iPod Touch mounted on M110 Sniper Rifle

We have seen some cool iPhone applications come out for shooting sports. But nothing comes close to the sheer awesomeness of the Knights Armaments M110 iPod Touch mount and accompanying ballistics software.

The M110 is the 7.62x51mm semi-automatic sniper system which won the Army’s competition to replace the aging M24 bolt action sniper system. While it will not replace the M24 in the near future, the system is seeing action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The rifle is based on the SR-25, which in turn is based on the Stoners’ AR-10 design.

Knights Armaments have developed a mounting system for the iPod Touch that attaches to a side mounted picatinny rail. The mount attaches to an Otterbox protective case.

Click to expand. Photo Chen “SMGLee” Lee. Used with permission.

Click to expand. Photo Chen “SMGLee” Lee. Used with permission.

 Bulletflight Images Pic1

KAC contracted Runaway technologies to build an external ballistics calculator for the iPod Touch / iPhone named Bullet Flight. It is your standard ballistics application. You can set firearm / ammunition profiles, then call up the saved profile and enter your environment information, for example, distance, wind direction, elevation and temperature.

 Bulletflight Images Img 0018

 Bulletflight Images Img 0016

The application is available from the iTunes store for $11.99. It is a lot more expensive than the $4.99 iSnipe application.

We may yet see an iPhone on the battlefield 🙂

Steve Johnson

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  • Simply beautiful.

  • That’s an awesome piece of kit. (Conceptually)
    Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to try that out at some point when I visit the states, but until then I’ll just have to stick to admiring it from afar.

  • Fred

    Is it shock isolated to prevent hard drive death from the recoil?

  • John

    Reach out and touch someone. 🙂

  • coine


    That iPod model doesn’t have a hard drive, so no worries there.

  • NaOH

    One thing that concerns me about that design is that in low light conditions it is likely to illuminate the person operating the weapon.

    A lot of a sniper’s efforts are spent on concealment, which might be negated by having a backlit screen attached the weapon.

    Another issue with low light conditions is that the comparably bright screen of an iPod touch or iPhone might dazzle the operator, leaving him effectively blind.

    Something that could be a huge benefit would be to add a filter that would bring down the brightness of the screen, and add a feature to allow the software to run in a monochrome mode. (red or green only, for instance?)

    That should reduce the amount of light shining on the operator of the weapon, as well as prevent dazzling more than one type of light receptor in the eye.

    • NaOH, they need a low light mode. Turns the brightness down and switches to monochrome with red text on black background.

  • NaOH

    Steve: I agree. Although I think even the lowest brightness of the iPhone/iPod touch is too bright for truly low light conditions. (Think moonless night with cloud cover.)

    A simple filter that would clip into place over the screen ought to solve that problem. I suspect the manufacturers of the bracket would be the obvious people to make that.

    Also, the monochrome mode should hopefully match the colour used by any light amplification equipment that the sniper might be using. Green seems to be the popular choice.

  • Very cool. I bought it just to play with on my iPhone. I see they are already working on an upgrade for known problems. But they say the upgrade will be free.

  • Azzy

    I would suspect that this is not for use in theater, and would not replace a spotter. Where it would help is in competition and to set up a new scope and rifle combo at the range, or test new loads.

  • Just a quick update, I’ve got the software installed on my phone and am goofing with it now. It’s pretty easy to add additional rifles and calibers. It’s simple to add zero range, bullet speed, weight, BC and scope height.

    I will compare the read out from this program to some other programs I have and see how it compares. Unfortunately it will be March before I can actually field test the program.

  • steve


  • HMRSniper

    Wonder if it can handle the tiny ballsitics of my favorite squirrel slayer, the 17HMR

    • HMRSniper, it would be! Ballistics are the same from .10 (yes they come that small) to .50 and beyond.

  • Greg

    I can see it now. Forget to put the phone on silent. You’re sneaking behind enemy lines at night. The phone rings. The display lights up your face in the middle of the dark field like an illuminated bullseye…

    • Greg, haha, yes, but imagine the comedy value in a movie. “Yes, Mr President, I am busy right now”

  • KingFlathead


  • bruceB

    It appears BulletFlight did not include a mildot range calculator. (?)

