Poll results just in: y’all a bunch of gun nuts!

I ran a poll last week asking the readers if they had bought a gun or not this year. The results:

4% are not buying a gun this year.
39% Will be buying a gun this year.
57% have already brought at least one gun this year.
30% have bought more than one gun this year.

Total Votes: 983

While this is far from being a scientific poll, I am very surprised! I knew you all were gun nuts but now it is official!

As for the 4% of you not buying a gun … I hope you have a good reason 😉 It should also be noted that 24% of the visitors to this blog are not in the US.

I will be buying this years second gun soon. After that I will be concentrating on ammo.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Freiheit

    I’m in that 4%, I guess I should explain myself, or be forever shamed.

    About a year back I took stock of what I have and how often I shoot it, I did the math and realized that for what a new gun would cost me I could spend many weekends at the range. Now that I live within 40 minutes of Knob Creek, that sounds like even more fun.

    I also constantly bust my brothers balls, because he has a much nicer and larger collection of guns than I (about 15 to my 4) that he hardly ever shoots. He goes out and shoots maybe once every 3 months, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t go out and shoot at least once a month. I just can’t have that, its rare that I have legitimate standing to tell my big brother what to do. 😀

    Then it became a sellers market and with ammo prices rocketing up, I realized in order to keep shooting what I have I need to save up for ammo and not guns. I’d really like to have a PSL that I saw at the gun shop, but the price of a PSL will buy me a years membership at the range, a lot of ammo, and even some classes to help me shoot better with the guns I already have.

    As a buyer I’m hoping that the current pricing is a bubble, that the fear driven buyers will not have their fears come to pass, and that a large enough portion of the newbies will decide that they should have started shooting with a 10/22 instead of a $1000 AR. For me I hope it means there will be some good deals and trades to be had in the next few months as the market self-corrects.

    So thats one vote out of the 39 that weren’t buying a gun this year. What about the other 38 of us?

  • redmanlaw

    I think the number of guns I have is now double the number of fly rods I have. Some might say that 12 to too many, while a fellow sportsman would know that you gotta cover your needs from prairie dogs to elk, and likewise, from panfish to pike. I have 20-25 years left in the field, so I may not need to buy another hunting rifle or shotgun as long as I’m out there. The handgun battery is pretty well stocked with .22s, .357s and a 9mm, so I may be good there, too. As with Steve, it’s all about care and feeding now.

  • Zack

    My reason for not buying a gun? I’m broke … but I will accept donations of lightly used Mausers, Colts, Sigs …

  • Dan


    Thank you, I will hold that as a compliment for the rest of my days. 😉

    You know what they say, the first step in solving a problem is admitting that you have a problem. I, have no problems… 🙂

    • Dan, dispite what other tell me, I also studiously admit to having no such problem 😉

  • Cornelius

    Thanks for the poll resuts. Great blog!
    I bought a Ruger SR9 and a Ruger Mark III this year and now have my sights set on a Kel Tec SU16. I just hope I’m not too late.
    Also, I wonder when the manufacturers will catch up with demand. Any ideas anyone?

  • And a poll on ammo should be interesting…

  • kerrmudgeon

    As one of the 4%, I believe I have the best reason for not buying anything this year:

    I bought an evil black rifle last summer before the hysteria.

    It was my first EBR, a DPMS TAC-20 .308, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Three weeks after that, the Heller decision was announced. It was a good month.

  • Tom

    I’m a sucker for deals, and as a gunsmith I tend to buy a lot of project guns for dirt cheap and fix them up. I bought a FAL and a Mini-14 for a song and dance by today’s standards, but neither attracted the attention of the average buyer. Turns out I have some odd complex where I like to buy non-functional (or barely functional) machines and make them work again 🙂

    Mostly the reason I’ve bought a number of guns this year already is I keep stumbling into great deals. They just happen to be guns I’ve wanted for awhile too…

  • kerrmudgeon and Freiheiton. Ok, good excuses 😉

    I think we can refer to you guys as the “four %’ers” 😉

  • AkuSaru

    Doh, didn’t get around to voting in the poll. Put me down for “Will buy…” and “Have bought more then one”.

    I just started my collection at the start of 08, so I’ve got quite a laundry list of pieces to pick up. Unfortunately, the panic buying has made me have to spend extra time scouting around trying to find pre-inflation prices on things. Ohh well, it’s probably a blessing in disguise or else all my discressionary income would be going towards firearms. 🙂

    My C&R paperwork is on it’s way, dunno if that will help or hurt 😀

  • HTownGuy

    in 2009 I’ve bought a Tikka T3 in .270 and my second Evil Black Rifle (a S&W M&P15 I’ve modified and added an ACOG to). Last year though I bought a S&W .357 Magnum, a Para Ordinance 1911, a SOG Armory AR-15 and an assload of rifle and handgun ammo.

    I may not be able to afford any more this year….

    • HTownGuy, nice 🙂 time to stock up on ammo!

  • Phil

    I’m part of the 4%, the only reason I’m not buying a gun is that I don’t have enough money.

  • I felt like I needed to flex my second amendment muscles this election year, so I bought a bunch. 🙂

    Sample a little of my logic mixed with pseudo humor here: