Tavor rifle performing well

The IDF report that the Tavor rifle performed well in the recent Gaza conflict Operation Cast Lead. Earlier problems with the rifle jamming have been resolved, Israeli National News reports:

The IDF has completed its study of the weapon’s performance in the Gaza fighting and a report will be handed in to the Chief Infantry and Paratroopers Officer, Brig.-Gen. Yossi Buchner, and to OC Ground Forces Command, Maj.-Gen. Avi Mizrachi, within the next few weeks.

The weapon is not expected to undergo any upgrading in the near future because the Ground Forces Command found nothing to improve in it, IDF journal Bamachaneh reported. I.W.I., which manufactures the weapon, asked the IDF for feedback on the weapon’s performance, but “the answer we got was that the weapon is excellent and there is nothing to fix,” I.W.I. Director Uri Amit said.

More here.

IMI Tavor TAR-21. From Wikipedia.

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  • Carl

    Why do so many bullpup rifles lack proper trigger guards? It looks like an accident waiting to happen to me.

    • Carl, I agree. I have often wondered why they resist adding a trigger guard.

  • *sigh* No fair teasing us with firearms we are likely to never have over here ;).

  • Brandon

    f2000, p90, rfb, vhs, sa80, m17s, g11 and a dozen other bullpup designs all have “proper” trigger guards. so your statement is false, there are really only two bullpup designs that don’t: steyr aug and the tavor

    i agree though it is an accident that has probably happened a couple times and no one has gotten hurt, yet.

    • sure, they don’t all, but it is still weird that some do not have a trigger guard. Others that do not have a trigger guard are the XM25, ACR and SAR 21. The early prototype for the VHS did not but they added it later, a very good move in my opinion.

  • Carl

    More bullpups without trigger guards:

    So that makes eight at least.

    A quick unscientific estimate based on
    that comes to something like 20-25% of the lot.

    How many non-bullpup rifles lack trigger guards?

    Ergo many bullpup rifles lack trigger guards.

    It is possible that there hasn´t been many accidents due to this. But it is still a stupid way to build a gun, IMHO. What is the benefit of deleting the trigger guard? Any ideas?

  • jdun1911

    FAMAS doesn’t have a trigger guard.

    The report is full of BS. They are saying that conscripted soldiers have nothing to bitch about. I find that hard to believe.

    Do another survey in a year and I bet you it will be the opposite of this report.

  • Sean Nack

    maybe they think the big funky plastic thing is sufficient?

    i’m not a “fan” of bullpups per se, but i’m also not ready to hate on the concept. i think there’s a good bullpup idea out there, we just haven’t gotten to it yet; i would almost vote for the FN2000, but i don’t like the mag release (picky, i know). maybe the tavor is the one. though, with a trigger guard, obviously.

  • jdun1911

    75+% of the rifle is made out of plastic?

  • Dave

    Anyone know what kind of Chest rig/ plate carrier is standard issue in the IDF?

    Or the Marine corps for that matter?

  • Overload in CO

    I remember some talk about a company out of Florida importing a semi auto Tavor, but nothing has come of it yet.

  • CS

    I own a semi-auto Tavor here in Canada and like it… got a good deal on it, was barely used by some mall ninja. Maybe 40 rounds were put through it before I bought it. I got it last fall.

  • Allen

    Looks like an extremely well designed and efficient bull pup design, except for the knuckle/brush gaurd. I cannot for the life of me understand that design concept, especially when the weapon was designed for military applications. jd1911, I have to agree with you. That weaopn has accidental discharge written all over it. I would be paranoid taking it hunting in the woods by myself.

  • Dan

    Tavor and many others lack proper trigger guard presumably because it allows the gun to be operated with mittens on. That’s the explanation an israeli soldier told me. When i asked him “does it get that cold in israel?”, he said “sometimes, but we don’t have military issue mittens.”

    Another explanation I heard from a marine sniper (who is also an excellent gunsmith) is that because bullpup designs don’t have a magazine in front of the handgrip, the shooters gripping fingers lack protection when you’re shooting from a covered position with just barrel sticking out. And once you put a full hand guard, it’s hard to sub-divide it and put in an extra trigger-finger guard. Difficulties in shooting a bullpup rifle from a covered position along with slower change of magazines, difficulties in implementing ambidextrous control cheaply, and need for a full review of tactics and re-training of 1m+ personnel are the reasons why US military won’t adopt bullpup design for a very long time.

  • bill

    i’m amazed that none of you saw a trigger guard in a tavor. I see a big oversized trigger guard. I think it’s the easiest trigger guard to spot on any firearm.

  • crisara722

    I this rifle has performed exelent in the colombian especial forces, they had been used in extreme condition without any important issue, and they are more likely to remplace the m4 and m16a4 rifles in service for fast assaults than the new galil ace, this rifle has everything a solider (well at least a colombian commando) wants,reliability, ligth weitgh, accuracy, short length, good stoping power and range.

  • johnsmith9875

    The USA needs to adopt this weapon and ditch the M-16. Even the Russians have abandoned the AK-47. Old guns are old.