IDF Sniper Training

DoubleTapper continues his series on snipers.

IDF Snipers are indoctrinated in one of three courses:

1. Four week basic snipers course for infantry units.
2. Three week basic snipers course for Special Forces units’ personal.
3. .50 caliber shooting course.

What is the collective plural of “sniper”? A “shot” of snipers?

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  • jdun1911

    I’m surprise that the IDF aren’t putting free floating handguard on their sniper version AR. I also find it strange that the IDF are using M4 profile for their match barrel. I would’ve think they gone with heavy match barrels. Yeah it’s heavy but it does provide better heat sink and accuracy.

    I prefer 18″ or 20″ barrel if I were to use my AR as a primary designated marksman/sniper roll with fix stock. I use to like bipod but over years I found them to be counterproductive. They add too much weight and make the rifle front end heavy while shooting off hand.