“New” Micro Desert Eagle .380 Pistol

I missed the announcement for the Micro Desert Eagle, but I think it came out in mid November.

Micro De
Ad for the Micro Eagle

Magnum Research are claiming this is a new pistol but CZF (@ THR) identified it as a the Kevin pistol manufactured by Czech company ZVI. The Kevin itself is fairly new and was introduced in 2007.

Picture 9-22
ZVI Kevin

This Micro Eagle is an interesting pistol that does differentiate itself from other .380 Auto sub compact pistols. It features what Magnum Research call “gas assisted blowback” and what ZVI call “reverse gas withdrawal”. From ZVI:

The pistol has a dynamic breech, DAO trigger mechanism, and fixed sight. The pistol does not require any safety lever due do the DAO system. Its frame is made of a high strength aluminium alloy, the barrel and slide of steel. A comfortable and precise fire is secured by the use of a reverse gas withdrawal to slow down the slide (patented).


Caliber: .380 Auto
Length: 4.52″ / 116 mm
Length of the Barrel: 2.22″ / 57 mm
Height: 3.71″ / 95 mm
Width: 0.90″ / 23 mm
Finish: Nickel Teflon
Weight: Empty 14 oz / 400 grams
Magazine Capacity: 6 Rounds
Trigger Mechanism: DAO
Safety: DAO (which I think means none)
Sights: Fixed/Non-Adjustable

 Products Me380 R

Me380 L T

It is retailing at the Magnum Research website for $535.

Steve Johnson

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  • Wow, thanks for posting this. I had heard of the new Desert Eagle but not of the KEVIN pistol.

    I had to send this to my father who bears the same name. *lol*

  • Ryan

    I worry with this design that someone will cover all or part of the muzzle with a finger in a hurried two handed grip…

  • Interesting, but being smaller then my Baby Eagle, shouldn’t that have a different name? LOL I know nothing productive to say, but I could not resist.

    • coming soon, the Nano Eagle ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • guy

    I don’t know how much shorter you can make the barrel on a .380 until you wind up being better off just throwing the rounds at a bad guy.

  • JMD

    Does anybody know of a company that distributes/retails the original ZVI KEVIN pistol in America?

    They’re made in the Czech Republic, so they’re probably just as good as the Magnum Research version, but maybe less expensive. It seems like it’s worth looking into.

    • could they legally be imported? The Magnum version is made in the US.

  • jon spencer

    What makes this worth $200 more than the Ruger LCP?

  • DrStrangegun

    Well…. it’s all metal, for one thing, and some people still appreciate that. It’s also gas-retarded, which means the spring is probably lighter and a bit easier to use, and there appears to be a LOT of purchase area on the slide compared with the LCP/P3AT.

    I think, though I reserve final decision until I have one in hand, that this is going to be a lot easier pistol to use than the LCP/P3AT wonder twins.

  • HK_USP_45

    The trigger guard is so huge, it looks like I’d only be able to fit one finger around the grip, below the guard.

  • CZF

    This gun is either a copy..or a re-badged KEVIN pistol.

    I don’t think (as do others) that the original .380
    KEVIN pistol meets BATF import requirements.

    Otherwise, we would have seen it on our shores by now.

    All in all. It still looks like a CZ pistol that I’d like to get my hands on.

  • TMS

    Bought one yesterday. Is a small pistol, tough to handle. Hand was a bit tired after 50 rounds. One finger on the grip and one on the extended mag. Loads and goes boom when trigger is pulled. More reliable out of the box compared to my Kahr PM9, which is about to go back to Kahr for an overhaul. The trigger guard is large compared to the pistol as a whole, but not bad when in use. With proper grip, shouldn’t shoot off a finger as some worried about above. I had a problem with the mag releasing, but talked with Magnum Research and they’re sending me out a new mag. If that doesn’t work, the guy said to send it back so he can have a look at it. He hadn’t heard of any problems with the mag falling out. Very pocket-able pistol, I like it already. The gas ports on top of the barrel help with felt recoil. Shot it only to 7 yards to get used to it, had a fist sized group. Still waiting on a Micro-Glock…. if that ever happens…

    • TMS, thanks for the review!

