Glock Rough Textured Frames come in two models

Hacko @ BlueGunBlog discovered an image that shows two different Glock Rough Textured Frames. The difference between the RTF2 and RTF3 can be seen in the image below.

Glock Rtf
Click to expand.

The G22 with the new frame that was at SHOT is the RTF2 model. I do not know if Glock ever plan on actually producing pistols with the RTF3 frame.

Steve Johnson

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  • Crystal

    Lol well I’m not so sure how you manly men feel, but as a woman (not that I can even comfortably fit a Glock in my hand), it looks like it would be not fun to shoot because it might possibly irritate my hand – especially on the side of my thumb. I’m thinking blister inducing or uncomfortable rubbing for those who don’t have what I like to call Glock sized hands.

  • Jesse Nichols

    Any chance of having the Rough Textured Frame on the Glock 27. I’m a forestry worker and in the market for a smaller frame pistol to carry. I go through rough conditions and between the rain and sweat its not easy to grip the old Glock frame. The rough texture seems like it would work very nice for my needs, just on the supcompact size. Thanks, Jesse Nichols Texas

  • Oscar IPSC

    I shoot practical shooting sports and I find the new texture help in a more secure grip. If only Glock could remove those finger grooves just like the original, put the original slide serrations front and back then it would be really ” Glock perfection “. Generation V???

  • The new RTF is an excellent design. However i would prefer the gen III style grip and the rough texture slide. Easier to rack the slide with sweaty, oily, or even bloody hands. Glock i pretty much perfection when it comes to handguns. So what if that design isnt for you? Dont buy it
    it was designed more for cops anyway, makes it easy to grip with gloves on


  • Martymcfly

    Doesn’t look good for conceal carry. That texture would rub you raw if it were up against your skin – example : the small of your back or holstered as a side arm up against your side. Many people conceal carry carry underneath a t-shirt or a button up shirt, and this new pattern looks like it would not be compatible with something called skin ! They should put the texture on the right side only.

  • Does anyone know about the new Glock 4th generation coming out in 2010? This is different than the Rough Textured Frame models. Glock had a magazine advertisement implying the grip would be adjustable.

  • jigi

    That RTF3(diamond plate looking) would’ve been my favorite-even over the Gen4! Common Glock do the rtf3! I bet its less sandpapery than the RTF2 and proabbly grippier than gen 4 guns! The std glock slide serations I prefer but I love the gloss slide of the gilled slides vs the flat gray/black slides on std glock guns!