New Glock 17 RTF2

Next month the 9mm Glock 17 will be available with the RTF2 (Rough Textured Frame version #2) frame. The RTF2 frame is often called the “4th Generation” frame.

Glock 17 RTF2

Earlier this year at SHOT Show Glock introduced the RTF2 variant of the Glock 22. From the press release:

The G22 RTF2 has been received with excellent reviews and is one of the top 10 sellers for FY 2010. In addition to the G22 RTF2, GLOCK, Inc. is proud to announce that on May 1, 2009, they will offer the 9×19 G17 RTF2 pistol, as they continue their pursuit to expand their RTF2 series. The G17 RTF2 is the second pistol that GLOCK, Inc. has released with the new rough textured frame and slide serration pattern. The newly designed frame incorporates more than 4,000 raised pyramids on the front, rear and sides of the polymer receiver and has a newly designed crescent shaped serration pattern located at the rear of the slide.

Recently, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office was the first local agency in the United States to convert to the G22 RTF2, while at the same time the Louisiana State Police and Louisiana Department of Public Safety purchased 1300 G22 RTF2 and G17 RTF2 pistols, which has made them the first state agency to convert to both RTF2 series of GLOCK pistols.

Steve Johnson

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  • moo

    I don’t know about the ‘RTF’, but if it comes to the worst it can just be ground off with a file.

    The fish gill cocking serrations on the other hand are disgusting looking, pointless and do not even look like they would increase utility, nor can they be fixed my the end-user without exorbitant cost. I hope Glock gets their ears yelled off about this silliness so they’ll go back to the old ones.

  • Matt Groom

    Love the frame, hate the slide. I think they did this just so you could easily tell the difference between a Gen I-III and a Gen IV.

  • Vak

    I like the new frame texture, but the slide serrations just look too… modern (I bet you never thought that I would say that about a glock, did ya ?).

  • Valhalla

    I think the old Glocks look better…

  • Carl

    It´s a pistol, not some fancy piece of art. The old slide serrations are less than optimal in my opinion. If this makes them better I don´t care how they look.
    They should put serrations on the front of the slide as well.

  • ATL

    “I don’t know about the ‘RTF’, but if it comes to the worst it can just be ground off with a file.

    The fish gill cocking serrations on the other hand are disgusting looking, pointless and do not even look like they would increase utility, nor can they be fixed my the end-user without exorbitant cost. I hope Glock gets their ears yelled off about this silliness so they’ll go back to the old ones.”

    Well I would recommend trying it out first. I do understand the reservations over the newer model. I have shot the RTF 22 and found it to be a nice feeling gun; I am interested in shooting the 17 version. I do think that these newer Glocks will not go over with everyone. I do like the RTF though; I think it will be an improvement over the standard Glock grips which are really slippery.

  • Matt Groom

    As for art, function follows form, and the reason so many firearms designs are so similar is because modern firearms have been elevated to a high art.

    I will say this about the fish gills, they do seem to “bite” into your fingers when you pull on the slide. That being said, I don’t have arthritis, and I never had trouble grasping a Glock slide before. An Astra 400, now that’s a different story…

  • Any idea on MSRP for the new G17?

  • Carl

    Form should follow function. Not the other way around. That is if you are actually trying to accomplish something with your product.
    I believe most handguns today have similar layouts because this is what works best. Not because of how good it looks. I also believe the look of the Glock is appreciated not because it is inherently beautiful but because of how well it has performed the job it was designed for. If the Glock would have been an unreliable crap gun nobody would care for the look of it.
    Apparently Gaston Glock thinks the slide could use some extra grip. I don´t know if he has arthritis or not, but I see no point in discriminating against people with lower strength or physical disabilities.

  • Matt Groom

    Function follows form, because form is chosen by art. Whenever you hear about “Ergonomics” or “Modern Design” what they’re talking about is they made it look pretty and fell good, then they made it work. That’s how most things are designed. Skyscrapers, cars, everything is designed from the outside in. An ugly girl may be a better cook, smarter, and better in bed, but we all go after the dumb hot chick first.

