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  • Dom

    Wow, you know…where I work they’ve been degaussing or sometimes drilling hard drives for excess. Clearly somebody has been missing a huge opportunity, here.

  • Jeremy

    Like your DIY guns, I’ve been forever curious as to what would make good DIY body armour, rolled steel/aluminium even thin sheets of titanium (titanium + something something layers of kevlar = 1 Level of CRISAT) can all be defeated by fairly small specialised armour piercing rounds from even pistols.

    We known since the dawn of firearms that sandbags are great at stopping a lot of small arms fire from penetrating. Even as little as 2 feet of sand can stop a lot of rounds in their tracks. Mind you sandbags are great for static protection… not so good when you’re on the move.

    Older style personal body armour involves the prevention of the penetrator from well… penetrating. Ned Kelly style. Like Kevlar and Titanium plate. But sometimes the warping of the kevlar like in the older PASGT helmet would cause more head trauma due to the warping crushing the skull of the unfortunate target.

    Newer generation body armour relies on ceramic plate (usually a silicon carbide mixture) to not only prevent initial pentration, but to also abrade, disintegrate and dissipitate the penetrator.

    So this gets me thinking…

    Brake pads? You know… the pads that rub against your disc brakes in your car…. they’re made of a pretty heavy gauge steel shoe housing + a silicon carbide plate designed to rub the discs to make your car stop. They’ve also used kevlar in the same application. Could there be a double application here? The later era Samurai used to put on ceramic tile across their vulnerable areas in the belief that it would protect them from musket fire. So… the low-tech dream lives on.

    So I’d love to see somebody like say… those old rich farts from the Box of Truth, test my brake pad theory to see if they can stop a bullet, anything from a 9mm, 45ACP right up to your shit hot armour piercing exotica stuff like the 5X7, certain russian pistols with hot loadings and of course your “soft to medium armoured target solution” the 50BMG. (Maybe a Raufoss round just for total overpowered hilarity)

    Anyway… the mumblings of a madman. 🙂

  • Kevan

    If they had secured the hard drives, it most likely would have penetrated farther. Try that out and let us know!

  • chris

    yeah, that round lost a ton of energy when the target started moving… if those drives had been anchored, the round would have kept on going… i would have to guess 25 to 30 drives at least.

    • good point. I did not think of that.

  • We did it here first, folks:

    Seriously nobody’s ever done this before for destroying old drives with personal data on it? I find that hard to believe.

  • Josh j

    that is awesome for reference a breneke 3 in black magic won’t even go thru one at nominal ranges.
    .45 auto fmj bounces of leaving a small dent, yet to try .44mag jhp or cast.
    remember a 3006 will go cleanly thru 3/4 in steel plate, that is using civi ammo.
    body armor of conventional type is not gonna stop these I think pinnacle’s dragon skin or something like that will stop 308 fmj, it laughs off 762x39s even ap.
    any ways I’ll try to post the jarhead 50bmg tests they are very impressive, and not death/acid metal.