  • dolphinzilla

    I wonder if there is an NVG filter for an iPod to prevent blinding the shooter

  • Jeremy

    *sigh* It amazes me just how much time and ingenuity some people will apply to the task of killing other human beings.

    Go do something productive with your life.

    “Today I performed my duties as an Operative.” – HHGTTG

    • Jeremy, this system has significant sporting utility. The calculations needed for ballistics are the same if you are sniper, a hunter or a target shooter.

  • doctor awesome


    “Go do something productive with your life.”

    What makes you think this thing will be useful for anything other than hobbyists? “OH NO IT INVOLVES GUNS AND GUNS MEAN KILLING!”

    Get over yourself.

  • Clue-by-Four

    Jeremy, As a recreational shooter, this is an interesting app. I’m interested to hear what Heath has to say about it after some testing.

    [Ed: lets keep it friendly ]

  • Beausabre

    :Sometime in the future, in Iraq:

    “Let’s see….range….air temperature….windspeed….” *ringtone* “Hello…..Mom? Look, I can’t talk right now….I’m at work. Ok….love you too…bye.” *BLAM!*

  • Robbie

    Everyone is worried about th ebacklight being too bright or stuff my main concern would be if someone rings you in the middle of a sniper fire with the iphone ring tone “INCOMING” whhheeeuuuooaahhh. and it needs to be waterproof aswell 😀

    • Robbie, why, do you snipe underwater ?

      Just joking 😉

  • Gerald

    ipod touch makes for fast development but what they need is to embed the sensors from a suunto watch like this:

    then instead of entering the variables, everything but windspeed would be taken care of.

  • Ron Cooper Buckeye826

    The damn phone cant send a picture or does it have copy/paste. Priorities people priorities…

  • SamSF

    Jeremy, foreign policy arguments aside, this would be extremely impractical for military operations. While the otterbox may provide some ruggedization, the iPod/iPhone still probably wouldn’t survive a lot of operational missions. It has no nightvision capabilities and even if it did the screen would be bright to begin with before launching the app.

    So don’t worry, terrorists will be safe from iPods and iPhones facilitated deaths for the foreseeable future. You can put your Che t-shirt back on and drag your feet back to Berkeley.

  • MothersLilHelper

    I want one! Maybe I can even use it to teach Jeremy how to shoot and convert my fifth person this year! 🙂

    It’s fun to make bullets go where you want them to. iDevices are fun. Apple should make a sniper rifle–it would be beautiful. You’d deploy it with your mat and it would autozero, autorange, autowindage, autocompensate and pull its own trigger. Might even dispense an espresso.

    • Yuri, very cool 🙂 Thanks for letting me know.

  • Jose

    shoot now use the iphone later

    a really sniper don’t need that piece of crap. the real ones just shoot

  • Maffers

    It’s shocking the amount of people on here who don’t realise the ipod touch is not a phone.

  • Rob

    The real snipers don’t “just shoot”. They know the ballistics of the bullet before they pull the trigger. Range estimation, angle of fire, bullet drop, ballistic coefficent, drag, wind speed, etc. are all figured in. It doesn’t matter if it’s done with a paper taped on the stock or another, more high-tech way. It needs to be done before the trigger is pulled. The high-tech way leaves less to chance. It’s a good thing, in my view.

  • Guys, the iPod Touch is NOT a phone, so there is no worries about getting a call in the middle of combat, that functionality does not exist.

    The screen brightness can be a genuine issue, but with a low light level setting, a screen filter, and maybe even a hood, this can be mitigated.

    Waterproofing is a must for real-world use in an operational capacity. Maybe the housing that holds the unit can be sealed with a rubber O-Ring for water resistance, but the screen and controls must be exposed, so I doubt that any real waterproofing can be accomplished.

    There is no hard drive, so shock is not an issue. It used flash memory which is basically a solid state drive. Just memory chips, no moving parts. I’d be more worried about battery life in the field. These things don’t have field replaceable batteries, so when you run low, how do you charge?

  • This looks like a neat application for the iPod.