  • Ben

    Now I keep hearing of people saying that they’ve pick up one of these diminutive birds of prey but trying to acquire this gun leaves me searching high and low…so someone tell me where I might find one for sale, no restrictions in Washington state. appriciate it guys

  • CBN3

    Bought one 12/6. First shot perfect bulls-eye. Range officer said I might as well go home.
    A little hand pain atfer a box of ball rounds- all tight groups. Still a lot more confortable and fun than shooting my LCP. 5 ounces heavier but shorter and fits in by back pants pocket better and have carried it there since I bought it.
    I think it is the CZ design but better quality materials and tooling being made in America. You can tell how nicely made it is as soon as you chamber a round. It also has a unique design. Barrel ported and beautiful. Hammer forged and twists to disengage slide from frame, no pin. Has 2 small rods and springs on each side instead of 1 big one in the middle. Leave it to the Czechs. I think the big trigger guard is for a pilots glove. After all if it is the Kevin design, ZVI is a weapons designer and manufactures weapons and ammo for jet fighters. My guess is they made it to be a small carry for a downed pilot.
    Just happened to be in the gun shop getting a credit on my returned Kahr 9 mm and was introduced to this thing. Almost didn’t buy it because it was unknown to me but just from the looks of it I knew it wouldn’t be there when I returned to get it.

    I’m sold, great gun.

    • CBN3, thanks for the info. I am pleased it has worked out for you.

  • Bob

    Bought one a month ago. Shoots really smooth and shots were really tight within 18 yards. Extra weight of the pistol helps make recoil a soft snap to handle. Don’t even notice the extra weight once you get used to it. REAL short and slim design. Fits into jeans pocket just fine without any more bulge than a tri-fold wallet.
    Note: If you have big hands like me, watch out not to get the fleshy part of your hand caught up in the slide while firing.

    It’ll happen.

  • land

    thatยดs my Kevin (.380 Auto) and Kevin M (9 mm Makarov).


    Producent: http://www.zvi.cz/en/products/9-mm-pistol-kevin.html

  • PaVuK

    Hi, I’m from Czech republic.
    MDE is COPY of ZVI Kevin. I don’t know if licensed or what, but Kevin is great smart&originally designed simply tough piece of fine metals.
    It was really hardly tested in heat, freeze, dust, sand, water and ice. It survive everything (for pocket pistol). Many owners from my country shot from it 5000-10000 rounds without damage. After thousands of rounds, it can brake spring or trigger rod (cheap and easy to replace), but this is small pocket pistol, not Glock 17 (even it can brake after 100 rounds… may be Gods will?).

    I’m very very sad that there is some copy of Kevin, even if licensed. I hoped that Kevin will be as famous as CZ75, vz61 or sa58 (vz58) :-(.
    After years, there will be discussions if Kevin is some cheap chinese copy of American Magnum Research inc. The Micro Desert Eagle – gun made with proud and love (and better materials of course). It’s same like with sa58 (hey dude… it’s some AK47 yeah? I know AK, AK is good…)

    one note: As I know, Kevin wasn’t designed for Jet pilots. It was designed for hide carrying in pockets and pistol covers. Large trigger guard, small sights, hard trigger and no sharp edge – all for safe, certain, fast and intuitive catching and drawing.

    one cz guy with kevin http://cz.youtube.com/watch?v=8briK1YbD8g
    (apologize me if this title is multiple posted – problems with f.fox)

  • PaVuK

    I found that ZVI was probably unable to export Kevin to USA because Kevin doesn’t reach import requirements (because of lack of another safety).

    Kevin cost in Czech republic about 10000Kฤ. Glock 17 cost about 18000Kฤ (now 1$ = 23Kฤ, in summer it was 1$ = 15Kฤ)

  • BATF import rules, in part:

    ‘The combined length and height must not be less than 10″ with the neight (right angle measurement to barrel without magazine or extension) being at least 4″ and the length being at least 6″.’

    I’m guessing that the Kevin is a good bit smaller than that, so can’t be imported regardless of safeties or other compliance features added. Same reason the Walther PPK is now made in the US.

