Palm pistol development progressing

Ammoland reports that the Palm Pistol development is moving forward:

The response to the design has been very encouraging. Mainstream media and trade press stories coupled with the gun’s initial designation by the FDA as a medical device, created widespread domestic and international publicity. As a result, we received 417 pre-production reservations to date. Several well known gun magazines have informed us they are eager to conduct a detailed review of our prototypes as soon as they become available.

We are engaged in promising discussions with several small arms manufacturers regarding bringing the Palm Pistol to market. We are working toward the goal of creating prototypes late in 2009 with deliveries sometime in 2010, although a number of factors could change this timeline.

More here.


Steve Johnson

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  • Palm pistol’s aren’t a new invention. They way the proposed design is – is innovative. Like the fact that it is plastic! I look forward to getting my paws on one.

  • All of the Palm Pistol web sites are not operating. Is Constitution Arms out of business?

  • Scott Schoemann

    The “excuse” for this palm pistol is to allow the physically disabled to be able to defend themselves. Last I heard the BattyFEDS disagreed and labled it as an AOW, and blocked production…