    I wrote a ballistics program for the PalmOS devices (anyone still use those) several years ago. The primary intent was to be able to carry it with me when out shooting varmints at extended ranges. The ballistic tables I could print from the desktop computer never seemed to match the environmental conditions found when out in the field and this tuned out to be the perfect solution.

    Since I only used a couple of calibers (.308 and .50) with only a couple of loads in each, so there wasn’t a huge effort put on creating a library of ballistics parameters. As such, it is pretty much set up for one load and the parameters entered are saved between power cycles.

    If you have an older PalmOS device, you are welcome to download and use it. It’s free even. 🙂

    Go to the web site at http://www.dt-concepts.com. In the left-hand frame, click on MISCELLANEOUS then, when the main screen loads, click on the PBX – Portable Ballistic Xtrapolation link.

    Randy Smith
    Defensive Training Concepts, Inc.

    • Randy, very cool. I have a Palm although I have not used it in years. I think I will fire it up and try your app.

  • AR-15/iPhone

    The real question becomes how much does the Knights Armaments mounting system and Otterbox protective case cost. The 11.99 or 4.99 app is definitely the cheap part of the equation…

    I’ve got an AR-15 that I do tactical shooting competitions with, and also own an iPhone. I’d see this mostly as a conversation starter and something to put in that open position.

    I’m a little concerned about the shock from firing the weapon in regard to the sensitive electronics in the phone. I understand that it doesn’t have a hard drive, and uses solid state memory; however if the shock from constantly dropping your phone can damage it, then what about the free-float mounting system the phone would be mount to?

    Some of the environmental information should be able to be collected by an iPhone/Touch assuming that where you are shooting has a cell/data connection available. It could then pull temperature, wind speed/direction, humidity etc from a weather reporting source. These apps should have the option to try and get the information automatically, or manual input. I just cant imagine it would take much effort to add said programming to achieve that automated functionality into these applications.

  • Nagurski

    A long-range shooter knows the bullet drop per 100 yds and bullet drift per 5 mph side wind for the range he’s using. He estimates range/wind, adjusts either the sights or sighting point, and squeezes slowly. He doesn’t do any calculations, other than in his head, before he touches off.

  • Jim

    Nice for hunting though. Turn off the key clicks, mute the ringer, tap the range and kuhblammo, venison for the freezer (the non-Knights app is nicer).

  • strykrpal

    Damn, you beat me to it. lol

  • Valhalla

    For everyone complaining about the light, in Afghanistan and Iraq during the day, no problamo. Lots of light anyway. At night, well, night vision scope and left eye monocular for looking at the screen, with it’s back light turned almost off.

  • Ron

    Yea right another gear that emit radiation to get detected before the shot…. I don’t think so Mickey

  • The KAC application for the iPhone is pretty weapon specific but the concept is right on for a dedicated systems support package. For general use there are better ones available in the AppStore. In concept, it’s a useful compaction of the PDA + GPS in a little Pelican hard case combo one finds packed into the field kits of many military snipers because the iPhone is a computer with a built in GPS. And you can potentially text message a fire support/air support request if you had to … with the GPS reference points and a photo no less. Also don’t discount the leverage of doing the BGZ’s on each of the rifles/scopes in a unit and sharing the data by s/n among all personnel and from unit to unit for rotations. The 3G gives you a max range of 44 miles from the cell location. Don’t laugh at that thought. Remember that the first real cell communications equipment was the stuff fielded by the British Army of the Rhine back in the Cold War era. Those were beefy shock and rad hard cell phones with moving armored cell repeaters. What goes around, comes around. All kinds of potential here for next generation warriors. I like what I see.

  • cFoo

    All that’s missing is a facial recognition and a camera-mounted on the view-finder.

  • jdun1911

    You’re getting notice every day Steve!

  • alex

    that how we do it here in the U.S.A

  • Cwolf

    Long range sniping requires a lot of data and calculations. At very long distances, the earth’s spin and curvature are added to the mix.

    The Barrett BORS system bolts onto the leupold scope and provides most data, except wind speed. DARPA is looking at ways of measuring wind speed at various locations between the gun and target.

    The BORS is about $7k, I think.

