First photos of Civilian SCAR 16S

Jason emailed me photos of his SCAR 16S (5.56x45mm). He must have been one of the lucky few to get hold of one of the initial limited production run. Click to expand the photos.




A big thanks to Jason for taking the time to take the photos.

More photos after the jump.



Steve Johnson

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  • jdun1911

    Hey Jason could you show me how the bottom front rail is attached to the barrel? Thanks.

  • Very nice.

    Nothing yet in RSR Group’s distribution pipeline, tho’.

    I’ll be monitoring.

    MSRP appears to be just under $3K for that model.

  • Jason

    To jdun1911. The bottom rail does not appear to be directly attached to the barrel. It seems to be attached more to the receiver. I thought that the barrel would be easier to remove. There is nothing in the instruction manual about barrel removal. I believe the barrel can be removed with a allen wrench. I will try to get some more pictures posted soon. I hope you are able to get a hold of a SCAR soon. It really is a nice rifle. I plan to shoot it this week and will let you know how it shoots. Thanks.

  • What does it look like in the left-handed setup?

  • Kevin


    I was just wondering if the rail on the underside of the foregrip can come off (that is, is it ‘optional’ to have it on there)? I ask because I’m wondering if it might be a little uncomfortable to hold…of course, there is the option of simply attaching a rail cover. Thanks.