New Kahr PM4544

The Kahr PM4544 is a new all black version of the two-tone colored .45 ACP Kahr PM4543.

 Prodimagesm Pm4544N

The new all black PM4544 features a black polymer frame, just like its PM4543 match, but offers a matte blackened stainless slide to add to the overall “black-out” effect of the gun. The PM4544 matte stainless slide is blackened using an ultra hard and super thin coating. This coating has been used successfully in the knife industry to protect blades from corrosion and scratches.

Just like its counterpart, the PM4544 has an overall length of 5.67,” height of 4.49,” and a 3.14″ polygonal rifled barrel. The weight of the new all black .45 ACP is 17.3 oz without the magazine. The magazine capacity is 5+1 in a single stack configuration. The PM4544 also matches the PM4543 with drift adjustable, white bar-dot combat sights.

The PM4544 has an MSRP of $903 and the PM4544N night sight variant has a MSRP of $1,022.

Steve Johnson

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  • Don

    These Kahrs are nice so far as I can tell in the store. I can speak to the format of these little 45s being not nearly as bad to shoot as people claim. On a similar format piece (taurus pt145) accuracy was very good for me with an autoloader, between 3 and 4 inch “groups” (not rested) at 25 yards once I got the hang of it.

    If you are into this kind of thing it would be worth looking at the 3rd gen Taurus millennium pro pt145 or pt745. I picked up a pt145 for $220 (some guy’s wife said ‘no’ and he had to sell it fast, and it was dropped once, marring the finish on the slide) and (due to skepticism) proceeded to fire 200 rounds of Winchester factory ball (white box) and 260 rounds of reloads through it over the course of 2 weeks without cleaning it (intentionally) in between. I didn’t have any problems with factory ammo. I had 4 malfunctions with semi-wadcutter reloads, three of which were failure to make it up the feed ramp, and one which binded in the magazine. Maybe it was because it was dirty, maybe not?

  • Wow. A non-two tone version of a two tone handgun.

    That’s not NEW. That’s redecorated.

  • Paul_In_Houston

    I wonder if it would have been advantageous to have designed it around the .45 GAP (Glock Auto Pistol) round.

    I love .45 ACP, but know that some people with smaller hands find the the few millimeters saved by the GAP round make quite a difference in a pistol that WAS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED around its’ dimensions.

  • Sounds too pricey by almost half.

    Check out this Star PD in .45 ACP. A good Spanish copy of a JMB design, it is light and handy.

  • Don


    As crazy as it sounds, Jeff Quinn tested the pt145 with both .45 acp AND .45 gap and found that it fired both… now he surely wasn’t promoting it as standard practice, but I had never heard of such a thing before and found it interesting.