CAA Glock Carbine Kit

Command Arms Accessories at SHOT Show had a prototype kit to convert a Glock pistol into a carbine on display. The kit is called the PTP. I have not idea what it stands for. It is a clever design that prevents any chance of the slide hitting the operator on recoil.

 Caa Ptp V01 01
Photos Copyright Remigiusz Wilk (REMOV). Used with permission.

It is not quite the carbine glock fanboys have been waiting for 😉


Steve Johnson

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  • DrStrangegun

    Plastic Tactical Pistol?

    Actually this kind of thing doesn’t seem too hard to make… I bet you’ll open it up and find the “operating handle” there on a track with a plate in front of the slide, and a hole through which the projectile passes.

    If one could find a non-locking 16″ barrel for a glock and a spring strong enough to let it behave as a blowback, you’d have a non-NFA carbine.

  • niko

    why not just get a CCU from mechtech, which is not only non-nfa but available in 9mm, 10mm, .45acp, .40 & .357sig?

    • niko, cool, I hadn’t seen that before. i don’t think this carbine would be nfa either. as far as I know you can convert a pistol to a rifle, but not the other way around.

    • Ah, I just noticed the short barrel. Yes, it would be an NFA item.

  • Loving the blog lately, KelTec-Sub 2000 a friend owns one and he loves it. I want one, but it is not in the cards. If only people would support me through the blog. I’d gladly buy it. LOL

    Seriously though there already exists (see above) a carbine accepting Glock magazines. Why bother?

  • ra

    Looks like the kind of “toy” wanna be warriors need to replace what they lack in manhood.


    Well I am going to order one … and as far as am manhood thing I am 6 ft. 2″ 260lbs & shoot double expert out of the box, So “warrior this”!! Sounds like you might need some “insecurity compensation” yourself there “pee-wee” KLE/MOD

  • Martini

    This looks like just the ticket for a sub caliber sbr for home defense. I would love one particularly with the suppressor. It would be great to have a magazine matched short barreled sub gun for home defense on the cheap. Yes you do have the Kel-tec but this looks more compact which is good in a home and I don’t think you can suppress the Sub 2000.

  • chase

    what is the price on one? and why not just get a CX4stom?

  • Jon

    “why not just get a CX4stom?”

    Because the Beretta CX4 Storm is an overpriced carbine looking for a problem to solve. If you go the 9mm carbine route you may as well build an AR-15 on a Wolf lower receiver and a CMMG upper. Would cost less in the long run and give you the option to go with an AR pistol, an NFA SBR (if your state deems it’s citizens worthy of owning shorter barrels), or a full sized 16″ barrel that doesn’t give much more performance for 9mm or .40 cal projectiles than from a 5″ barrel. And if you are going with a 9mm carbine with a 16″ barrel, why not just take the .223/5.56mm caliber? Ammunition selection makes all the difference, whether it’s SD (frangible rifle ammo penetrates fewer walls than pistol calibers) or plinking (reman 5.56 is still cheaper than mid-range quality 9mm) a rifle would do you better.

    Now if you just have extra money that you would otherwise burn, spend it. But the CX4 is still a waste of money, IMHO. I’d get a Kel-Tec and spend the rest on ammo.

  • Mike

    I feel like I need this… I need this for the sheer inability to live without one… M1911’s and JMB for life.

  • mike

    do they sell a holster for the bottom one :p

  • trev

    I just don’t understand why you need a GLOCK to be a carbine. I think a GLOCK is good enough as it is. It definitely doesn’t need a stock. Its the ultimate combat handgun (HANDGUN) it shouldn’t be a carbine.

  • Jon

    “Its the ultimate combat handgun”

    JMB already gave us the 1911, Glock holds nothing over that 😉

    The concept is a more stable platform with more points of contact than a pistol allowing more accurate and controlled fire. Better than the attachable stocks since it has an adjustable stock and enough rail to attach any optics you might need. all that without purchasing another firearm. Sure, you could buy another Glock for that price, but it’s just as high speed/low drag as two Glocks! :p