In February S&W will launch two new M&P15 (AR-15) models. The M&P15 MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) features, as the name suggests, as many Magpul accessories as they could fit on the rifle.

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Model: M&P15 MOE
Barrel Length: 16”
Barrel Twist: 1 in 9”
Front Sight: M4 – A2Post
Rear Sight: Folding Magpul MBUS)
Overall Length: 35 ”Extended / 32” Collapsed
Stock: Magpul MOE
Weight: 6.5 lbs.
Finish: Hard Coat Black Anodized
Other Features: Magpul MOE Grip, Magpul Handguard, Magpul PMAG

Two colors will be available: Black and Flat Dark Earth (what the cool kids call tan these days).

Overall I think this is a compelling package. Instead of buying and AR-15, only to spend more on Magpul accessories you can just get an M&P15 MOE.

No word on pricing.

Steve Johnson

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  • I like the rear site. I never seen a dark earth one. I will have to go search for one of those to add to the list of parts for my AR project.

  • Jesse

    As long as the price is reasonable this thing will sell like hotcakes.

  • KB

    Cripes, of all the MagPul accessories they cheaped out and left off the most famous, the trigger guard. D’oh.

  • They did leave off the trigger guard! Even I own one of their trigger guards. I see no rails on the handguards?

  • DarkKnight

    Its too bad they’re only using the MOE equipment from Magpul. While the additions are nice and they make the rifle look cool they are no where near as functional as the higher end parts like the CTR stock and MIAD grip. It would’ve been a lot nicer if they had included those (also more expensive though).

    p.s. Thats why you dont see the signature trigger guard: It’s not MOE.

  • spunky

    I’m surprised it does not have the Magpul polymer trigger guard.
    It quite an improvement for an $8 retail part.

    I’d bet this has $125 premium over the standard M&P15

  • Kevin

    I’ve had this S&W Moe rifle in dark earth for a year now and I have over 1000 rnds( I know i’m slackin ) through it with no problems. It operates as smooth as and is as accurate as any of my m4’s and it is my favorite now. It shoots 1 1/2″ groups @ 100yds with cheap ammo. I do not care about using expensive ammo for tighter groups it does the job on ground hogs just fine. I have an aimpoint comp m4 on a 1/2 riser, Thinking about getting a magnifier to reach and touch something a little father out. Moe trigger guard, Tango down grips on the front cover with light preasure switch holder and a flashlight mounted under the barrel. It’s simple and light and I love the aimpoint comp m4, It is easier for me to get on target with both eyes open than my eotech 553. But I still like the eotech to.

  • Daniel

    Hey,,, Just bought the MOE and had 7 malfunctions in the first 90 rounds. Fail to fire and double feeding. Im using magpul mags and good practise ammo. Had an armorer check it and he said the gas tube is misaligned which in turn is dragging on the bolt causing the issues. Anyone else had this problem? I go to rack it and the bolt wont seat due to the gas tube creating resistance. Kinda frustrated since I was so excited to get this rifle. S&W should replace the rifle correct????

  • Daniel

    I also heard that S&W had some issues with the new AR-15’s build wise. Does anyone know what the prior issues were?

  • Tan

    I am getting this rifle tomorrow(in black). I am really excited. I have heard great reviews about it. I aleady have a S&W MP-15 OR version and it has never misfired. I have shot probably 1000+ rounds.

  • Michael King

    I have two S&W M-4 carbines; an “X” Model equipped with MOE furniture magazines and a stock “T” Model. Both have been seen thousand of rounds fired while intentionally uncleaned and dry for long sessions with Hornady steel case practice ammunition. Neither carbine has malfunctioned in any way. Both are quite accurate, and deliver exceptional reliability. I also recently used one of them for a non manufacturer-sponsored armorers course and founds the individual parts, assembly, and general “build” to be excellent.( far superior to one of their more famous rivals) They are truly first tier weapons.

  • Ed

    So… if I purchase the basic S&W M&P15 can I update it later with magpul stuff? I would really like the S&W M&P15 MOE but don’t think I can stretch my budget quite that far right now… What are the benefits of the MOE over the regular ol’ S&W M&P15?