    Also, Arthritic people should use revolvers.

  • Josh


    Negatory on the front slide serrations. You shouldn’t have your fingers up toward the business end of the gun. Go to The Gun Zone and check out the ‘Negligent Discharge with Serious Personal Injury’ stories. That is what happens when you get in the habit of putting your fingers near the tiger’s mouth.

  • Carl

    Matt, well, I disagree.

    Josh, point taken. I agree one should never put any part of ones hand or arm in front of the muzzle.
    It is however perfectly possible to operate the slide without putting anything in front of the muzzle while gripping the front of it (hand coming from the rear of the gun). Or rather, it would be if it would have been serrated.

    The guy in the negligent discharge story did break several common sense rules, and at least a couple of official safety rules:
    He put the gun down without emptying it properly.
    He picked it up without checking the chamber.
    He pulled the trigger with his off hand (while operating the slide lock as I understand it).
    He intentionally fired the gun with his hand in front of the muzzle.

    I´m not saying it couldn´t happen to me though, and I appreciate the safety reminder.

  • half-loaded

    i checked out the new rtf2 frame at a gun store and i was NOT impressed. i did not like the grip texture, it is very rough and abrasive. i do not like the new fish gill serrations. i am a fan of the old glock design. why change perfection? what we really need is a single stack 9mm or more short frames. heck why not a glock .22LR pistol!!!???

  • Jesse

    I held a G22 RTF and I was very impressed with the grip and slide serrations ability to hold my hand. I don’t know how comfortable it would be in the long run but still pretty damn good.

  • whirlybird

    I played with one of these at Cabelas. The texture really digs into your skin. Both, the salesman and I agreed that these grips could hurt after shooting for a while.

    I guess if you do a lot of yard work and have tough skin on your hands, it may not feel so rough. You could also use gloves.

    I understand the purpose, but it felt like they over did it a bit.


    I’ve owned the Glock22 RTF for over a month now and I’m pretty much destined to buy either the 17/19 RTF model due to current ammunition costs.

  • Josh

    I took advantage of a pre order deal for 479.00 for the 17 rtf,,,, serial #080 kinda cool to get the 80th off the line,, anyway on the topic of the frame, love it except in situations of deep concealment like an inside the waistband holster that pushes the handle close to your skin,,,, AN UNDERSHIRT IS A MUST for situations like that… But considering the recoil of a G17 I have no reason to believe that it would irritate the hand unless improper retention was being used…. The HAlf Moon Serations are awesome if you grab them even lightly to pull the slide the way they are cut it grabs your hand like a dull cheese grater ,, diggs into the skin just enough to guarantee the slide will come back… Great for combat situations where gloves might be used……same can be said for the grip,, great if gloves have to be used…. It is my opinion but I think it is a winner and a great addition to the Glock line,,,,, But I dont think they will remove the other design as a purchase option, just an alternative…

  • Brant

    The RTF 22 is my first Glock and I have no problem with the new design as I have never shot one of the other versions.

    I got mine at Cabella’s and its the first firearm I have ever bought from a giant retailer. I always buy from local shops but saw this one and sort of had to have it.

    This firearm is fine and will do the job it was meant to do. Helping protecting my person and family.

    Though still a toss up between this Glock and my Springfield XD40 as I love them both. I may very well get another one just like it if the price is right.
    That price being $519 at the time.

  • Martin

    I bought a G-17 RTF today and immediately put 100 rounds through it.
    I love the new texture on the grip. I have a 19,26, and 34 that all needed the Hogue “slip-on” grip to feel right in my hand. Not this one, the RTF feels great and I am extremely satisfied with the new addition to my Glock collection.

  • drew

    are all the glocks going to the new rtf2 or is it just a new series they are doing?

    • drew, at the moment just a new series.

