Golden Guns – Mexican Style

These were all confiscated off Mexican criminals. Click to expand the images.

I have never seen such an ornate AK-47 before.
I would be embarrassed to go to the range with it.

AR-15 / M16 SBR

I think the bling on this one is fake

I am sure the saints do not protect gangsters.

Hat Tip: Dragunov at MexicoDefense

Steve Johnson

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  • kvalseth

    Don’t forget the AK and AR-18 in that second photo.

  • Don

    So lame. These guys have no class.


  • I bet that AK has a canted front sight!

  • Simon_the_Brit

    They look like guns for women of ill repute πŸ™‚

  • Dom

    Anyone who thinks these guns are coming from the US is going to be sorely disappointed when he gets here. I just got back from my local gun shop and I couldn’t find a gold-plated piece anywhere in there! Every one of those would make an excellent movie prop.

  • guy

    Good Lord, if you’re going to gold plate an AK at least spend the extra cash and get a milled receiver to start with.

  • There’s no telling that these where taken only from gangsters actually.

  • TOΓ‘O

    la verdad si esta muy nacas las armas narcas, jajajajajajajajajjaajajjajaj

  • Puke

    I think the top one is made of chocolate.

  • “gunner”

    tacky, just plain tacky noveau riche.

  • bigzac

    Jesus Malverde is known as the “narco saint” by many law enforcement officers and drug dealers.

  • Joe Allen

    bigzac beat me to it!

    Worked on a short documentary on Malverde a few years ago:

    Fascinating stuff.

  • Man…….. that’s some ugly stuff. I bet that poor GI pistol is itching under those grips like a coon dog with the mange.

  • Kelley

    “These were all confiscated off Mexican criminals.” I just wonder which of their current crop of Politicians have just been jailed or if this is a “Collection” put together over several Administrations???

  • top of the chain

    WOW!! just WOW!!

    Should I duck? Should I laugh? Should I laugh as I duck? And that AK-??, is that the spray & pray Mexican Gangster version?

  • Puke:

    I was thinking the same thing. They looks like cheap chocolate wrapped in foil and given out for Easter.

  • Not for nothing though, The carving on the AK stock is art.

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  • And I thought the Taurus “Pimp Daddy Special” that I saw in their catalog a couple of years ago was revolting.

  • Montjoie

    I’m pretty sure those come straight from a gun store in the US, don’t you think?

  • C

    I am pretty sure the saints don’t protect them, just imaginative… But i am sure the bullets and the gun are good enough to protect them. HAHA!

    These gun’s where not meant to go to the range tard, they where to show off. & more importantly kill with style. HAHA!

    Its their money, its their decision, its their love.. like we love our guns they love theirs too…

    2 different cultures.

    Some people are rather jealous of the things these cartels have…they just don’t show it.

    • JJ

      Your the first person that knows how to respond to this people using your head bro!! some people just like to hate on others!!

  • jimmy

    I wonder if little Mexican kids yell “Bling! Bling! You got me!” when they play cops and robbers.

  • Alre

    Por dios!!
    Que mal gusto!!

  • Chad

    The first picture is of an AK-74u, not an ak-47. note the bullpup design.

  • coltar15

    you all are haters ….this is art and money that you dont have…,,,

  • zach

    @Chad I think its an AKMSU with the original stock and pistol grip removed because the ’74 uses bake-lite magazines with a slightly different shape whereas the AK-47/AKM/AKMSU use the metal magazines, like this one. I don’t know if you just phrased it wrong but bullpup is when the magazine and action are behind the trigger, which on this thing its not.

    I think this gun is pretty ugly, not to mention a waste of gunsmithing. to me a beautiful AK-47 is one with a Magpul MOE stock, a MIAD pistol grip, a tactical 4 sided RIS fore-end with a Surefire scout light and a vertical grip with an EOTech on top.

  • Griffin

    Saddam’s AKs were much better looking

  • rusty

    still think the pimped out ak’s from africa look better

  • jay

    you guys are hating on the mexican drug lords!! because ya can’t afford it…haha!!

  • Marines

    This gun are clean,but it a waste of money to make this guns.yeah mexican cartel are rich and powerful cartels in the world.African can’t make weapons because they don’t have much money.

  • Paul

    I’m surprised some of the commenters think these things are good looking. Looks like tacky trash to me, even if they were expensive to make. I can’t understand paying to make your weapon look like that.

    • Ajay

      I totally agree with you, these look gawdy and ridiculous.

      • Derk

        Two words: status symbol.

  • Zermoid

    Well, at least the gold plating is corrosion proof……..

    WHY the cut off thumbhole stock on the 1st pic? Romanian AK? Look at the length of trigger pull, I had a Romanian thumbhole AK and even with fairly large hand had trouble reaching the trigger!

  • johnny

    that first AK looks like something frodo baggins would carry

  • Puchunqu


  • anonymous

    Fuck you all if these guns are golden is because it was a gift from one big drug dealer to another as a sign of respect see me I got a golden .22 that I carry at all times it’s just for good luck not for a weapon