  • john

    just fired 200 rounds at 100 yrd , first time the wife fired she had a very nice shot group. no malfunctions and the sights are great. smooth and accurate. a lot nicer then my sig 556

  • Will

    I’ve had mine for about 10 months now and would recommend this rifle. I’ve probably put about 1000 rnds through it with no problems. I have used 5 different brands of mags and feeding is always flawless. Most of my shooting is with the cheap stuff (Brown Bear, Silver Bear, Tula and a little Wolf). PMC and Remington is about the best stuff I every buy. 55 gr Brown Bear gives me the best groups. It’s a pretty obvious difference in the sizes and I’m only a average rifle shooter. This gun has been fun for the whole family and my wife and teenage daughter enjoy it.
    I have a BCM midlength and would like to see S&W put out a middy too. The function and accuracy is no better on the BCM but I like powerful scope and that extra couple of inches on the middies makes the rifle look less cluttered after mounting the scope.
    I’d recommend these AR’s. I got into the AR market at the peak and was pretty much violated at the cash register. Still….when all things are considered I have enjoyed this gun and have no complaints other than my not researching prices before purchasing.

  • Will

    The early rifles were built by Stag for S&W and many had problems with the Magpul mags. This is the only complaints I’ve heard about the early S&W rifles.
    Sorry you had trouble with your M4.
    Did S&W make it right for you? How was their customer service?

  • Chris

    Bought the black MOE today for a ~$1030 with tax and S&W is offering a $100 rebate through early Oct (or five magazine). Sounds like the pricing is getting better. It is my first AR and I can’t wait to take it to the range. Will come back with thoughts on performance.

  • Jake

    I have been hunting around quite a bit to find out what the deal is with the M&P15-MOE barrels and if they are able to be replaced or not. I have shot this gun before and am a die hard fan of S&W. I wanted a carbine to train with both close and quick clearing techniques as well as change the barrel out for long range 200+yds sniper cover techniques. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Mike Smith

      I got to tell ya the MOE is my third smith. I had a PC and a sporter, I thought that they both shot great .5-1″ on the PC and 1-1.5″ with the sporter with xm 193 ammo. The MOE is a different story, got it a couple of weeks ago and shot 8 different type of military ammo and it shot 3-8″ grps. at 100 yrd. I think they are now doing them in the superb melonite 5R rifling. I am sending mine back to the factory. I asked them if the barrel is bad to replace it with the melonite version. I hope it is the barrel, because something is wrong with that gun, I read another article and the writer said, he was getting 3+# grps at 100 yrds. THATS TOO BIG!!!

      • Jack

        I have put 1000 rds through my Smith AR 15 MOE, can not group any better than 6′ @ 100 using 62 grian bullet on a sled, have tried 4 makes of ammo no difference! The only group I can get is with my friends 55 grain 223 reloads, then it is 2″ group. Not happy with this gun. Did not purchase gun to go bang, I want to hit what I am aiming at. Any suggestions??????

  • Brent

    I bought this rifle about 3 months ago and have 500+ rounds through it with only two mis feeds due to seating of magazine. I am more than happy with this rifle. It takes me back to my days in the Marine Corps and I love the smell of a freshly shot rifle.

    I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a quality rifle at a lower price.

  • ruth cantu

    How about the trigger? I prefer a lighter full with a clean break. Any recommendations for this weapon? thanks

  • MeAgain

    The trigger on my MOE is nothing to brag about. It’s about the same as that of my Bushmaster and the trigger on my CNMG lower. I’d buy an aftermarket trigger if you want something better. AR’s in general are not known for great triggers right out of the box.

  • Kenric S

    I love love love mine. I’ve owned mine now since 01-2009 and I’ve sent more than 2,000 rounds down range. Added an AAC Brakeout to it and it’s works just great http://youtu.be/kmJtB-GkV6w if you wanna take a look! Waiting for the Trijicon SRS to release and I’ll finally have my optic.

  • Mike

    I have the Dark Earth model and I think it’s a great gun. I bought it from Shoot Straight for 1050.00 plus tax. I put about 500 rounds through it. The sites work excellent at short range. I did have jamming but it was due to my fault. I was pulling the bolt back and letting it back in gently which made it jam. When you pull it back you have to let it go and slam into position. I put a UTG 3-12 44mm scope and got it to bulls-eye at 200 yards. The scope was good enough to see the target but not the bullet holes. I had to walk to the target 2 times to make my adjustments before I dialed it in. I recommend a more powerful scope for long range. Overall I’m very happy with the gun and scope and would highly recommend this weapon. It looks great and it’s performance is flawless.