  • Slydog

    I have a question if some one could answer. I just bought a new Glock 22RFT, and I ordered some extended parts from Glock World. Are the Glock 22 parts the same on a G22RTF? The Ex-Magwell looks a little tight. I might have to bang in the brass plug. Any thoughts before I jack up my gun?

    I also ordered the slide release, mag release button, 3.5 trigger, the Storm Lake barrel, and Magwell kit. Again I ask for any and all comments. Being new to Glock the ideal of drop in parts is new to me.

    As a Marine I grew up on the 1911. Colt Goldcup 1911 Ser70, I love shooting this gun. But the Glock is so much faster and never jams.

    Thanks for your time, and Semper fi

    GySgt USMC

  • Drew

    i was wondering if anyone had heard when glock will be releasing the 23 and 27 in the rtf, of if its to far out right now?

  • Kevin

    I bought the Glock 17RTF as my first gun. I don’t have what I would call tough hands – and I can shoot 200 – 300 rounds without any issues with the grip. It actually is better for longer use than the std grip IMHO.

    I like the looks, and I think the slide “gills” work well and look great.

    By the way – someone had mentioned that arthritics should shoot revolvers?? Why?? I’ve had arthritis in my hands for about 4 years and shooting the Glock’s a breeze. Operating the slide is quite simple too.

    The only drag is that ammo is so tough to come by where I am. I had to go to a gun show to find more than a box of 50 rnds.

  • JD

    I have the 22 RTF and as far as I am aware their is no difference between the new and old version other than the frame and slide. I do feel that the slide gives better grip. I dont think Mr. Glock woke up one morning and said Im going to change (almost) perfection Im sure that a lot of research went into this new design. If you dont like the RTF that is great because you do not have to buy one the old version is still available.

  • AntiMattR

    I’ve been a Glock fan for a long time…… I own a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen glock 17’s and have now aquired a G17 RTF2 and in my oppinion; Glock inc. has fixed all of the major conserns I’ve had with any Glock model. The texture is perfection, they did away with the cut out in the front of the front of the grip, and moderized the sights. Working in retail sales for a Glock distributor has afforded me quite the selection and I feel the Glock pistol platform is the most reliable and affordable on the market today and any effort put forth by the company to enhance their products already legendary performance should not be mocked. I will concied that the so called “Fish Gills” are a little unusuall, however, they perform as advertized! And if you find them to your disliking……. buy one….. then put the slide off of the gen3 in its place.

  • Matt Groom

    Thank you, Gaston. Do you have anything else for sale?

  • change is good dont be afraid people

  • Julio

    I’ve picked up a 17 RTF2 and I have to say, it’s not my first Glock and it won’t be my last. I am a huge fan of the Glock pistols and their utter simplicity. No external safety to fumble with, it feeds and shoots reliably.

    This grip is fantastic as far as I’m concerned. I like it.

    I haven’t carried the 17 concealed as of yet, so that’s going to be the next test. Otherwise, there’s very little to complain about a G17. The 17 is arguably one of the best 9mm firearms on the market today for defensive use.

  • Julio

    I liked the RTF2 so much, I went and purchased a second one. I got a price of $425 each on both of them.

    Now the reason for a second one is straightforward on two fronts. My son (14) wants to start shooting plates and I want to help him along with a gun with a smooth and consistent trigger pull. In addition, the 9mm is a round with mild recoil. The G17 also experiences light recoil…plus I want him to use the same gun as I do for plates.

    I really really like the grip feel of this firearm, even compared to the other Glock models I own. I traded a M9 Beretta on the second G17.

    The sights need to be changed as I don’t necessarily like the standard sights on the Glocks, but that’s a matter of choice and personal preference.


  • Matt Groom

    Sponge-Trigger Square gun.