    So, a $12 program on an iPod or iPhone that helps is an affordable start. Of course, there are complex scenarios. What is the negative lead and elevation shooting off a 40 mph convoy vehicle at 90 degrees? Or a 800m shot at a target on the 15th floor?

    The ideal sight would collect all info and calculate the ballistic solution, but right now there is no all-in-one sight yet.

    I do think the iPhone with some tweaking could be an interesting tool. See the satellite view of your terrain and a secure link showing all your squad. Have all the report formats in templates with auto-calc.

  • Valhalla

    And you know what, you probably don’t need a mounting system, except for conveinance.

  • Chris

    This is merely the latest entry into the ballistic SW market. CheyTac, Horus, NightForce, Talus have all had mobile ballistic SW for years – I believe CheyTac was first and still has the best for 8 years now…and their stuff has been used by the military in combat since 2003. They have over 300+ rounds with real ballistic data and take all weather variables into account.

    This does look neat, but how many “professional users” are going to have an iPod on them in combat?

  • Buck

    This is a first pass at bringing affordable technology to the warfighter and the shooting public. All comments above are valid concerning the ruggedness of the iPhone / iPod, illumination of the screen in a real world operational situation, etc.

    The iPhone / iPod touch was picked as the platform because so many people have the device and we didn’t want to force people to buy a special PDA to be used only for ballistics calculations.

    There are planed improvements on the way for this application but for $12 this is a useful tool and sets a standard for delivering a low cost useful solution.

    If you have recommendations for improvements, feel free to email then to me and we’ll add them to the wish list of improvements on future revisions of the software.


    buckholly a t mac d o t com

  • Buck

    Also, after reading a few more comments from above, the application has the ability to be modified for any firearm, bullet weight, etc. The application was pre-loaded with three of our standard weapons and the typical round fired from that weapon.


  • Valhalla

    Chris, all the ones who like to listen to Hells Bells and The Star Spangled Banner while giving the Reaper some Taliban souls.

    And guess what, they’ll decide “Hmm, I’m going back for a month before taking another tour, maybe I’ll make an investment, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll just give it to my daughter/wife/CO”

  • Tony

    MP3-player mounts, mounts for six flashlights at once… Now can I get my damn cupholder?!

    I think most people are looking at this way too seriously. In my opinion, this is just another gag product like a cup holder that mounts to a Picatinny rail (Seriously now. Why, oh why, did Badger Ordnance not produce this if they made a prototype?! I want one!) or a “tactical apron” in ACU camo pattern.

    Oh and mr. Smith, thank you for the tip! Downloaded the application, we’ll see later if it runs in my PalmPilot. 🙂

  • AK™

    Could you imagine a day at the range..
    Listening to something like Fergalicious or She Bangs She Bangs or..Eye of the Tiger or something else inane while your getting ready to pull the trigger.

    oh oh..”I wear my sunglasses at night” for NVG ops..

    the playlist is limited by your imagination…

  • it seems everyone forgets about l.i.c. that require a civilian look, what’s easier to bring with u to a spot when picking up a weapon other than a “new cellphone” that can pass information along

  • brownwater

    That thing looks amazing, anything to help us get the upperhand on them is great. And now you can slay bodies to your own soundtrack..Genius!

  • Future improvements?

    Real-time display of friendly positions (BFT!!!) and direct link from one iPhone/Pod to the other.

    All you hard@$$es out there need to chill out. I think it’s a wonderful idea. I can see the potential for a device developed by the makers of the Dagger GPS system, utilizing combined hardware and software from BFT, Apple, and Bulletflight.

    Whoever made the comment about real combat snipers just simply “shooting”…. Well, wake up and smell the Hoppes. There are snipers out there who have the ability to compute a lot of factors in their head, but I promise you this- they do their homework prior to movement.

  • Valhalla

    So much as a heat vent opening while the bullet is in flight could cause it to go from lethal to non lethal. They need to get the shot off as fast as possible. Or maybe your designated Marksmen gets killed in the field and you are pinned down. Turn it up, and open the app and now you are almost as good as the casualty.

    Rather obvious, but you would so need “Bodies (Let the Bodies hit the Floor)” in your playlist.

