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  • Nick

    one word, Wow.

    I don’t know if i would do that myself, since it is a 30$ homemade stock,
    But Damn is that sexy.

  • 22lr

    Ok im totally giving that a try. Thats awesome.

  • Aryk

    Ok, I’m going to give it a try. Should make my best plinker even more fun. I’ll keep you all posted.

  • Crypticglitch

    I might have to change my name to Kill Joy
    But do you really want to trust a hunk of toy plastic
    to house a real fire arm ?????
    I have a Beretta CX4 Storm and its a whole different Plastic !!!
    belive me I really hate wood stocks as much as the other guy
    and I like the bull pup thing but lets get real
    even a 22Lr shell will cause this shell to fracture then what ????
    how much Duct Tape do you wrap around a pipe to make a safe Zip Gun ?
    when will your 10yr son grab this toy and go play AIR SOFT!!!!!!
    Truth a kid was just shot by a cop a few weeks ago
    its this kind of stuff that makes Fire Arms owners look like
    brainless Ya-Hoos to the people who want to Ban everything
    Keep it up you are really giving them the Ammo they need to take all our Guns away !
    Own Smart -Shoot smart -Build smart -Guns are not Toys!!!!!!!!

    • Lortnoc37

      Let me start by saying that i airsoft a lot, and I shoot my real firearms a lot as well and those airsoft guns are made of some pretty good plastic. They are extremely durable. I have an fn licensed f2000 and a real fn fs2000 and you can’t tell a bit of difference other than the airsoft gun weighs more due to all the internal parts. This p90 body will totally hold up to a 22lr. As far as a kid grabbing that gun instead of an airsoft gun than that’s bad firearm safety!! That gun should be locked in a safe or cabinet with all the other firearms and in my house that’s where all my guns stay and the only ppl with the key to the safe are me and my wife.

  • Kilibreaux

    The plastic used in el-cheapo airsoft guns isn’t really much different–if any, than that used in the $100+ Muzzlelite stock that looks cheesy. Since a .22LR has virtually no recoil, fitting the 10/22 receiver into a “toy” stock presents no negative issues, with one exception. It is possible to shoot the 10/22 rapidly enough to get the barrel quite hot which can be expected to have negative consequences if the plastic stock material is allowed to be in contact. As far as using the Airsoft P90 stock goes the entire concept actually makes sense. The Airsoft shell is large enough to house the 10/22 receiver, and once all fitting has been done the empty spaces can easily be filled with expanding foam as reinforcement…once done it will hold up to fairly severe impact with no problem. The main issue is the barrel. Ideally one should be willing to depart from mimicing the P90 look for the sake of superior field reliability and this means opening up the barrel pass-through and the entire top of the stock to bond in an aluminum tube “spacer” to keep the barrel away from the plastic. Forget the toy magazine look-a-like and simply open up the stock and bond in the large tube for cooling. There is still ample vertical clearance to mount a dot-style sight. The Airsoft P90 stock is an ideal base platform from which to work

  • DjKeW

    hey taofledermaus. will you prepare a stock (without the ruger obviously lol) and ship it to someone if they were to pay you via paypal? i wouldnt want to try it and mess it up lol. please reply and let me know!


  • Hey,
    Since you have done a few of these. How about doing one for me. Say for a hundred bucks? give me a holler if you would be interested.

    • steve, I just posted the video. I did not make them.

  • Crypticglitch

    Ten Commandments of Gun Safety

    1 Keep the gun muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
    2 Be sure of your target and beyond.
    3 Never rely on a gun’s safety.
    4Gun should be unloaded until ready to use.
    5 Wear eye and ear protection.
    6 The barrel should be clear of obstruction before shooting.
    7 Handle every gun as if it were loaded.
    8 Keep guns and ammunition separate and in locked storage.
    9 Avoid alcoholic beverages and drugs before and while using a firearm. 10 Do not alter or modify your firearm. Have your firearm checked regularly by a competent gunsmith to make sure all parts work properly

    • 11 – stay off firearms forums unless you have some intelligent discussion to bring to the table


  • Crypticglitch

    Maybe you should read the NFA rules on AOW and Disguised firearms and have a good excuse for the Police when they do the “Click Click” on you after they send the Dog into your house and find a Toy to be firearm ,and then throw the child endangerment charge on top as a slick layer to seal your fate .