  • James

    I bought a G22 RTF2 about two months ago and I have fired hundreds of rounds through it without a malfunction.
    I loved the new grip the first time that I picked it up and I love it more the more I shoot it. My other glocks do slip in my hand when I sweat, but not this one.
    For me the new slide serrations function better than the old ones. I didn’t buy my pistol for its looks, I bought it for its reliability and Glock hasn’t let me down yet!

    Also, The barrels for the G22 and the G31 are interchangeable. All other parts of each gun are identical so no other modifications are needed, magazines included. I also bought a CONVERSION barrel from Lone Wolf to shoot 9mm. I had to buy new G17 mags to accomadate the 9mm rounds though. (If you own a G22 or G31 you must buy the 9mm conversion barrel. Not the barrel for the G17.)

    Long story short, My G22 RTF2 shoots .40, .357 sig, and 9mm.
    My G27 also shoots .357 sig and 9mm.

  • Mike H.

    I just put a deposit down on the G22 RTF2. I knew I wanted a .40 S&W as my home defense gun of choice and knew I wanted a glock. I picked up the RTF2 and it was like velcro in my hands. I knew should I be in a stressful situation and my hands began to sweat, it wouldn’t be an issue with this gun. It sticks to your hand. I could imagine it getting irritating should I fire off 200 rounds but in reality this won’t be an issue.

    As far as the serrations go, I’m not buying this gun as a fashion accessory. if the gills help me gain a better grip then I’m all for it.

  • barry

    I have a 17rtf and just found a 19rtf. Hundreds of rounds thru the 17rtf and it functions as well as any Glock 9mm. In a session of about 700 rounds in a day, the only part that began to irritate was the lower front right side began to rub my palm (I am R handed). 400 grit paper and sand down about 1/4″ a wee bit and no further irritation. The serrations do work much better than the standard ones when compared side by side. Really do not give a poop if anyone likes the way they look. I can work it and if I am pointing it at you, you won’t notice the styling.

    BTW, found what I feel are the prefect sights. Trijicon three dot NON night sight. The front dot is large and white. The back two are smaller and dim white – really makes you focus on front sight. There is plenty of light on both sides of front post thru rear notch so distance shooting much easier. AND, the large front sight is completely visible when you have a good sight pic. They were only $30 some per set. Having 19 years of street law enforcement, I hate night sights and see no purpose in them other than a cute gimic. Check these out – really nice, well made, metal and they actually work!!

  • jenny

    I love the new Glock 22 RTF the design is what sold me…much nice and more modern then the old ones….

  • Julio

    Spent a day at the range breaking in a GTF2 model 17 Glock. Never had a single hiccup from round 1 to round 400. Never a first FTF or a jam whatsoever. The gun came out of the box, fired without a hitch. It was a champ.

    I can’t say enough good things about the model Glock pistols I own. They are reliable, respectably accurate, and comfortable to shoot.

  • jay21409

    I think the only thing that of the new frame that is good is that they got rid of the stupid half mood thumbnail cutout at the bottom fromt of the grip. This cutout served no real purpose. They already got rid of it on the model 19 years ago when the changed to the gen 2 frame. I don’t know why they kept it on the model 17 after the change to the gen2.
    As far as the other new features like the fish scale slide serrations or rough texture, it’s just looks stupid. The regular slide serrations are quite good and provide lots of purchase for you hand. The rough texture frame looks and feels very uncomfortable.

  • gunther

    picked up a gen4 17 a couple of weeks ago. not being huge-handed, the smaller initial grip/backstrap is welcome. afterall, they did this to address their highest-profile customer base, cops, who come in all sizes. as do the rest of us. even my wife can handle this thing.

    i don’t think anyone can weigh in on the dual-recoil until enough people have put enough rounds through them. mine seems fantastic, but i’ve seen one that had issues with the disk at the end of the springs, when breaking it down.

  • Kevin

    My question is will the texture rub you raw if you are wearing it on you hip concealed?