  • Vándor

    Hoaah! one more reason for radical islamists to hate the west, and kill whoever has an iPod Touch! By the way, is the iPod series shockproof?

  • Richard


  • Valhalla

    Yes, it has a place for ‘pressure’ I’m assuming it’s in Inches. Of course it would matter, considering the higher pressure, the more molecules the bullet must displace.

  • hellothere

    Just think of the possibilities, the I phone could probably make calculations automaticly today if there is cell conection. you could develop a drop pod sort of thing that could be deployed on the battlefeild from a airplain or helicopter …whatever, with all the weather detecting equipment but emits a cell or radio transmission making every soldiers scope automaticly balistic calculating… Imagine if you could deploy a bunch of these, they dont even have to be drop pods they could be baloons?

  • SSG Strick

    I don’t care how much it would light my face up, if I can watch “The Hills” while I’m waiting for a target then this has got my vote.

  • Where do i get a as50 sniper rifle from

  • Graeme


    Finnaly got to try out the software the other day, just wondering if anyone else has played around with it, got it setup for my .223 and i was just a bit confused where i went wrong, because the calculate simple mode was spot on for a 400 meter shot but the calculate ballistic was about 20 clicks higher then it should have been. Does anyone have and knowledge as to why is does this???

    Cheers Graeme

  • Brilliant application. Now, the next time I want to snipe someone, I’ll know exactly what app is needed to calculate for my lack of sniper training. LOL.

  • @Nagurski


  • bob

    For those who haven’t realized, the software is being advertised on an iPod Touch, which doesn’t have phone capabilities, unlike the iPhone. It’s somewhat unlikely that the US Military would adopt the iPhone, especially given that they’re looking toward the iPod Touch instead. And to the “recreational” shooters, don’t tell me that the backlight is going to get you shot, unless it caused someone else an epileptic fit while aiming right at you…

  • bopfan

    …”And to the “recreational” shooters, don’t tell me that the backlight is going to get you shot, unless it caused someone else an epileptic fit while aiming right at you…” Or if you are hunting with Dick Cheney. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Bob’s point is right on. The iTouch is not a phone. It is a mini or maybe micro computer. In the absence of a wireless network it is incapable of transmitting or receiving data. As far as the backlighting? Should be quite simple to develop a folding lightweight kevlar hood or snoot for the device. There are numerous other ‘apps’ available (and being developed) for the iTouch which have the potential to make it into a fantastic device for the field.

  • bob

    hmm… maybe the us soldiers could go wardriving?

  • Killa

    To Steven with his “God Bless” comment:

    WWJA (Who Would Jesus Assissinate?)

  • Mac

    I just got a iTouch and promptly downloaded the iSnipe app.
    Its all you need, great and easy to use.

    The KAC app is selling for $29.99 now btw.

  • Dan

    Alright people lets be real here, first off this is merely an application that can be used for one of several different applications: recreational shooting, boresighting, zero-ing, and maybe some others. BUT NOT IN A LIVE COMBAT SITUATION!!! At least not any time soon. All of the people who said that it needs a low light filter and a waterproof case, you are right, but it won’t work with an ipod touch or an iphone, the screen is the button and if you are trying to press on it, well a hard acrylic case over it will prevent that. If they had a unit that interfaced with the device, with external buttons or touch screen, well now thats different, a possibility but a long ways off. A lot of people on here need to realize that the IPOD IS NOT TESTED FOR BALLISTIC SHOCK!!! There is a hell of a lot of force (aka recoil) coming from even the M40-A3 let alone the M82-A2 (now known as the M107). This is a device that requires batteries, and the ability to change them, which doesn’t exist on the ipod. This is a very nice idea and a good effort by KAC, but it is by no mean ready, or in my opinion take over the use of a spotter in a live combat situation.
    Now to the people who think snipers “just shoot” or whatever they called it… ARE YOU CLINICALLY INSANE? or just ignorant? Snipers never and I do mean NEVER JUST SHOOT!!! They are constantly aware of everything thats going on around them!!! They never fire a round without knowing with better then 99% probablity where its going to hit. Yes snipers do their homework before doing anything, if they are out on a specified mission then they research everything, the terrian, average temperature, RH, elevation, barrometric pressure for that area. Which side of the equator they are on, the worst extremes for windage conditions and a who slew of other factors. Hell the best snipers will even pack his own load and hand spin their own round for the shot. Snipers are trained to account for many many factors before shooting, and yes at long enough distances you need to worry about the spin of the earth, and at even longer distances you need to worry about the curvature of the earth. Sniping is an art, it requires work, brain power, and an intimate knowledge of advanced math (trig, geometry, algebra) and have the ablility to calculate on the fly!! This application I don’t see replacing the effectiveness of a spotter (a live person) in the near future. It is a nice application for the rec shooter or even a weapons manufacturer, not for combat situations.