  • i got one a month ago at 480.00 and well worth it for distance and accurant they went for 500.00 the next one the same gun shop.

  • Gary

    I bought the Micro about 2 weeks ago and have put about 50 rounds through it. It shoots very accurate from 7 to 20 yards. I had a little trouble with it chambering the first round but it is getting better. My problem with it is that the magazine will pop out without touching the mag release by just putting pressure on the bottom side of the magazine. I have to send it back to Magnum Research so they can replace magazine spring. They said that about 2 in 100 have this problem. Makes me wonder if i made a good choice.

  • Gary W

    I just purchased the MDE yesterday and went to range today. MDE seems to be set up to shoot 2-4 inches above where the sites are. Trigger pull is extremely hard…has anyone had the same experience? If so, were you able to ease the trigger up a bit?

  • don

    I had just talked to tech rep at MR, he said the frame and slide are both made of aluminum alloy with a teflon coating. The slide is not steel.

  • don

    My sincere apologies to this sight and to everyone else, I had called back and talked to another tech rep, where he clarified my confusion as to the slide. The slide is indeed made of steel, teflon coated both the frame and slide. Again, my apologies to this sight and anyone else.

  • Gary W

    Wonder if any of you could help me…I have read where the MDE is smooth and shoots tight patterns but that has not been my experience. The trigger is extremely hard to pull and by the time I get it pulled I am totally off center as to the target.

    I shoot a Springfield 1911A, Springfield XDm 9mm and a Kimber Ultra Carry and shoot tight patterns from 7-25 yards. This MDE is whipping my rear end. Any thoughts?

  • HK_USP_45


    I’m not an expert on the MDE, but I think since it doesn’t have a standard manual safety, it is perhaps intended to have a hard trigger pull. I also believe that due to the nature of what it is intended for — personal defense in close quarters — it doesn’t really need to shoot on par with the 1911, XD or Kimber. Pocket pistols like the MDE are going to be used in the 5-10 foot range, maybe 15′.

    Anyone out there disagree with my assessment and have anything different to offer?

  • zhanai

    I got serial # 0025 when this gun first came out. I was there for a Bersa .380 and said “what’s this” to the sales person. It took about 2 seconds after he racked the slide and put it in my hand before I reached for my wallet. I did not get to shoot it right away and paniced when I read reviews from people who could not hit a paper plate at 15+ yards. I finally got a chance to shoot it and have the following thoughts.

    -It’s small. Edges and sights are smoothed and I have never had any issues with getting into firing position during a draw from any pocket I carry it in.
    -It is accurate. Yes the barrel is short, but it’s still a barrel. Since this is DAO with no secondary safety, accuracy increases based on technique ~AND~ trigger time. I would not mistake any trigger time for MDE trigger time, as this design and trigger pull is vastly different from things like XD, Kimber and STI.
    -It hits back a bit. It is not something that is going to feel good shooting a 100 rounds through at the range. The trigger reset hits back (bruising on my finger).

    –Bottom line, I can carry this anywhere in any type of dress and hit anything within 20 yards @ center mass. I’ll just have a bruise while filling out the paperwork at the station. The MDE replaced my Sig P220 .45 and S&W MP Tactical as my CCW…..

  • Chris

    I bought a Micro Eagle a few months back at the local gun store and based on it’s smooth funtion, quality build, & overall feel I have felt safe enough to carry it without even shooting it until yesterday when I finally had a chance to goto the range with it. The first shot was exactly where I aimed (I mean exactly) and is even more accurate than my Glock 19 I had been shooting alongside it. It functioned great with Speer “Gold Dot” .380 ammo and although the recoil was signifigant it was still pretty smooth for a small pocket gun and about on par with the .32 acp “Defender” I had been carrying from North American Arms. (which weighs almost the same to me) This gun does fit right in your pocket and it’s a pretty good chunk of metal so if you missed someone with all 7 rounds I think you could reliably beat someone to death with it. lol

