Remington Model 700 Xtreme Hunting Rifle

Remington have taken the popular Model 700 VTR concept onboard and beefed it up for a medium / large game version called the Remington Model 700 (XHR) Xtreme Hunting Rifle.

Remington Xhr
Model 700 XHR. Click to expand.

It features:

* Distinctive triangular barrel (like the VTR) which is patent pending.
* 24″ barrel on standard action and 26″ for belted magnum and Rem Ultra mag cartridges.
* Counter bored muzzle.
* Real tree camo
* Hogue rubberized stock
* SuperCell recoil pad system.
* Jeweled bolt.

Further enhancing the performance of the Model 700 XHR is the new X-Mark Proβ„’ Adjustable trigger. The advanced design allows for consistent 3 Β½ pound trigger pulls set directly from the factory. Should you feel the need; the trigger can be externally adjusted within a range of 2 pounds (3 to 5 pounds) with the included tool.


Action: Bolt/Short, Long, Magnum and Ultra Mag
Barrel Length: 24 inches, 26 inches (Ultra Mag)
Overall Length: 44 1/2 inches, 46 1/2 inches (Ultra Mag)
Avg. Weight: 7 lbs, 7 1/8 lbs (Ultra Mag)
Stock Material: Synthetic w/Overmold
Stock Finish: Realtree AP HD
Barrel Finish: Blasted Black Oxide

The MSRP is $879 (Short/Long) and $905 (Magnum/Ultra Mag).

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • It’s about time Remington came out with an adjustable trigger. I look forward to hearing reports on the trigger after people get to use it.

  • Sting

    waiting to see if i can get this in canada.

  • Kyle

    We can’t even get it in the US yet. It is in production but has not hit the distributors yet. Can’t wait to shoot it!

  • eastcoastkid

    Any body got an idea on this things accuracy at long distance?

  • Quick Shot

    I’m between getting a XHR or a sendero SF II and am wonderingwhich ones gonna give me better groups at long range?


    I am looking for a lighter rifle to carry. I have the Sendero but packing that thing in the Colorado mountains is too much. I am concerned about the kick of the 7mm RUM in a lighter rifle though. Has anyone heard about the accuracy of thenew design????

  • trigger point

    does any one know what calibers it will be available in?

  • ALberta Hunt

    Hi, to all those who are considering this rifle…. it is available in Canada and is very light. This rifle has some really great qualities and I really like the feel weight and balance of this rifle… however I feel as though the stock is less than quality and needs to be more refined, I do understand that the stock can be changed out, and triggers can be adjusted (always has been able to with a model 700). I am very pleased with my purchase and plan to change out the stock to a little nicer sendero style.

  • Darrell

    I have a XHR in 7mm Ultra Mag. It is a great rifle. Not real bad recoil. I have shot about 25 rounds through it and so far the Rem. 150 grain is the best load. 3/4 inch 3 shot group 100 yards.

  • Trevor

    Yea i just picked up the .300 win mag, and i live in canada. Great for long distances rifle. The awsome looking triangle barrel definetly stands out from the rest. I put a Tactical Turret scope on it and hit the target no problem from 500 yrds. Love the stock on it, and the Super cell reciol pad! Waited a year to get it in, finally got it, it was worth the wait!

  • dan

    I just bought the XHR in the 300 win mag I love everything about it… I own a lot of guns and this one is by far none my favorite one!

  • sam callaway

    I just took delivery of my new XHR 7mm um, mounted with leopold 6.5-20 var3 long range scope with adj turret. Going Friday to shoot and cant wait. I love the balance and feel of the rifle. I am used to mule deer hunting in the west, and have adjusted to south Texas White tails, but the gun must feel good in either situation.

  • Benny

    I recently purchased an XHR in 25-06. Love the feel of the gun. It shoots less than 3/4 inch groups at 100 yds. cold but I am having a problem once it warms up. Shooting one shot per minute after 3 shots it begins to walk and will move 6 inches by about the eighth shot. I am accustomed to hot barrel shot placement movement but this seems excessive.

  • Dave

    Just bought a Remington 700 XHR 25-06,I have shot 300 rounds through it with every powder and bullet combination possible and managed 2 count’em 2 groups under .75 (3 shot groups)never hits in the same place twice,this is off a custom rest with a $2500 scope,Warne bases etc.Averages 1.5 groups at 100 yds.and never in the same place.Pulled the barrel and trashed it Bought a Rem-Age McGowan barrel and installed it myself,now I have a tackdriver.Should have just bought another Savage and not pissed away 800+ on a remington junker.Triangle barrels are a gimmick and worthless.1 ounce of heat and they shoot wherever the want.If all you want is one shot its for you,If you’d like to have a group out of the box buy a Savage!

