Glock G22 RTF2: 4th Gen Glock is official

This is the first high quality photo I have seen of the 4th Generation Glock featuring the RTF2 (Rough Texture Frame 2). That fish gill serrations are awful.

 2009Shotshow Day1 2009Shotshow-01152009-041
Glock G22. Photo Copyright Ken Lunde. Used with permission.

I think 3rd gen glocks will be considered the “classic” and having an older one will be “cool”.

UPDATE: From the press release:

The G22 RTF2 (Rough Textured Frame version #2) has more than 4,000 raised pyramids on the front, rear and sides of the polymer receiver. The raised pyramids are also located on the thumb rests for increased grip traction. In addition, the slide on the G22 RTF2 has a new, modern look with crescent-shaped serrations located at the rear of the slide.

“We have already had several major agencies commit to the G22 RTF2 and have had an outpouring of interest from our Commercial and Law Enforcement distributors about our new product,” said Director of Sales Craig Dutton.

Steve Johnson

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  • Since when have Glocks looked like anything other than awful? =)

  • Wow that looks really bad. I defiantly wont be buying a new one (if I even ever buy an older 3rd gen).

  • dogon1013

    I handled it at the show. The grip texture actually feels good (very grippy). But the serrations do not feel any better (I think worse).

  • David H

    Great site Steve. Have 5 Glocks and love everything about them, company, support and quality.

  • gglass

    MY EYES!

  • gglass

    If any other manufacturer changed so little and called their product the next generation, the buyers would run away in droves.

    It really must be nice to have a cult following.

  • Cleatus Van Damme

    I find ignorance in those of you who believe in the cosmetic looks over function. The only reason I am commenting is because I carry one now. Its reliability is the same, the grip is improved. Watch, it will catch on, and to those who don’t like it, don’t buy it!

  • yankee


  • glockRTF2

    I just got for 3 weeks now and everytime i shoot it it would get jammed after 7 or 8 rounds is anybody else is having this problem..

  • Omar

    As long as they fixed the failure to feed issue in attaching a weaponlight to the G22, that gun will rule. Honestly, who cares what it looks like? It’s a tool, not a showpiece.

  • Use a tighter grip I have had no problems with mine been through 500 rounds

  • Robert

    I agree with dogon. The serrations appear to be backwards in my opinion. Why did they have to mess with them? What most companies do when designing new firearms is to study the way previous owners have modified them. As far as the slide serrations, I have seen them customized to be diagonal and even to add serrations near the muzzle. These new “serrations” look weak. Glock, however, is known for innovation rather than immitation and these serrations probably work. I cannot decide until I pick one up. Glocks are indeed ugly. These days, I favor revolvers, my current favorite is my 50th anniversary .44 mag Blackhawk. We watch movies together a lot. But, when I go out, there is a G27 with laser guide-rod, pachmeyer grip, re-triple blued Quick-Draw, XS sights, Glock extended mag-release and slide-stop lever, custom trigger and .357 sig stainless barrel drop-in parts; laser engraved with flames and the Punisher Skull. Overkill? Maybe. The fact is: I know my Glock will work. No matter the scenario, I can count on it above anything else.

  • Chris

    I purchased the Glock 22 RTF2 a few days ago and so far I’m in love with it. Yes, the serrations look stupid, but the new grip is amazing. To anyone who has used this gun a lot: Any problems that I should be looking forward to?

  • DasBeck

    This thing may look ugly, but who cares. The grip is awesome. It couldn’t slip unless you threw it.

  • JT

    Change is different. I just purchased this gun after testing out both the 3G and this 4G Glock. This grip is very comfortable and I definitely feel more secure holding it versus the 3G versions. As far as the new serrations, I thought it looked a lot better for my taste. Looks like they put more attention to detail with the design of it.

  • zach

    It’s ugly, the rtf grip according to massad ayoob is excellent, but yes, I agree the serrations look bad and don’t look any more comfortable then the old one. I would just do this, buy (if possible) an RTF frame, and then just put a 3rd gen. slide on it. If not, then just buy the whole gun and switch slides. problem solved.

  • rmill

    just bought mine and find it much easier to handle with less slippage when hands sweat. the looks won’t interfere with its function.