    I do have to say this is the most accurate small pistol I have ever fired, the shot were literally right on top of each other so I had to aim around my first shot or it would literally almost go in the same hole. This pistol seems to be nearly as accurate as a rifle. Trigger pull is VERY HARD and once you get it pulled back and think it’s about to go boom you still have to pull just a bit more and at that point it nearly suprises you until you get used to it, however…this also makes me feel pretty safe carrying it with a chamered round because I’m not worried about blowing my balls off with some feather light trigger pull. I rate this gun a solid 8/10..it’s my everyday carry weapon and I can carry whatever I want and have at least 5 other pocket guns to choose from in my gun safe. Also, don’t be fooled by people telling you that a .32 ACP is almost the same as a .380 ACP because it’s definitely NOT. The .380 is a far more powerful catridge and is basically the smallest caliber which is a proven & real world acceptable one to two shot stopper. It has nearly double the ft/lbs of impact near the muzzle as the smaller round. The only thing they both share is the same velocity range of 850-1100 fps depending on your ammo. The gold dot is right around 1000 fps and nearly 200 ft/lbs of impact in the .380 chambering which is plenty potent to stop most threats very quickly with good shot placement. (head or center mass shot)

  • Chris

    I just purchased a DME today as a CCW.

    All metal.

    A nice feel to it despite having big hands.

    No problems with releasing the mag by accident.

    Hard trigger pull. I was told 10 lbs by the guys at the shop. I tried the NAA Guardian and it was the same way.380. It is hard on the right hand. I ws told that both had the 10 lb trigger pull as a safety mechanism. I do not know if this is accurate.

    The Ruger LCP was easier, I am assuming 5 lbs. The Kel-Tec had a lighter pull also.

    Dinner plate pattern from 20 ft the first time out. Had a couple of misfeeds the first couple of mags using Blazer 90g. Probably due to not being broken in. Ran a couple of mags of Corbon 90g through it with no problem.

    I want something that will last, and hopefully an all metal pocket 380 should fit the bill. Time will tell.

  • HIris

    When I walked into the gun shop I had no idea of what I wanted. I just new I wanted something small light weight and powerful. A couple of friends suggested 22’s to me but honestly it didn’t interest me at all, I wasn’t really happy with the size of the ammunition :- ( I spoted the Micro Desert 380 pistol and I asked to hold it when I had a grip on this little baby I knew it was the one for me. I am very satisfied with it fits in all of my hand bags perfectly. I’m loving my Micro Desert Eagle ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Joe

    Purchased the MDE last weekend and put about 70 rounds of blazer FMJ’s through it. Not the best ammo, but its what was available :O) I noticed a few things:

    Liked it better than my LCP. (which I returned to buy the MDE)

    I wear a size medium glove, and I had two fingers securely on the grip (ok, one on the mag). feels good in the hand.

    Yes, the trigger pull is stiff, but easy to get used to.

    Im not an expert marksman, but I kept all 7 rounds in a 6 inch group from about 7 yards.

    Jammed twice (failed to chamber. the round snagged the top of the barrel [above the ramp], but chambered with just a slight tug on the slide). May have been due to the fact the gun was straight from the box plus cheap ammo. If not, a light deburring of that edge likely will fix the issue.

    I had no problem with ‘slide bite’, BUT i did get an annoying rub on the top of the first knuckle on my thumb from the grip (after 50 odd rounds). Then again, this isnt an all day plinking gun….

    Field stripping is EASY when you get the hang of holding the slide and turning the barrel. (Teflon coating is NOT known for good grip….) GOes back together even easier.

    I do like it overall so far. It is hard to find holsters to fit it due to the oversize trigger guard and overall ‘square’ outline, as it is on the market longer, I’m sure this will change. Laser sight would be nice to.

    I have been a devoted NAA fan for a long time, but the MDE seems like a better choice then the guardian for me. You’ll still have to pry my mini-revolver and BW out of my hands though!

  • Ted

    Just bought one today and put 20 rounds through it to try it out.

    I got it to replace a Kel-tec P3AT, which I find extremely uncomfortable to fire because I can never find a natural-feeling way to lay my trigger finger in there and squeeze with enough pressure and long enough to get a round off; my trigger finger would always be sore after just a couple of rounds. I also have trouble with accuracy on that gun… so was looking for something new.

