Destruction of AK-47 rifles

Captured AK-47s in Iraq are given a guillotine treatment that would surely put a smile on the Committee of Public Safety :



A worker of the Iraqi Mine/Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Clearance Organization dumps destroyed weapons in Baghdad January 13, 2009. More than 30,000 weapons confiscated by the U.S. and Iraqi military forces during raids and search operations from different parts of Iraq have been destroyed by the Iraqi non-government organization in Baghdad from September 2008.

I would have given them a good home.

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Steve Johnson

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  • War Wolf

    That worker might get himself shot judging by the way he is putting those rifles in the shear. What if someone left a round in the pipe? I am sure there is enough Murphy’s Law in that place for something to go horribly wrong. I might suggest he put them in barrel end first. Just a suggestion…

  • I think you would have to get a bigger house before you could accept 30,000 firearms 🙂

  • Steve,

    I sure could use a few those parts myself!

    Albert A Rasch

  • HOLY CRAP! I agree, I definitely would have given them a good home. Should have sold them to us as surplus since firearms is about one of the only thriving industries in this shit hole period.

  • Am I the only one here who’s angered at the thought of not turning these into parts kits? I mean, think of the revenue! We’re in an economic crisis, right? Let the feds or a contractor cut up the receivers with a torch like the ATF wants and then bring ’em over as parts kits and sell ’em!

  • Scott

    Nah that would make too much sense. And if the sheep found out they were coming over they would bah to the government to make them stop it. Besides in the end government in itself want us all disarmed.

  • An AK is a terrible thing to waste.

    The confiscation of 30,000 AKs shows what our beloved Government is capable of outside the enumerated limits in the U.S. Constitution.


    • USCitizen, I totally agree with you, such a waste but I am not sure where those guns came from. They could quite possibly have been captured from insurgents or found in buried in the desert waiting for a jihadist to dig them up.

  • I agree with Parrot, kits! Better yet drop our draconian laws and just ship in the rifles period!

  • Don

    While it seems like a waste, it may be one of those things where it was cheaper to scrap them and sell the material than it would be to ship them and sell them whole, or even as parts kits. There’s less red tape wrapped around shipping and selling a pile of steel than gun parts. Also, if they are going to stay in Iraq, they may need the metal scrap more then they need the guns to build stuff. I don’t know if this is actually the case, but it is within the realm of possibilities. I do kind of hope they kept the best ones for deploying to their police force or SWAT. They’re going to need them.


  • redmanlaw


    Unlike a shelter dog, one of these won’t crap on your floor if you adopt it.

  • Billy Oblivion

    A couple things to keep in mind:

    1) Given the condition of most if Iraq, their vehicles, houses, etc. (I’m in the BIAP area as I type this), and given what a couple buddies have told me about the quality of care Iraqi rifles received it really is best to chop them up, recycle the metal and make new guns out of them.

    2) Given the Iraqi laws (each family gets one full auto AK at home for defense) it is unlikely these were confiscated directly from peoples homes, at least not people who only had one or two of them. If someone had 10 or 20 in crates in the basement, it was likely they also had a couple boxes of grenades, maybe some RPGs, and the names of 10 or 20 other insurgents. We mostly wanted the names, but since we were there we’d take the rest of the stuff anyway. (I say we in the general sense, not we as in any organization I’m associated with.

    3) Gun laws are (generally) stupid, but if we could ship these rifles home, we could also change the law to get direct shipments from the people who MADE these rifles. Think about it, would you rather have some beat to crap half decayed old AK that was “never shot only dropped once” or a new one? I realize there is probably some collector value in an insurgent weapon, but for a shooter?

  • carl

    I’ve heard stories of soldiers shipping AKs home piece by piece, it sounds temping. I think that the parts could and should be sold, under US law if it doesn’t include the receiver it’s not a firearm. hey what’s this “non-government organization” how trust worthy are these organizations and could I start my own [evil laughter]

    • no_tubes

      Need to repeal NFA ’34 and abolish BATF.

  • Sid

    Oh the horror!!

  • slovenc79

    poor ak’s! best rifle ever made, and now they’re gonna make cans out of it… he could give at least one to me.

  • woodfiend

    No, did you know that if someone gave one to you, that you would want to immediately go out and start killing people? It’s true.

  • I want too get that junk and build something out of it!!!! so DONT throw that junk!!! and i am a ak-47 LOVER and i beeing sadd when i see this stuff and i have wish me a ak-47 whole my life!!! i have wanted it since i was 10 and i dont care if it works or not i just want a ak-47!!!

  • Skateguy

    Sellin those things, could help pay for tha war. Waste, is all it is.

  • brandon

    yea Im on my 3rd tour in Iraq right now I have seen several ak47s and varients destroyed we have found as a gun lover it makes me sick to see these weopons ran over and burned up often I wished there was some way they could test for quality and civilianize (make semi only) and I would buy one if legal in a heartbeat I have seen some beaties get destroyed but for every beauty I have seen 10 ragged out ones just junky looking I see why they do it but it still hurts to see lol I have a romanian wasr 10 I have never had a jam except wt a 75 round used drum which was the mags fault I like it a lot they have stood the test of time and after 60 years are still found on the battle field holding there own and probaly 60 more years my opinion within 150 yards they are the perfect battle rifle and also fun to target practise as well if your a civilian they have a bad rep. but thats not the gun its the person behind it the same with any firearm when I have been on the receiving end of it I didnt blame the gun I blamed the insurgent the gun just does what its told to do and rarely ever lets you down

  • brandon

    sorry me again I just had an idea why not convinscate them send to the dod and have them store them seculey in a undislosed location after checking for quality and in the event we were invaded dooms day scnerio issue them out to responsible militias working with the USA to protect the homeland highly unlikely scenerio but that would be some homeland security just a thought

  • slovenc79


    YOU ARE A RETARD! That’s true.
    they destroyed ak47 because they don’t want people to defend themselves because they want to take over the whole world. You know there IS a reason why arabs hate american goverment… there are so many crimes us army did and we know nothing about them, because they only show crimes arabs did. they want us to think arabs are monsters, but american goverment is the real monster! AK 47 was made for defence, not for attack, remember that!

  • brandon

    @slovenc79 I think that woodfiend was just kidding about that at least I hope he was or he really is stupid if he actually believes that liberal bs

  • Andrew Cheung

    This is an atrocity, only uncivilized beings would do such a thing to harm these innocent machines