Colt La Patria Gold Cup

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This beautiful .38 Super chambered 1911 pistol from Colt is a special edition honoring Vincente Guerrero, the 2nd president of Mexico. The gun features:

Colt factory gold plated barrel bushing and spur hammer and strut. Old style factory roll marks. High polished stainless steel slide flats embellished in 24 kt gold with “La Patria”, the Rampant Colt Logo, and Vincente Guerrero with his dates

The pistol is being distributed by TALO Inc.

Steve Johnson

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  • Sebastian

    Beautiful gun!

    Especially since it’s a 1911. ;D

  • Dont take this the wrong way but since when did the “All American gun company” (Colt) making the “All American gun” (1911) get reduced to commemorating NON-Americans. Ya he is a national hero of Mexico but come on, why not use an American hero like Audie Murphy, or George Washington. I just fail to understand the logic of Colt here. Nothing against Mexico (kind of a cool country) but seriously, are gun sales so slow that Colt is reduced to this? Just sounds like something a 2 bit scam artist would sell.

    That said it looks amazing, but can Mexicans in Mexico buy them. Or are they limited to US sales? Very good looking gun though.

    • 22lr, I don’t know much about Mexico history, but I think the pistol is more a celebration of independence and democracy than of an Mexican hero.

  • Tom Stone

    Mexico IS a North American country,Take a look at a globe.

  • I hear that. Any information is folks south of the border will have access to them. Something tells me they wont which would be sad seeing as how its a gun that commemorates one of their national heros. I know id be ticked is someone came out with a gun for Audie Murphy and only sold it in Mexico. But thats just me, LOL. Nice looking piece though.

  • I think is legal in Mexico. Military calibers are not allowed, and so .38 Super is popular.

  • Ok thanks.

  • mexican

    sorry to tell you this but the mexican mafia is a great market for this type of special edition more expensive guns. colt is not that dumb after all…

  • p8-sinaloa

    I agree with Mexican. i’m going to get a pair of these just for the name it commemorates. after all we Mexicans like shooting stuff with style. not to mention brutal force

  • NEX-5N

    Ho pensato si lascia cadere una linea di dirvi il vostro sito davvero rocce! Sono stato alla ricerca di questo tipo di informazioni per un lungo periodo .. Io di solito non rispondere ai post, ma io in questo caso. WoW grande formidabile.