    The MDE is much more solid. It just feels better in my hand, and the large trigger guard means there’s plenty of breathing room for my trigger finger, both providing a more natural-feeling experience (no continually feeling around to find a comfortable way to pull the trigger) and eliminating the pain in my finger upon firing. Recoil is much improved vs the P3AT, but the MDE does get a bit uncomfortable in the web of my hand due to the recoil that is there.

    I find the sighting is much better than the P3AT also. The MDE is more “like a real gun” in this regard.

    Finally the MDE is smaller and disappears even more deeply into my jeans pocket than even the P3AT does.

    Bottom line is a more comfortable experience with better accuracy and so far I am very happy with the MDE vs the P3AT.

  • Ted

    Oh yeah — forgot to add in response to people asking about a pocket holster for the MDE…

    The MDE’s larger trigger guard means the Blackhawk I was using can’t work with it. However, there’s a slight variant of the Blackhawk available that fits it perfectly. That’s what I am using.

  • Hodrige

    Is the Kevin’s 9X18 barrel compatible with the .380 MDE?

  • JBAZ

    I finally found and bought a Micro Desert Eagle, 100+ mile round trip but still “local” for this part of the world. Even with my “LE Discount” I paid a couple of bucks more than the MSRP. Only gun store in a hundred miles so they rip everyone off. It is a solid well made chunk. I put 250 rounds of ball, cast, and JHP through it in no particular order over three trips to the range. Shoots where it is pointed consistently out to 7 or 8 yards. Beyond that to 10-15 yards it likes the ball best. Buffalo Bore jacketed SWC seems to be what I will carry in it. Simple to take down for clean up, and easy to reassemble. I don’t know how many have to be sold before CT makes a laser grip for it. The long silver colored front sight is difficult to find in the desert sun with aging eyes. Maybe they could figure out how to add a bit more hand fill than the thin stock grip panels. Fits in any trouser pocket, doesn’t snag on anything, and goes “bang” every time the trigger is pulled. I’ll keep it!

  • Wisewaw

    I’ve been looking for a pistol I can safely conceal for quite a while. Since I’m very petite that’s been a real challenge. Shooting is not the problem – they mostly go in the center, but there are way too many choices!

    I have a major problem with malfunctions – I have stovepipe jams, nearly every single round. Any instructor, professional or rangemaster that watches me will assure you – my technique is perfect. My wrists are the problem & I’ve been unable to correct this so far (sadly it’s limpwristing).

    When I walked into the gun shop yesterday & saw the MDE 380 & I was sold. Haven’t shot it yet but am hoping I’ll have better luck with it. Keeping my H&K 9mm Compact & will continue to strengthen my wrists.

    But, these new polymer guns can be trouble for small women like myself. I have a serious problem to rectify. Glad to find there’s a USA built steel micro gun that I’ll be able to conceal & be safe with. Now to find some ammo!!

  • Joe Cabral

    I have had my Micro Deagle for 4 months now and I love it. I have fired over 300 rounds through it and it has not burped once. No misfires, jams or issues. It is a bit hard on the webbing between the thumb and index finger, but this is not a target gun, so firing 100’s of rounds at a time is not recommended. Once I got used to it, I can do 3″ to 4″ groups at 25 feet, so it will do the job. With some 115gr Hornady Critical Defense rounds in the clip, I feel that this Deagle is a potent self protection weapon that is easy to conceal in the pocket or in the waistband. The pocket holster from Magnum Research fits the gun perfectly and Crossbreed makes a custom IWB holster that is extremely comfortable and versatile. All in all, this is an excellent CCW that I would reccomend to anyone.

  • Joe Cabral

    Note: I messed up on the bullet weight. It is actually 95gr Hornady Critical Defense rounds. The 115gr are in my 9mm. Sorry!

  • Joe

    Just a followup to my posting several months ago. The MDE is still working well for me, I put about 100 rounds a month through it. As another poster (also named Joe… go figure) recently noted, the Hornady critical defense rounds to a super job. I did some informal ‘testing’ with denim, leather, and other fabrics over wet phone books, thin luan plywood and plain water jugs. The rounds are awesome. I consistantly had 100% expansion with everything except the luan, but they still expanded about 50%, although it was inconsistant. Since that outing, I have replaced my Hydra shok and speer gold dot with these in my 9mm and .38. I ran them in a carbine with .38+P and wow! I’d use them for coyote any day. Also, the extreme cone shaped nose feeds 100%, and you get 25 in a box while most other premium SD ammo give you 20.