    • James Karen

      Nope, I carry mine almost every day at work.. its not a problem. Also if it bothers you, you can get some very fine sand paper and a sanding block and knock down some of the texture slightly with a few light passes. I did that to my CCW gun and its still an aggressive grip but not painful against the skin, it still looks the same but feels smoother.

  • Kevin Eckhart

    I don’t know – hadn’t thought of that. I would suppose that the texture would be a bit much if it were in direct contact with the skin on your hip or side. I haven’t carried it concealed as I don’t yet have a permit (although I’ve had my interview and I’m in a “may” issue state).

    If they grant me the permit, I can certainly get back to you on the concern.

  • xrey

    I think the RTF finish was designed for LE and Military in mind. I mean, for people who wear gloves-tactical. Those shooting gloves really grip those pyramid shaped bumps.

  • Jeff

    I just puchased a g22 rtf2. My chosen duty weapon was a 1911 45. First picked one up in 1979 after Parris Island. carried one ever since,until today.100 rounds today. This new glock shoots, The texture on the frame makes gripping it an afterthought.And as for the scalloped slide serrations they work .By next week I should have 500 rounds through it, Tactical and post Quals finished .Then it is my duty weapon.

  • Danny

    i like the Glock 17 Rtf2 😉

  • Kevin

    I have a Glock 17 RTF, and it is my only pistol so far. I tried to use it as my CC weapon, but looks like I’ll be getting something smaller for that (besides, the RTF is NOT GOOD for CC – that grip shreds skin!)

  • Azzu

    In Finnish Defence Forces MP we use a Glock 17 with RTF2 frame and previous style slide as our duty weapon (also has 2kg trigger pull and tritium sights as special order for us). I have to say it is not so nice if you shoot it with bare hands but the grip is absolutely amazing with gloves on. Good grip even with some more slippery gloves.

  • Azzu

    I actually learned today that the RTF2 frame was designed by the order of Finnish Defence Forces since the field tests and the experience of Finnish Police and Border Guard showed that the grip of the original frame was not very good with gloves on, especially in cold weather conditions. So, enjay the Finnish perfectionism 😛

  • Gary

    Thr rtf2 isn’t a gen 4 gun, it’s still a gen 3. The Gen 4 guns have replaceable backstraps along with some internal changes. The rtf2 texture and slide serrations were developed with feedback from law enforcement and military for an enhanced grip with gloved hands. See the 2010 Glock Annual.

  • Just purchased a model 26 generation 4 Glock. Like it as it shoots very well.

  • STSDragchute

    I have an older Glock 17 I shoot every Friday night in a Tactical League. I have put about 12,000 rounds through this weapon, and until the last 2 weeks it has been flawless. I am having trouble when reloading, my trigger won’t come foreward. Can anyone tell me what the problem is??? I am thinking maybe the trigger bar is worn down, or the spring under the safety button (Maybe wrong part name) on the (internal) part the slide. It does work most of the time if I turn the weapon upside down. Anyone else had this problem?? Anyone know a fix??? Thanks, STSDragChute

    • James Karen

      You probably broke your trigger spring. Take apart the lower (there are tons of videos on youtube on how to do it) and see whats broken. If you did break it its SUPER easy to fix, and you can order a new one from glockmeister for a few bucks. Whatever it is, its a very easy fix, glocks are super simple to work on.

  • Andrew

    I managed to pick up an earlier version of the glock 22 rtf. New frame, old-style slide. Best of both worlds.

  • Jtn

    All I gotta say is I have this weapon I have gone to gunsite and takin 4 class’s where I shot 700+ rounds each trip also was on a local swat team with same weapon I estimate I shot another 3000+ rounds then I have takin a few other class’s with this pistol and of corse shot it for fun. And I love it! And it still works great it’s my all time favorite I truly believe in glock perfection.

  • Jtn

    Stsdragchute I believe it’s your trigger system now don’t quote me I’m not gunsmith but that’s what I would check is your trigger spring isn’t resetting more than likely from where and tear