CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom 9mm

The CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom came out early last year in the Czech Republic and I think was available mid-year in the US. I missed the launch and have been meaning to cover it for a while. Anyway, here it is:

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The SP-01 Phantom is a polymer version of the CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL. The use of polymers has reduced the weight by 33%.

The pistol features:

* SA/DA action
* Decocking lever, safety stop on hammer and a firing pin safety.
* Interchangeable grip inserts
* Accessory rail.


Capacity: 19+1 capacity and can use older CZ 75 magazines
Barrel Length: 4.7″
Weight: 1.8 lbs
Overall Length: 8.1″
Height: 5.8″
Width: 1.5″
Rate of twist: 1:9.7

The MSRP is $695. I did spot it priced for $626.99 at Impact Guns.

A video of the pistol being shot:

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  • Doc

    I just got one. Man it feels good in the hand. I can’t wait to shoot it.

  • Marc

    Shot one in Arizon, right after it became avalible in the US!!!!

    probably one of THE best guns i have shot!

    that day i shot the Glock 19, P30 and CZ 75, the CZ 75 out performed all of them. This is a gun i am definitly looking into buying!!!!

    best pistol i have ever fired!!

  • LastDragon30

    I bought the CZ 75 SP-01 when it first came out and I love its accuracy. I had a friend that had a CZ in ’02 and we fired it a lot and it was smooth, so I had to get this version. The next cz I’m getting is the cz95.

  • John Grasta

    I bought one at the Orlando gun show on Sat from Shoot Strait Gun Shop in Apopka it was on sale for $489.00 brand new ith two mags.Great weapon lite for it’s size and with the hi mag of 18 plus one you cant go wrong.

  • Harm

    Does anyone know if this polymer version of the gun takes the same mags?

  • Derek

    Harm, takes all CZ 75 mags

  • Chris Fox

    I bought a cz75 sp01 phantom less than a month ago and when I fuly load the mag and shake it,it sounds like a can of spray paint is this normal the gun dealer told me he has never seen this happen ever before and said he would call cz well the dealer called me back today and said the told him this is normal.Can some one tell me if there cz does this it cant be normal it is very loud and both clips do this.If I take out one bullet it stops but if I take out two more it rattles like a can of spray paint again.

  • lstdrgn30

    It’s the weight of the bullets that cause the spring in the magazine to sound like that. That’s all. Nothing more.