    Back to the MDE: The crossbreed microtuck works well, but on the website they listed as a CZ Micro Eagle. Its a typo. I did have to tighten up the grips on mine, they got loose. I find that I am consistantly 2-4″ to the right of center at 10 yards. I believe its due to the extreme trigger pull, but compensating for it is tough.

    All in all, its a super little package, and I would buy it all over again if I had to.

  • JBAZ

    My MDE continues to amaze and please me. I had occasion to contact customer assistance with a question about a slice on the right side plastic panel grip. Their initial response and follow up call was a nice surprise along with the replacement plastic grips they sent! It now has about 800 rounds through it and the only maintenance other than cleaning has been to tighten the grip screws. I believe that a smooth rounded trigger might have been a better choice than the finger shredder with those finely engineered grooves. I have obtained a Bullard pocket wallet holster which is not only a well made piece of gear, but works very well as a rear pocket holster with the flap on or front pocket holster with the flap off. I bought and put the wood DE grips on which feel as though there is more to hang onto, and intend to order a couple new magazines with the finger extension base plate. So far I haven’t been able to locate nor buy any of the Hornady Critical Defense .380 ACP but will jump on it as soon as they are in season again. Everything else I put through it is easily digested. Several of my brother and sister officers have expressed their desires to add one of these to their back up and off duty carry arsenals.

  • AFarmer

    As a woman I have been seeking a gun that I can carry truly concealed. I bought the MDE to replace my Walther PPKS .32cal. Took it to the range yesterday and fired about 30 rounds to get a good feel of it…. I like it. It took a little getting used to the trigger but feels good and safe. It did jam about 5 or 6 times but its a new gun and the ammo I had was not the best. I will be going back to the range in a few days with some good ammo and see if that takes care of it. It did have a bit of a kick into the web of my hand causing it to get a little sore, but having a firm grip on it was helpful. I did not buy it to target practice so I’m not concerned with that being an issue. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was pleased with the accuracy as well. Over all I am happy with it, handles well, good size, good weight, and leaves little to no print through my everyday clothes.

  • Joe Cabral

    Yes, the break in period will smooth out the gun, but you also have to have a stiff wrist and arm to allow the gun to cycle properly. I have fired over 400 rounds and not one did it fail to cycle or load. I carry this gun everywhere. In the winter I will carry my larger pistols, but for highly concealable, effective protection, this pistol is hard to beat. Enjoy.

  • Has anyone compaired the mini desert eagle with the 380 Seecamp? I think the Seecamp seems a lot smaller?

  • Joe

    Charlie: Yes, the seecamp is smaller, and the recoil is lighter in the .32ACP and feels lighter in the .380. I like my MDE, but the recoil is harsh compared to my SIG P238 and others. Ive gotten used to the trigger pull, but its still hard enough to effect accuracy out beyond 10 feet. Its a good little gun though.

    One piece of advice to all owners: after my first 300 rounds, the mag started dropping out after firing a round. the grip screw on the right side of the gun was slightly loose, and it also serves to keep the mag release spring compressed. After I tightened it, no problems. I put a dab of thread lock on it just to be sure.

  • Thanks Joe for the comparison between the MDE and the Seecamp. I own the Seecamp in both 32 cal and 380 cal, and find them to be well made and concealable. From reading this blog, I will be adding a MDE to my collection as well. I enjoy small well made firearms!

  • A very attractive gun. Just wish they were attainable here. I’m not partial to .380, but I’d think about this one.

  • Luis

    Bought the micro 380 last weekend and went shooting yesterday. Took to the range the new gun, a Ruger LCP, S&W 637(light weight) and the NAA 22magnum 1″ barrel. The Magnum Research gun was very accurate at 7yrds, trigger pull was like 4x as heavy as the LCP. The LCP was also accurate and both take a lot of practice shoot accurately. Recoil on both guns is not bad. The S&W was a joy to shoot, light trigger, light recoil and very accurate for a snub nose. The NAA will be traded at the next gun show. All these small guns will leave your trigger finger somking!