    • joe

      its a hunting rifle if you need more than one shot you should’nt have taken the shot or be hunting

  • Mac

    This is one helluva rifle! I just got the 700 XHR in .300 win-mag and couldn’t be more impressed. My new pride and joy just shot a 0.5″ M.O.A. at 100 with a yard bench rest right out of the box!!! I was expecting to see 1 or at least be happy if it was close to that; but I was pleasantly surprised to shoot a 0.5! I couldn’t be happier with the rifle either. Great hardware, good trigger system. It even looks cool in AP camo. I just love it! I haven’t gotten into reloading yet, but plan on buying myself a progressive Hornady Press by the end of the year, which should make shooting a lot more enjoyable for me and the kids. I use a Schmidt & Bender 4-16×50 which I zeroed at 200 yards. I was very much so wanting to get myself a new X-Bolt from browing and just stumbled across the Remington new XHR. All in all… I am happier then I’ve ever been with any other gun purchase. The barrel design with it’s triangle look is very cool looking to. It’s not a full triangle though all the way through. The barrel is free floated on it’s sharp looking fiberglass stock and is of the traditional round shape from the receiver up to the fore-end of the stock which it then becomes the triangle shape. It seems to be the most accurate out of the box rifle I’ve ever shot! I love this gun! What more can I say? It’s accurate beyond my expectations, it’s cool looking, and it’s even around the weight I expected it to be without being to cumbersome. Yes it’s a magnum heavy rifle, and yes that’s going to be a headache if you’re trying to traverse across the mountain range in pursuit of your elk… but I am sure I can manage. It’s not as heavy as most other heavy barrels imo. I just love it more everytime I look at it and fire this baby! You will NOT be disappointed if you choose to go with remingtons XHR!

  • Jordan

    Ive recently been looking into this rifle myself. I currrent ly own a BDL 270 but am looking to go a little bigger. I was leaning toward a 300 win or 300 RUM. My concern is the recoil. Ive heard people say that ya gotta have a muzzle brake on the RUM. I just wasnt sure how effective this new style recoil pad was if it would be possible to get away with out a brake. Can you even get a brake put on the tri barrel?
    Elk and moose is the target here and we tend to hunt in very thick cover and want that first shot to be a stopper. Im trying to find someone in my area to shoot a RUM and Win mag. The magnum game is all new to me. Let me know.

    • I have the 300 rum, and its recoil is bad, I have not shot great groups, I think due to the recoil and am currently researching options for brakes or porting, if anyone has suggestions please let me know

  • chris

    can’t go wrong with the win mag it’s probably the best all round rifle made. i’m an old b——– and shoot it.

  • Hayley

    My husband bought me this last year for Christmas and its awesome! I love it! Its not heavy at all and its dead on at 300 yards. I wouldn’t trade this rifle for anything. Its accurate, lite weight with a scope on it, and better than any other rifle I’ve had. I highly recommend this rifle!

  • Buck

    Purchased a xhr in 7mm-08. Shot the best group today 3.13 inches. I have about 85 rounds down the pipe. Will trade for a hammer or other tool of equal weight

    • dylan

      i have a hammer and a big rock

    • ZMcwatch

      If you havent melted it down for a one of a kind model 700 hammer yet(lol). I would be willing to take it off your hands if you still have it and are willing to sell!
      email me at if interested in sellin to this 7mm-08

  • I have had my XHR 7mm rum for a year, and mounted on top is an leopold vx with Boon & Crocket recital. I have just two words to say. “BAD ASS”

  • Trooper

    I have a friend/hunting buddy with a new XHR in 300RUM , the first few times to the range it would not shoot consistantly. We tried many different powder/bullet combinations. Various seating depths, nothing would put two in the 1″ bull @ 100yds then fling the next couple up to 3″ away πŸ™ … We bedded the action and removed the pressure blocks in the forend of the stock. Went back to 3.600″ OAL, 180gr AccuBond, 97gr Retumbo, now it shoots (5) sub MOA…Happy ending!

    Ps. The XHR is a very cool rifle but I prefer my 700 Classic in 300wby πŸ™‚

  • Gman

    Dear Shooter’s,Was wondering if anybody has used the IMR-7828 powder on the Rem. 700XHR in 7mm ultra mag using the 150 gr. ballistic tip or the Sierra 160 gr. BT.Just traded for 1 and I don’t buy ammo.I do all of My loads by hand so I can get the best possible accuracy without paying the for the over priced factory loads.I have an 7mm STW built in the early 90’s and the 7828 using 81 gr. and a 150 gr. Nosler BT shoots around 1 half MOA all day long.Matter of fact the 1st group I shot through the STW measured .399,with 2 shots touching and the 3rd was very close to touching and had I of not rushed that shot just a little,may have had a 1 hole 3 shot group as My 1st 3 shots but a Buddy of mine said that big over bored round will never group,so after the 1st 2 were touching He made the remark that it’s a shame that 2 shots don’t make a group so therefore I think I rushed the shot a tad trying to make Him eat crow and shot to soon because I knew this was gonna be 1 of those rounds that would heat a barrel fast. I’m 1 of those hunter’s that believes that the 1st shot should kill 98% of your game if You do your part.So if anyone has some IMR-7828 loads for the XTR in 7mm ultra mag I would be interested in knowing what seems to work best for You….Thanks,Gman

  • Chris708

    Got one XHR that is..Love it!!! Soots under 1/2 inch groups with factory ammo. 7mm08 remington core loct 140gr.. BAD A..

  • RedBeard86

    I have the xhr in a .300 win mag. Looking to find out if anyone has any info on a better recoil pad this thing kicks hard?