TROY Mini 14 MCS Stock

Later this year TROY will be selling a Modular Chassis Systems for the Mini 14. The orginal TROY Modular Chassis Systems is an excellent, albeit expensive, stock for the M14 / M1A. It makes perfect sense to scale it down for the Mini 14 which was a very similar external appearance to the M14, which it was modeled on.


The MCS comes with front and rear TROY BattleSights, an M4 style stock and M4 pistol grip. The weight of the stock is 3.4 lbs and will be available in black or “flat dark earth”.

The price will be $845.

More info here.

Steve Johnson

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  • SoloTwo

    Is it wrong to want a Mini 14 now?

  • Sage introduced their EBR Chassis Stock for the Mini-14 awhile back, and even has one for the Garand now. Purists are no doubt tearing out what is left of their hair. I suppose it is only a matter of time before one or the other is introduced for the M1 carbine.

  • Adam

    Looks pretty nice; better than the SCAR stock.
    I’d certainly like to have one, but it costs almost twice what I payed for the rifle, itself.

  • Tom

    I don’t mean to sound snide, but how many people would shell out almost the factory price of the gun itself for a stock, no matter how rugged and tactical looking it is? Personally, I can build an AR for about that much and get better accuracy than a Mini-14 is capable of. Both of which are probably more accuracy than I’m capable of as a shooter 😀

    It just kills the classic look of the Mini-14, in my opinion. Wood or bust on a Mini-14 for me, there are plenty of other tactical guns out there.

  • BigRy

    Looks great. Ergonomics look stellar. The price is terrible. The troy m14 mcs is like 699 dollars as well. It should be in the 400 range. It is a stock, not a whole new rifle. Troy needs to get e grip on the price if they want people buying them. I can see a lot sold in the 400’s. It is made out of Aluminum, the same thing that beer cans are made of. How about I give them the twice the aluminum needed from drinking beer and the give me a 50 percent discount. The Sage EBR’s are overpriced as well.

  • Phxhunter

    Keep in mind this price is for Chassis, stock, grip and battle sites. You can get the Chassis only for 499 (still expensive but if you have other components it is a savings).

  • MJW30

    Im not sure if anyone has followed up on this particular chassis anytime soon but TROY is now retailing the chassis alone for 399$ while the chassis plus buffer tube, spring, stock, grip, and TROY folding battle sights (entire package minus gun) for 649$.

    Here is the link/address to their website advertising the new price.

    and no, its not crazy to want a mini now. I hear the new mini’s with improved thicker barrels can group just as well as any carbine on the market. Not from bench but consistant 2 to 3 inch groups. Even smaller some have reported. WOO HOO! Ruger just needs to shave off a hundred on their asking price and we’ll be in buisness!

  • Michael

    Silly money to make a mini 14 look like an AR15.
    How about a quality bullpup stock for the mini14, or bullpup stock for an AR.
    The nice thing about the mini 14 is that it does not look like an “evil black rifle”