the 0 position. This allowed me to shoot, then slowly pull back the charging handle and let he case land on the table instead of bombarding my fellow shooters who were trying very hard to make 500yd shots. In the past I have also cranked it to 2 or 3 to put the brass in front of me. I typically shoot on 1 with factory loads as the gun functions smoothly, and doesn’t cause a whole lot of wear and tear on the innards. (IMO most of the carrier tilt is caused from shooting on 2 or 3) I was shooting XM193. At 100yds I shot a 1/2, 10 shot group. I am not the best rifleman in the world, so this was good enough for me. I then shot 200, 300, 400 and 500 yds at steel targets. With the BDC on my optic is was no problem. Hit a 12 inch target at 400 yds 8 of 10 shots without a solid rest (using my backpack) so I was pretty happy about that because as I stated before, I am not the best crack shot on the block.

    I have not noticed any carrier tilt yet, but I usually shoot with the piston valve in the 1 position. Compared to other AR’s I have shot and my issued M4 and M16 this gun is SUPER EASY to clean. I only need to wipe down the carrier, and pull the bolt and wipe it down as well. No scraping or scrubbing. The hardest part is removing the piston valve and cleaning that. A .50cal bore brush works great for this.

    The rifle is a tad heavier than your standard AR, but that doesn’t bother my at all. It is solid and when you shake it there is no “rattle” what so ever. Even the take down pins are solid and fit very tight. Over all I would say that I am VERY pleased with this rifle.

    The only thing that I am questionable about is how tight the barrel is. It is quite difficult to put a 5.56mm bore brush down it. I have been using military issued brushes. I have not gone out and bought any commercial ones yet. This may also be attributed to the fact that the gun has only 500rds through it, and the barrel is chrome lined. Not sure if this would cause it to be tighter. Time will tell I suppose.

  • Jason

    You should try before you whine. It is a dead shot compared to any AR I’ve shot and I’ve shot plenty. People are putting photos of group shots at 100 yards about in a 4 inch pattern. First it scared me but after sighting in I can place group shots within a quarter at 100 yards. Of course a Carl Ziess scope helps.

    Expensive yes, heavier yes. Better pin point accuracy yes. If anyone wants photos at 100 email me cause I won’t check this thread.

    Jasonpike77. At. Yahoo. Dot con.

  • Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through a few of the posts I realized it’s new
    to me. Regardless, I’m certainly delighted I found it and I’ll be
    book-marking it and checking back frequently!

  • David

    I am new to AR’s and my brother has a SR-556. When loading an empty magazine and attempt to load. When pulling the charging handle back to load, is it normal for bolt catch to activate and not let the charging handle load? I’m assuming it is doing this because there is no bullets in the mag to load. Anyways, just seeing if this is normal?

    • AJ

      Yes that is completely normal. It does this to hold the bold back so that when you put in a new magazine, you can hit the bolt release and immediately chamber a round.

  • Chad

    Any ideas how to remove item #56 from upper

  • Chad

    I am having some feeding issues with my SR556. I have cleaned everything that I can take apart. I have not been able to get transfer rod, item #56 and spring #55 out. My question is, do you remove pins #66, remove rear bushing #72 and front bushing #54 then transfer rod or pins #62, gas block #59 then transfer rod or is there some other trick??

  • trigon400

    Ruger sems to have done a great job; hammer forged, chrome lined barrel, chromed bolt, gas operated, but I still won’t buy one until the “carrier tilt” issue has been worked out.

  • Steve

    My SR556E does have a chromed barrel, piston, carrier and bolt, and it came with the Troy folding Ruger branded sights. Top rail is good for me. Ruger quality is top notch as always. LOVE this rifle!!

  • David Johnson

    Love my SR, But feeding problems, and a trip to Ned at Michiguns confirmed that my chamber was .556 deficient, and needed to be reamed out. If you find missing primers, chances are your gun snuck by quality control.