Leupold Mark AR scopes

Capitalizing on the phenomenal popularity of the AR-15, Leupold have produced a line of scopes designed for AR-15 hunting rifles.

Leupold Mark Ar 1.5-4X20Mm
Mark AR 1.5-4x20mm

The Mark AR 1.5-4x20mm model is a light weight scope allowing a wide field of view at the 1.5x zoom, while giving the option of 4x zoom for longer shots. The disadvantage of this scope is the poor low-light performance from the 20mm OA (objective aperture).

The Mark AR 3-9x40mm is your standard 3-9x40mm scope but with pre-engraved bullet drop compensation on the elevate adjustment dial for a 55 grain .223/5.56mm NATO load.

More info here.

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  • jdun1911

    I prefer low power scope. 20mm tubes are sexy.

  • Claude

    Any word on price? I bought this Nikon scope last month. Very clear, of course it’s got a 40mm objective.

    @jdun1911: 20mm is the size of the objective’s diameter not the tube. 🙂

    • yea, I do think the small OA scopes look cool

  • Dom

    Looks like about $275 for the model pictured? Google Shopping listing indicates that price. I agree about the good look of tube-sized objective lenses. Something about them looks sturdier to me. Plus I am sure it is pretty light, which is not just good for tacti-cool, but nice for hauling around in the woods.

  • jdun1911

    You’re right Claude, I meant OD. The tube is either 1″ or 30mm.

    Millet DMS-1 is very popular in the AR15 community. I have and like it.


    • jdun1911, cool scopes. Is that a 30mm or 1″ tube?

      That tube is giving you nearly 25% bigger OA than a 20mm.

  • Matt Groom

    The Mark AR 1.5-4x is the exact same as the VX-II 1-4X, except the absence of the gold ring (actual magnification is 1.6-4.2). That is, no Mil-Dot, and certainly no BDC on that one. It’s an option on the 3-9x. I really like Leupold and if I have been looking for a scope to put on my ARs that was cheaper than an ACOG, but these don’t appear to be any cheaper than their VX-II variants. If I was gonna buy a cheap Leupold for pseudo-tactical toys, I’d get a VX-1 2-7x (2.5-6.5x) or the Rifleman version of the same, both of which are 30mm objective and about $100 less than either of the Mark ARs.

  • jdun1911

    30mm and AR15 has 68 page of comments on it.


  • nick

    Does anybody know if the reticle on the pentax game seeker scope is any good. I know that pentax makes good scopes but is the reticle that good.

  • Recently Leupold issued a warning that fake Leupold scopes were being sold, so if you purchase one be certain to call the company’s toll free number at 800-538-7653 and give them the serial number. They will let you know if you are purchasing an authentic Leupold rifle scope. Their scopes are known for the long eye relief they provide. Eye relief is the distance from the eye piece to your eye that allows you to see the entire sight picture. While many scopes offer only 2.5 to 3 inches of eye relief, a Leupold offers 4 inches of eye relief.

  • JohnOBonno

    Right now Midwest Indrustries has this scope and ADM scout mount package deal for $399.

    Mine shipped yesterday.

  • I love anything Leupold makes. It’s awesome!