    Tell you the truth I don’t care what you do.It seems you have a snappy comeback for all the truth ,
    isn’t really much different–if anythan .22LR has virtually no recoil,
    Kinda ! somthing like that !Sort-of
    given you fancey yourself as a “Poor Mans James Bond” folly that monicker
    I wish you would stop misleading others on firearm safety
    your whole concept and misinformation may also be leading you to a lot of legal problems .”that guy on-Youtube did it -and said it was safe !!!!”
    why not save yourself all the hassel and save up $1700. and buy a real PS-90 ??
    Have a SAFE and Happy New Year

    • Christoph

      If the fire arm is a 22 rimfire or just a rimfire for that fact, is no shorter than 26 inches in total length and the barrel is no shorter than 16 inches you are good. Im a police officer and that is per 12020 CPC. The idea you came up with is great and shows great potential on your part I hope you ignore the negativity and keep up with your project. I wish I had you as a neighbor,god would I have some cool stuff in my safe.

      If your gun met the specs listed above any officer would be comitting a crime for a false arrest under color of authority. 1st amemndment applies in this country and no police agency is doing the click click on you, nor will they send in a dog either for this post.

      By the way have you tried some milled fiber glass or carbon fiber with slow cure epoxy to add strength to the stock? food for thought.

      Sorry for the spelling, I suck at it.

  • Bryan S

    Wow.. I cant believe how negative and wrong you are on all of those points!

    1. If done correctly, the firearm is not converted to an NFA firearm, as the overall length from reciver to tip of barrel is still 16.25″ on a stock 10/22. The overall length also falls in the requirements for a rifle, just as with the FN P90S.

    2. There is no modification done to the firearm. None. This is fitting in a fancy stock, which is in some regards stronger than the strange bulpup ATI style stocks out there.

    3. With the 10/22 receiver being fitted inside, there is no more risk of this blowing up on anyone than any other 10/22. Any modifications you make past that are up to you.

    4. no one is claiming that the conversion body is still a toy. You remove the orange markings and of course treat it as you would any other firearm. To do otherwise is foolish and irresponsible.

    Look buddy, if all you can do is heckle from the sidelines, using a fake name, then it looks to the rest of us people who try to make something with our hands as you are just jealous because you dont have the time or skill to do the same.

    This conversion takes time, and if done right, works very well. the hardest part is the trigger, and a proper job of that can be done with some engineering and critical thought.

    Or you could have all Americans following your advice, and that way we can all drive a ford escort and a Harley sportster, and only have a 1911 available as a pistol.

  • Chris

    Looks great. I own a real P90 with 16 in barrel and love it. I just don’t love the price of ammo. I’m still looking for a shop/website/machinist to make a .22LR barrel and magazine conversion for my P90 so I can shoot massive amounts of .22LR out of the same rifle.

    Just a thought.


  • Bryan S

    one of your largest obstacles will be the magazine, as the straight walled 5.7 cartridge stacks parallel in a magazine, and the rimmed 22lr stacks in a curved manner.

  • Rob

    Crypticglitch dude. serously. quit being a fag. noone agrees with you. the weapon is legal it wont blow up it wont melt the plastic.

    • Sigivald

      Stay classy.

  • james bradley

    make a great plinker without the cost of the 5.7 ammo…. nothing more to this firearm than that of an archangel kit or the nazi zipper/mg42 kits.

  • Frank Lima

    A ps90 looks like a toy to probably 95% of the population. Fact is if its secured and handled properly,i don’t care if it looks like a deli sandwich pal.

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