Archangel “Assault” Pistol

The Archangel Pistol Deluxe is a stock and rail system for the .22 Ruger Charger pistol (The Charger is the version of the Ruger 10/22 rifle).

Picture it with a 50 round drum magazine 😀

It is guaranteed to scare 100% of the hippies you may encounter 🙂

It features:

– Mil-Spec battle proven polymers
– Free float handguard with Picatinny rails
– Front and rear Archangel folding sights
– Tactical magazine release

The price is $269.99. Not cheap but it is one awesome package.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Dom

    Not cheap, but isn’t that less than a stock Charger? I never really cared for the whole bipod/laminate stock thing anyway. For $199 you can get it without the front rails, but it would probably be nice to have them for a grip…or a bipod if you like that…or a laser. Plus you can get longer sight radius.

    Agreed, with a high-cap mag, this would definitely be loaded with “scary features.” Which, personally, I like.

  • Dom

    Ohhh it’s a CONVERSION kit…wow! That is salty! And it was $169 w/o front rails.

  • Cymond

    Yeah, this has been on my radar for a bit.

    Not only should it appeal to the tacticool crowd, but it has the added bonus of being a light weight Charger stock that can take open sights. Offhand shooting with the Charger just became more viable.

    Note: I recently handled the rifle version in a local store (sans sights) and it seemed well made/sturdy.

  • Cymond

    Sorry for the double-post, but I just remembered:

    You can knock $100 off that price if you don’t want the folding sights!

  • redmanlaw

    “Is this your sidearm, Mr. Imperial Stormtrooper?”

  • Fred

    There’s a rifle version too, the add’s been in Shotgun News for the last few issues.

  • Higgs

    @ Dom,

    Wouldnt adding a Grip to it make it an NFA item?

  • War Wolf

    Slick. Me wants. Now I just have to get the Ruger Charger and I’ll be all set.

  • jdun1911

    Adding a Vertical/Forearm Grip will make it NFA on a pistol.

    It looks front heavy but I guess the plastic won’t add that much weight to the pistol.

  • Aarom

    The front sight is on backwards…

  • Bolter

    Cool looking, and useless. Go ahead, hang a laser, a light, and a 10X scope on it while you are at it.

  • Crypticglitch

    Cool looking Yes.
    Useless Yes.
    Can I see it with the skinny mag in it .or do they make a Prop for that ?
    Do they make a Wii version?
    The Wii version with a Vetical grip would not be NFA
    These guys could make more money with a Wii version
    With the price of ammo so high and availability so low I shoot the Wii alot
    House of the dead “Over Kill ” is great. stand back as far as you can
    and shoot Zombies not easy ,if they get to close you can’t shoot

    If you want your “Bang for the Buck ” try Tapco Intrafuse 10/22 Rifle
    Tapco isent a cool name
    Tapco isent a toy maker
    Tapco has been around for years and will be for alot more
    Save your money
    Get ready to see the price of ammo skyrocket !!!!

  • Crypticglitch

    after looking at there site a bit closer I
    Find there “Archangel Trademark LOGO” too be a
    tasteless ripe off and kind of insulting
    St Michael with a monkey face holding a toy gun
    and the SAS insigina missing the ribbon “Who dares wins” not very original
    maybe next time they could Photoshop it
    instead of using a light box tracer and a #2 pencil
    here try this
    A blonde Laura Croft “Victora secert angel babe” holding a toy gun
    and a Snake missing the words “Don’t tread on me” more original
    and stop asking the cute girl at the 7/11 to pose in a US flag suit
    she’s getting pissed and is going to call the cops on you
    Nice try guys but its time to clean the garage out
    Moms tired of parking in the drive way

  • Thomas

    Does anybody have a way to put irons on a stock charger whith the whole taticool look

  • Joseph

    I have no idea what you gun nuts are talking about..

  • Wow… the price of ammo hasnt sky rocketed, the dollar has been devalued because they keep printing money to pay bills. when you talk about percents, ammo costs as much more as plywood aluminum sugar soda and corn. Im guessing but im probably wrong. Used to cost me 199, now it costs 2.50. Coke used to be a dollar now its a dollar sixty. mmmmm inflation. gotta love it.

    Calling this stock useless is kinda dumb. I guess some people dont know that this is pretty much the only stock out there for a charger. And some people dont know that chargers dont have sights on them. Some people even think is should be spelled ise. as in isent. When did you learn contractions? 3rd or 4th grade? damn. your 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th (probably stopped there) grade teachers let you down when they failed to break you of that habit. Isent. wow. not a typo either.

    Chargers are garbage until you take a dremel to the gunk they call paint or coating or parkerization or whatever on the INSIDE of the reciever. Where the bolt runs. Thats nice and slick. not. Pretty stupid. and the trigger packs are plastic now. (ITS lighter) I know ive always hated having to lug those heavy assed 10/22s around. Cousin has one, we bumped it quite a bit but nothing crazy. Tactical innovations solved the class 1 Ftfeed but exasserbated (thats a word worth spelling wrong) class 2 and 3s. failure to fires that is… its been stripped and cleaned and checked with mics and everything is in spec. Search me. short barrel means less time to blow that bolt back? If only I had a suppressor to try. It hates wildcat 22s, it likes truncated cones, it sorta likes blazer cci’s when they arent duds. Thunderbolts never have a problem other than class 2s By the way, if you plan on storing a bunch of rimfires for a long long time; dont buy bulk, do store them upside down. The primer will slide down the cartridge like butter on a hot biscuit. so bullets point up, let gravity work for you.

    If you can get over the fact that ruger chargers dont come close to living up to its big brothers rep, or maybe get your hands on some old internals and do what I said and clean that black crap out of the reciever, AND you cant get over the NO SIGHTS AT ALL problem… buy this stock kit. they cost 109 dollars now, I dont think they EVER cost 269. a 10/22 is 189 and a hack saw is pretty cheap. make your own charger if you have an ffl, or even if you dont have a gunsmith with an ffl do it for you. Shouldnt be a problem.

  • oh and btw, the front sight isnt backwards

  • McJoe

    J Shack… don’t tell people stuff that isn’t true after tearing others down… never hacksaw the barrel of a gun…. the milled crown is important to the charger. My charger has never had a problem with the coating on the reciever. The only rounds I’ve had fail are remington truncated cones… more the manufacturer than the gun. I have shot a 1.25 inch 9 shot group @ 50 yds with a 4x scope using cci ‘tactical’ solids. It was desinged for basic. 22 or ammo. And yes, a tactical double duece isnt practical for anythig but target shooting… but it is a lot of fun with a couple double 25 rouders and a series of steel bad guys and pop can wolf packs.