Steve Johnson

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  • Sean Nack

    best handgun i’ve fired, even tops my USP. not so sure about the fde, though…

  • Crystal

    Now out of curiousity, I wonder if they’re “making” this one in gold…

  • I love my FNP-40. Prefer the black, though.

  • Never been a fan of the two tone hand guns but one colored all in the same dark earth finish would be nice.

  • CEC

    I love my FNP-357 SS. It shoots like a dream and they give you 3 mags. This is the best gun I’ve ever fired.

  • Dan Cain, Sr.

    Just wanted to share with other bloggers that I am a real fan of the FN handguns. I have the nine and the 45 in the traditional colors(deep blue) and they are terrific. The accuracy from a service grade weapon is excellent at twenty-five yards. These are guns you definitely want to take a second look at.

    Dan Cain, Sr.
    Saint Albans, West Virginia

  • Jay B.

    Where do you get the FNX-9 in flat dark earth? I can’t find them anywhere.