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  • Tom

    I’ve never been a fan of gold plated weapons, they just seem way too gaudy to me. A local auction coming up on Sunday has a gold-plated Desert Eagle (yes, really) and I don’t think I could even bring myself to buy it if it went for cheap (which it won’t).

    Give me good blued or parkerized carbon steel any day.

  • Popcorn

    Why pay for a fake gold suppressor? Geez. Am I missing something?

  • Brandon

    these must be the same kind of idiots that gold plate toilets as well.

    guns should be utilitarian, not…whatever the heck this is.

  • Fred

    Where’s the diamond studded grips?

  • A total waste of money in my opinion. Who really buys stuff like that?

    • Heath, me … but its so far down the list I would have to spend $1-$2 million on guns before I got to the point of buying that 🙂

  • UCSPanther

    The MAC SMGs are like the old British Sten: Crude, cheap, simple and ugly.

    You can gold plate a Sten Mark II, but it will still be ugly.

    I like blued or parkerized finishes, as well as some matte stainless, but i think gold is too gaudy.

  • AK™

    i’d buy it if I had the money..
    I’d mail it BHO with the proviso that he DOES NOT DESTROY IT or have it destroyed..

    ’cause then he’d be P1mp! 😉

  • bueno

    U need to buy a real big gold chain for that gun and wear around ur neck….I mean what eles can u do with it ?

  • Seamus

    that thing had better be fully automatic for that price!

  • Zera

    Which dictator’d we loot this gaudy thing off of?
    I tend to forget which “Enemies of democracy” carry which gold-plated armament now.