  • i just ordered a micro my kel tec has had problems an i just dont trust it, american rifleman magazine was not very kind to the MDE gun but i like different pistols and i hope it is ok i hear no +p ammo but gunblast site review used some hot ammo i guess i’ll just try several type of ammo i like. will test fire soon give a report then. Got the nickle teflon its a big plus too me.

  • picked up my mde today very well made smooth action will take it and range test next week ps double tap ammo makes some good loads that are standard non +p but have higher velocity in short barrel should work good for this gun.

  • shot mine today got the finger rest magazine it felt good also cut up some bicycle iner tube and it helps with control 65 rounds some hp some smj not one jam its a good bug……so far…..:)

  • shot mine today got the finger rest magazine it felt good also cut up some bicycle iner tube put around the grip at the bottom and it helps with control, 65 rounds some hp some smj not one jam its a good bug……so far…..:)

  • Sy Bilitis

    Momma was SO impressed, she bought a pair for us. I checked them out last week and they ran FLAWLESSLY. If there is a down side to them, it would be:
    1) Big hands don’t have much to hold – not sure if finger extension would help
    2) BITE – big bite! 3 of us shot it and the 4th guy said “no, thanks.” (lol)

    Up side? – I usually fail on DAO pistols. Holy cow! At 7 yds (21-25 ft) this thing printed very nicely! The bite is definitely worth the precision.

  • David

    Hi from Czech Republic – just a few things to add – as you already know, the MDE is ZVI produced Kevin, but the author was outsourced – the designer`s name is Antonin Zendl – famos Czech gunsmith.
    Saying that MDE has probably better materials than original Czech Kevin could be taken as offence here guys ๐Ÿ˜‰
    If you have bigger hands, I would reccomend using 8 rounds mags and extension, it really helps a lot.

  • Steve

    This is a nice gun for CCW. It is fairly accurate despite the very short barrel. I have not had any troubles with mag releasing itself. Check Magnum Research site for very nice Blackhawk pocket holster. Fits the gun perfectly and it has good outer surface so you don’t get the holster when pulling out the gun. I also bought the wood grips and an extra magazine. The wood grips I received say ZVI on them. Apparently Mag Research has newer ones now so I hope the grips I have are rare. I recommend this gun highly.

  • Novo

    I bought the MDE new on Saturday. Went to the range the same day and put 50 rounds through the weapon. Shot well with tight grouping and no malfunctions using several different types of ammo. Really loved the experience so I decided to introduce my wife to the MDE on Monday evening.
    My wife experienced extration failures, chambering problems and even managed to drop the magazine clip out of the weapon as described by someone in an earlier post. I fired the same weapon with the same FMJ rounds and experienced none of the above. It appears that the weapon can be unforgiving of any type of limb wristing or poor shooting technique, same as any weapon…
    I shoot left handed and have not experienced the problem of the magizine releasing.
    I did run into one problem with the MDE that I must relay to anyone using this weapon for conceal carry, the right side grip loosened and when this occurred the trigger spring became unseated rendering the gun unshootable. This is a concern! I don’t think anyone wants to be in a situation requiring a weapon that the trigger mechanism fails. Get your’s check immediately, especially if this is your primary weapon!
    I’ll be putting in a call tomorrow to see if I can get this problem resolved. Has anyone else experienced the problem with the trigger spring? It appears that the grip places pressure on the spring to hold it in place or cause the spring failure, this doesn’t seem correct. I’ll know more tomorrow… More to follow! For now I’m sticking with my .45 ACP for CC…

  • Jason

    I was on of the first to purchase this firearm when it hit the stores. I have ran about 300 target and 100 hollow points through in the past 18 months. Zero Jams, always a tight shot group even as far out as 45 feet (for the experienced shooter) The extra couple of ounces help on control over the Kahr and other sub compact models that are lighter. I love the larger trigger guard and the trigger brake is pretty smooth and consistent. After about 50 rounds the kickback will begin to become evident on your wrist, however, they are now making extented grips for the magizen to help ensure more than a 2 figer grip on the weapon which should help out alot (mine are on back order) Overall I give this weapon an A+ for what it is, for what it’s intented use is, for its reliability & accuracy. As far as a .380 Carry weapon this would be the only one for me.