    And I am not just taking out of my a$$, i am a retired sniper with the US Army, I am very interested in what KAC is doing with the M110 where it will be replacing the M24. There are so many people who think this is pracitcle, a live spotter will be able to make adjustments on the fly and be able correct for drastic changes in the environment, a computer cannot nor predict them accurately enough.

  • Robert

    The top level of this app “BulletFlight” (Military version) is $30 but there is a $12 BulletFlight-L2 and a $4 BulletFlight-L1 also. They are not weapon-specific at all and never have been. You can add a profile for any weapon.

  • Maybe a less rigid holder should be used that will absorb the recoil, and the case could be balistic proof polycarbonate, there is this funky holder manufactured in the states called a Naja King, is like a bendy snake, a short version of that would absorb the kick.

    I’d highly recommend it for daytime use only!

  • Komrad

    Think of all the people looking for shooting game apps for their iTouch found this site and are going to try to get electronic ballistics data calculators banned. Sad really. As for the practicallity of it, about nil. For bench rest shooters maybe, but anyone on any kind of a schedule is gonna skip a few steps in the calculations. And why does it have to be gun mounted? Is it required to enter the calculations while you are in a ready to fire position? Whatever happened to phones that were used for calls and mp3s that were used for music? Now we have both plus games and this.

  • tadpole

    I dont understand why people that aren’t into shooting troll the web to leave comments like the one Jeremy left. Even though everyone is entitled to their own opinions, it seems to me that stuff like that is just meant to ruffle peoples feathers and to get enjoyment out of starting internet squabbles.

    On another note, this reminds me of that movie, Sniper with Tom Berringer where his “trainee” comes with all the hi-tech gear compared to Toms nuts and bolts. This article made me aware of the Otterbox Cases, of which I just bought one for my Iphone (the most rugged of “interface usable” cases require the least amount of altering to use basic functions. I also purchased an Otterbox for my Helmet Camera, so I say thank you to the owner of this blog for propagating useful info and gadgets that would have otherwise eluded me until I went to a mission specific website like this one. IE- I like weapons and firing systems and all related gadgets. I could have gone to a shoe blogger and trolled around for info that would have let me leave degrading comments like ” I cant believe anyone would buy Nike because of their “supposed” sweat shop practices, or to go to the Philadelphia Eagles and leave a website about dogfighting.

    My point is read and take away the info you find useful and just for the sake of seeing yourself post a comment on a website, dont leave comments that have no positive representation of the material associated with the information or website in general.

    There are enough people out there that leave comments just for the sake of hearing themselves talk. Read things that matter to you and if you cant say anything positive, at least have a remedy for the problem you think exists.

    All in all great blog. keep up the good work and sorry for the bottom of the barrel comment.

  • Simply honest

    It’s amazing how people speak without thinking. The original idea behind this post was the ipod TOUCH being connected to the rifle for calculations. There are too many stupid people talking about it ringing. It’s not a phone. Then the guy with the radiation. Again, it’s not a phone. Moron. Electronic devices emit frequencies, cellular devices emit radiation. Back to the ORIGIN… Great idea for this device. Recoil is negligent unless there are moving parts in the touch which there are not. I know this post won’t be made public but that’s ok. It’s a shame the idiotic ones aren’t removed. Otterbox makes great products by the way.

  • Brendan

    @Simply Honest:

    All electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation, due to the induction field caused by the movement of electrons through the circuits. A frequency is merely the wavelength of radiation (e.g waves, light). Please do not make unjustified comments.

