Gamo Whisper X

Gamo have updated the suppressed Whisper air rifle. The Whisper X is apparently makes less noise and has a cool looking ergonomic stock.


The Whisper X is a break barrel and is comes in a .22 or .177 caliber


Weight: 6.61 lbs
Muzzle Velocity: .177 ft/s 1000
Muzzle Velocity: .22 ft/s 722 .

I am not sure about availability or pricing yet. Gamo USA do not update their website very often.

More info here.

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  • Forget it. You CAN’T silence a spring-powered air rifle worth a damn.

    The main noise is caused by the spring mechanism itself – can’t silence that. Tried it with a Diana 27 and a silencer from Weihrauch… silencers for air rifles and pistols are legal in Germany 🙂

    For good results, use something with pre-compressed gases – CO2 or HP air. For example, I’ve shot a Sheridan EB22 with a silencer (also from Weihrauch) attached – the only thing you could hear was the hammer striking down on the CO2 release, and the bullet hitting the target.

    • Juergen, you can suppress an break barrel air rifle. I know a guy who uses a .22 suppressors on his break barrel and I have shot his air gun may times.

      You are correct in saying that most of the noise is the piston but the suppressor does decrease the noise from the air escaping the barrel.

    • dai

      I would disagree on the fact u can silence a springer rifle but u can reduce the sound my old gamo hunter made a hell of a pop with the pellet leaveing the barrel now with my whisper fusion x the spring is the only sound

  • Steve,

    yes, the noise changes a bit, but it’s not really worth the effort (and yes, I tried) – especially within closed environments (I shoot in my basement).

    Still worth the effort sometimes only for the look of it, though – probably going to get somebody making an adapter bit to fit my Baikal IJ60 to put a silencer on it. Along with the bipod and scope, it will look awesome 🙂



    as far as i know the best surest way to reduce noise in spring loaded air guns is to simply use heavier pellets and reduce velocity… in real guns SUPPRESSORS are a class 3 firearms item and once you buy the air gun you cannot sell it to another person..why gamo doe’nt warn people of this is beyond me…..ALSO the R.W.S. 350 mag has it beat power and speed wise hands down with regular pellets velocity in 177 at 1250fps. and 22 at 1050fps….that relates to about 1600 with raptors and 1350 respectively with only agout 45 50 lbs. of cocking effort……and AWHOLE LOT CHEAPER!!350 to 400 dollars…..made a lot sturdier in GERMANY as well…..

  • Rich

    Why don’t you actually TRY one of the new Whisper .22s ? They are darn near silent with either lead or PBA Raptors. Both pellets are subsonic in .22 calibre when fired from a Whisper.
    The lead are at 740 fps, and PBAs are 950 fps.
    (The Whisper .177 pellets still go supersonic, so maybe that’s what you were talking about).
    If someone is in the next room in your house, they won’t even know you’re shooting. My (manual) staple gun makes 2-3X more noise than
    my new Whisper .22. All you really hear are the pellets hitting the target. You can shoot in your backyard, and a neighbor 20′ away, on their deck never even looks up from reading their paper !

  • Dimitri

    Hello people, I recently got myself a Whisper x .177 caliber and currently using the gamo pro hunter lead pellets. I was wondering what are the best pellets to be used in this gun when it comes to long range accuracy. I’ve ordered a GRT-III trigger, fitted a BSA scope and a UTG bi-pod for the barrel. Please let me know when you have an answer. Thanks guys!

  • Rich

    Since I bought my Whisper in .22 (for varmints),
    I can only offer you some experiance. If you check CharlieDaTuna’s website (he’s the one selling you your new trigger), he does NOT recommend any pellet over 15 grains for our guns. So, my suggestion for long range accuracy would be to stick as close to 15 grns as you can, and look for a pointed pellet (for the least drag). A lot of people swear by the Crossman Premiers, but I haven’t tried them yet. I’m having VERY good accuracy w/Gammo Raptors & Benjamin Discovery PCPs (9.8gr/14.3gr respectively), but that’s at short range (~50 ft).

  • Dimitri

    Thanks for the comment Rich, but sticking as close to 15 grns is only recommended for your gun. He says that the minimum pellet weight for my caliber should be 6.9 grns and max should be 9 grns. So the PBA raptors are a no no for my gun according to him. Also, many reviews suggest that the PBA’s will travel at higher velocities, but say goodbye to accuracy. I just wish someone could do an extensive test with various types of pellets for my gun in order to choose the most appropriate one. Thanks anyway!

    • I handled a Whisper X for the first time a couple of days ago. I was very impressed at how light and ergonomic is was.

  • Pablo Sanchez

    Juergen. You can silence an airgun and its not just the spring that makes noise. if you have a good airgun it should break the sound barrier when shot, the whisper does work and DOES dampen the noise level.

  • tom

    hey guys, i recently sold my gamo pt80 hand gun so i could buy a good but cheap (not over 200 euros) could u recomend pls?

  • tom

    oops, last comment was a bit odd, i was a bit tired. i want 2 buy a cheap air rifle for shooting anything possible, mainluy pidgeons from about 35 meters pls recomend.

  • bam bam

    this may sound a bit noobish but im having a right arse ache trying to zero my scope i only have about 7 metres of garden is there a way i can zero accurately in this space i am in the military but my unit wont let me use the ranges and i dont have permission to take my rifle other places, i have a Gamo Whisper X with a nikkostirling mountmaster 6×40 scope……….. any advice?