  • PeaceableGuy

    In regards to the Micro Desert Eagle and Speer Gold Dot .380 ammunition, neither the MDE I own, nor a new MDE in a local gun shop will reliably chamber the top Gold Dot round from a fully-loaded magazine. Most often, this attempt results in a jam with the Gold Dot hollowpoint wedged into the base of the feed ramp and trapped there by the slide under recoil spring pressure, which makes ejecting the magazine to clear the jam less than speedy.

    Magnum Research technicians have reported this issue with “other” MDEs as well – the official recommendation is to use, perhaps among others, Hornady XTP hollowpoints. Fiocchi FMJ rounds load reliably in my MDE, although there is at times a “smiley” crease near the bottom edge of the bullet face where it apparently strikes the bottom of the feed ramp while loading from the magazine.

    The rounds from a fully-loaded magazine seem less supported at the front, bullet-side of the round, promoting the “tip down, get stuck at base of feed ramp” behavior seen with the Speer Gold Dot rounds.

    (For reference, the number one of the boxes of Speer Gold Dot .380 is 53606.)

  • Robert

    I just returned from firing my brand new MDE. With all new semi-auto pistols I like to load the mag., then chamber the rounds out as a test. Had no problems with this test.
    I loaded the mag, chambered the first round, pulled the mag loaded another round, to have a full mag (6), plus one chambered. Had several jams after firing the first round.
    When I had only five rounds in the mag plus one the chamber, had no problems at all.
    Have heard alot of people complain the trigger pull is too heavy, I did not find this to be a problem.
    I do however did not like the extremely long trigger pull. My Glock 27 nor my Taurus Judge have that long of a trigger pull.

    Here’s my grade for the MDE:

    Concealability: A+, Weight: A, Trigger Pull: A, Trigger Pull LENGTH: D,
    Recoil: A, Price: B-, Overall grade: A

    I am just a private citizen. Not a firearms expert nor a dealer.
    Just someone afraid of what our government is doing TO US, instead of FOR US.

  • Scrounger

    I am very fond of my MDE. Purchased for $399. it has become my constant companion. It shoots very well and always to point of aim. And, for whatever reason, it seems to me to be a much more quiet pocket pistol to fire than my LCP or Sig 238 with common ammo. I also purchased two spare magazines with the finger extension. Overall a great little all metal supremely compact bodyguard. I’d love to have another to put back as a collectible.

  • Novo

    Update: Received my Micro back from Magnum Research, they were great to work with. They replaced the trigger bar spring, magazine release spring, cleaned it and made a couple of adjustments. I’ve now run about 200 rounds through the weapon and find that it works as advertised with the exception that it is still possible to inadvertently release the magazine. Over all, good shooter… I’m still thinking about replacing the Micro with a “wheel-gun” just for peace of mind, however! Dependability is what I am truly concerned with here… I’m pleased to hear that others have had a great experience with their Micro.

  • Andy

    I bought a Micro Desert Eagle today after wanting a pocket pistol to carry for a few weeks. This pistol is all it is said to be. Hides very well in the pocket with the right holster. Field strips very easilyand easy to re-assemble. Range review: shoots where I aimed it, held tight groups of 4″ at about 15 yards. Shoots better than my neighbors LCP. 1 downside: trigger finger sting, need shooters gloves whan firing after 20 rounds or so. Awesome little pistol. Wished i had it months ago. GRADE- solid A

  • I have purchase 2 of these small autos and am very pleased with their reliability (no hiccups at all!). Hard trigger pull, but still smooth. Almost as accurate as my walther pk380. Coffee cup easily at 29 ft. I was surprised myself! The extended clip is needed because keeping practiced up a bit on the range w/your cc gun is recommended. This give you an extra finger(which this little firecracker needs) to hang on to. You will never notice any recoil in a bad situation so the factory short clip is great to keep it small in your pocket. Highly recommend this small auto. RC

  • ernest tuua

    can i p/u one in arizona?