  • smolti

    The slide serrations look like they imitate the shape of your fingertip. I know it’s kinda gross but almost like the shape of your fingernail clipping. Curved maybe for your thumb to grab on to? I don’t know, I’m not really much of an expert.

  • Ed

    To date Glock has not released the 4th gen pistol. This is all heresay!

  • Slash0311

    I am a certifed Glock Armorer and fire arms instructor for my police department. Our department has ordered new G22 RTF’s and our regional Glock rep up-graded us to the new Gen 4. The pics I’ve seen on the net with the “ploymids” and slide serrations appear to be gen 3. The reason I think so is that the new Gen 4 will have an interchangeable backstrap to allow shooters to give a Glock a more custom fit. It also has some type of upgraded recoil spring and a magazine release that can be switched for a left or right hander. I still haven’t seen much on these mods and an magazine I picked up at a local book store had an article on the RTF calling it a Gen 4 but did not mention the back-strap or that the recoil spring has been updated. I haven’t seen or touched one yet but this is what our Glock rep told us.

  • scootershooter

    Just wait, there is yet a new version of this weapon coming out. It will have the same grip texture but will have inter-changeable grip sizes as well as a self contained main spring. Not to mention they shaved a few ounces off of it and slimmed it down some. I’m not a Glock fan at all (not that they’re a bad gun, they just never felt right in MY hand) , but after shooting there new weapon, I can’t wait for it to be released so I can get my hands on it!!!

  • r.leighton

    the fishbone serration is NOT on the gen 4 guns they went back to the sraight cut it has interchangeable backstraps and a switchable mag release still has rtf frame

  • SilverWind

    I own several Glocks. Including the Gen.4 17 & 22. I don’t buy stuff if I don’t test a lot. And of all the handguns I used (I am an ex-military), Glocks are the most reliable.

    If you buy a gun bye the way it looks, you’re a pussy. If the new serration of the grip doesn’t feel “confy”, well, it’s not supposed to. And you’re using too much hand lotion.

    Hating a brand is as bad as having a cult for a brand. Especially when it comes to safety or survival. You’re as much of an idiot like the “fans” you’re bitching about, just that you’re on the other side of a “barricade” that doesn’t exist.

    The truth is always in the middle guys… always in the middle…

  • mike

    I havent really seen one up close yet but was told by a glock rep that the major changes are internal they use a two part metal rod instead of the plastic which is to act like a mechanical recoil reduction system, along with a changable back strap to allow a custom fit grip for better non slip grip and the minor change on the slide.

  • SilverWind

    That is correct Mike. These are all the changes the Gen.4 provides, and the most noticeable and innovative are the lower recoil (compared to Generation 3 G17 and G.22 respectively) and the grip. Now guys with smaller or bigger hands than “standard” can use these calibers with no problem. I know guys with a hand too big to handle anything else than a “classic” .45, and a SWAT guy that is short with small hands (yet an excellent professional) that couldn’t handle properly bigger calibers.

    After hundreds of years of innovations in handguns, it’s pretty hard to come up with something new that is also RELIABLE. I think the guys from Glock nailed it this time again.

  • I must admit I love the Fish Scale sides on my new Glock 17 RTF…. Also the grip is excellent!!!! *Infact it grips so well it amazes me.. Now I got the new Glock 17 Gen 4 with replaceable back straps too!!!! I found the gun to fit fine with no back strap…. but, the more I messed with it I decided I liked the middle strap on it.. I also found it a trick to get the plastic pin in just right… Not to far in or out but in the middle. I like both guns alot. I have not shot either but have shot other glocks and always loved the Glock design, fit and performance. I like the RTF finish better then the Gen 4 if it helps at all in your choice. Both are top quality guns and I love to have the best. Glock 17 RTF came with 3 clips and Glock Gen 4 came with 3 clips. clips are a little different.. more metal exposed all work in each other just fine. Gen 3 has the different spring.. double metal spring on a plastic rail.


    • broham

      magazines not clips….Jesus, is it that hard to get the terminology correct. clips are used to load magazines, magazines hold/feed ammo when firing.