  • “NaOHon 21 Jan 2009 at 3:33 am link comment
    One thing that concerns me about that design is that in low light conditions it is likely to illuminate the person operating the weapon.”

    Do you seriously think REAL snipers would use this while operating?!! They’d use it for fun on the range but in real life no sniper is going to use this while operating!

  • TIM

    Looks like a fun app to use at the shooting range, but like others have stated, questionable for combat use. I’m not sure you’d want to mount it to your weapon in any situation. Just another thing to snag, adjust, protect, etc. Also, think about the ergonomics – the way they show it mounted, a right handed user would have to reach to the other side of the gun to key in entries.

    Ergonomically, and to keep vigilant eyes on the target terrain, it would be better for the spotter to operate a device like this and relay the info to the shooter. In a combat situation you’re out there to kill bad guys who would like to kill you and your friends, so its kind of important to be careful and not get distracted by tools and toys while there. “Put that thing down…now he spotted US!”

    Tools like this are fun to use, no doubt (like a conrongraph!!), but at the end of the day, its where your bullets are actually hitting is what matters. A range finding scope is probably much more valuable of a tool. How far is that…380 or 430 yards?? The bullet drop is significant between those 2 distances in most rifles.

    Funny comment about the Che shirt directed at Jeremy. I always laugh when I see Che on kid’s shirts in lefty places like Santa Monica or Berkeley. They have no idea of who he was, or what he personally did (execute perceived and suspected enemies by shooting them in the head). Restaurants like “Maos Place” in Santa Monica/Venice are not a laughing matter to Chinese descendants here, but to ignorant left-leaning young people, its a hip thing. However, I don’t think “Adlolph’s Bakery & Espresso” (with hip graphic of Hitler on the wall) would go over very big in this significantly Jewish community.

  • @Skater

    There are waterproofing iPod touch / iPhone cases. Some are even scuba diving capable. Made by the same company that makes waterproof iPod case for Michael Phelps.

    For more info, google: Michael Phelps uses ipod in water

  • Ho-ho … I was really surprised
    May be the next step will be … mount Apple on M1 Abrams as navigation system 🙂

  • Bill1979

    Weapon mounting with this allows for the use of the accellerometer when making uphill or downhill shots. A very useful feature. Low cost and useful. The USMC sill not change training due to this. Enjoy it, have fun with it and learn from it.

  • LimpetShark

    Well the obvious just surpasses the masses. This will never replace a spotter and the technical equipment that we use with ballistic calcs that we use today do the same thing. It is just neat that they made this AP for the ITouch and IPhone. It can be used in direct action in day time operations but not at night as some said in here… but that was way to obvious to say if you where a shooter. It is clearly a learning tool that can be used in the field in the right situations. Not saying that it is going to replace the ballistic calcs or the old fashion way of the plain old calculator, pencil and paper but in a crunch, you can put together a few quick calculations and dial up a close enough point of aim.

    I just wish that some would think before they just type. It is an AP on Itunes …. give it a break. We should be just happy that someone from Knight thought enough to make the damn thing for us and be happy that updates will come with better calculations…

  • mat

    All I want to know is how HOW DO I BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant find a way to purchase this any where

  • LimpetShark

    Just go to ITUNES and you can get the software ap added to your iTouch or IPhone..

  • mat

    i have the software i want the mount

  • Wow, so many mall ninjas.

    Also, to anyone wondering why you’d want to bother with a mount: I was wondering that too, until I noticed in that last screenshot it looks like it’s using the iPod Touch’s tilt sensor to tell what angle the rifle is at. Pretty neat.

  • This would be very cool for my 25-06 long range coyote dispatcher but I don’t want anything to do with Apple. I’ll have to research to see if this application or a similar one is available for Windows Mobile or CE operating systems…Very cool application but I don’t like the hardware:)

  • AWESOME! Think I might get one for myself

  • Tom

    The pictures are not loading for me.

  • That’s an awesome piece of kit. (Conceptually)
    Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to try that out at some point when I visit the states, but until then I’ll just have to stick to admiring it from afar.

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