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  • Freiheit

    I guess I could post this over at the source blog too, but I’m not understanding the CA buying issues.

    How is it not legal to buy one of these in 9mm, but it is to buy one in .38 spl?

    Also for what the work cost, couldn’t the buyer have just driven to Nevada, Oregon, or another border state and bought one?

    • Freiheit, he could not find a Kimber he wanted in 9mm which was approved

  • Freiheit: You can’t buy handguns across state borders without it being processed through an in-state dealer. In California, dealers cannot sell handguns that have not been approved by the CA Department of Justice. Manufacturers have to submit a specific number of examples for “safety” testing and pay fees for every single variation that they want to sell in the state. And they demand this for any variation in configuration, even if it isn’t related to the functional safety of the handgun: change in barrel length = new round of tests; change in caliber = new round of tests; etc.

  • Freiheit

    Daniel, Steve,

    Thanks for the clarification. I knew Cali was not gun friendly, but thats bloody ridiculous!!! I’ll save the legal/political ranting for other forums though. 😀