  • bass

    hey all,

    Buying my first pistol to carry on-duty and cant decide between Gen 4 and Gen 3 Glock22. I’ve done some research on the dual recoil spring in the Gen 4’s and heard some bad things about them. From what i’ve read the spring sometimes doesn’t fully retract, so bad to the point one person stripped the slide off and the spring just fell out!!!!! another problem i’ve read about is after even a few racks, not fireing the weapon, the recoil spring is off-center or “cocked” to one side or the other?????? Also, i’ve read that some people are haveing a real problem with jams. Has anybody else heard about any of these problems. and if so, have you heard of whats causing the problems???

  • peajay

    Do the glock 22 rtf come with the dual recoil spring, like the gen 4?

  • E.BUSH


    • Dolph

      I bought the new G22 RTF Gen 2, when it first came out, and it didn’t come with the fish scale slide serrations. Whats up with that? Anybody know?

  • Lon

    I just bought my Gen4 G22. I love it love it love it. For starters it’s a Glock. That should be all that needs said. Squeeze the trigger and it fires. I love the new grip and interchangeable back straps and I even like the new serrations. Someone up above said that the gen4 didnt use the new serrations. Yes sir they do and i like them. Superb dependability, functionality and a new look that although slight, is just enough to be different but still hold true to what Glock has always stood for. E. Bush up there explains the serrations perfectly. Well done Sir. Mine is also a concealed carry and it is the perfect one for the job in my humble opinion.

  • jan

    Glocks are for pussys! Get a 1911 in 45 cal! Best damn trigger, safest damn safety system ever! Carry loaded and cocked with safety on. The gun needs a hand around the grip safety to make it fire. Gaston Glock figured the grip safety should be moved the trigger???? What the hell was he thinking? That’s like putting the 2nd ICBM launch key right next to the first key! Or putting the machine safety button next to the on swith! These devices have seperated controlls to operate(so that it takes two people to launch a missile or it takes two hands to opperate a mill! John Browning new of this concept a long time ago and perfection for autopistols was and still is the single action auto with depressing of grip safety in order to make it fire-only fires if a hand is around it, highly unlikely to have both grip safety pushed one direction while something else pushes trigger in the oposite direction at the exact same F###n time! F###N simple yet genius! Quit being a looser with your glocks and get a 1911! Springfield Armory is one of the best for the money! Stay the hell away from the current crop of Kimbers as their QC sucks balls lately and you’ll just be flushing money down the toilet! No the Gunny is not a pussy with his glocks, he’s just a bit mis-guided. the rest of you are pussys though!

    • Wm.Apple

      You’re a pussy if you even need a safety!

  • jan

    Glocks suck! Get a 1911! A safety button on a trigger is rediculous! Not only does it move in the same direction as the trigger(i.e. requireing only a single accidental force to act on the gun and fire it) its also on the trigger itself-Lame Gaston, really really lame! John Browning’s 1911 design requires two seperate forces acting in oposite directions at the same time to fire the gun. It would be rare to find such forces as part of an accidental circumstance! Only the purposeful grip of one’s hand can discharge a gun. There is dropping the gun for series 70 and earier 1911s. Answer to that is don’t drop the gun or get a brand new iteration of 1911 from one of the many makers that used series 80 or similar fireing pin block. Makes the gun modern and the 1911 now blows every other system out of the water!

    I like the Gunny and his shows, but he’s seriously a bit mis-guided in his love of glocks!

    • Wm.Apple

      Having a grip safety on a gun is pretty retarded, if you ask me! And who wants to lug around an almost 3 pound pistol all day, you might as well get a Desert Eagle.

    • bite me

      to jan
      you are dumb don’t get me wrong i love 1911’s but as a carry gun i would rather have a glock especially when it comes to weight and the the internal hammer but you are really wrong about the saftey the glock has three two internal and the one on the trigger and i have fired my 1911 without even touching the palm saftey and it has been proven that even though the .40cal is smaller than the .45 it hits with more connetic energy

    • bite me

      to jan

      you are still DUMB Gsgt R Lee Ermey loves the 1911 he repeatedly talks about his love for the Colt 1911 secondly the Colt 1911 is the best for the money then comes kimber then springfield armory and if i was going to buy anything from springfield armory it would be an M1A1 .308 counter sniper rifler also known as the M14 Standard, M14 Socom and M21 EBR Mod

  • Budhaf

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the RTF2, Gen 3 Glocks? I believe that they quit making them in 2010, but I understand that there are places where you can still buy them.