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I was not aware that HK made flare pistols. There is one being sold on gunbroker. So far the price is $25. They have a real “H&K” look about them.

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This 19mm H&K flare pistol is in excellent condition with only one tiny spot of surface rust on the safety retention spring and one small patch on the magazine (see photos). This is probably the best designed signaling device of it’s type ever made. It ejects the spent flare shells out the top and the magazine holds 5 rounds.

Steve Johnson

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  • Only $25? They are really expensive here in Germany.

    • Really? How expensive….maybe I should sell them in Germany instead! $25 is just too darned low….

  • Brent

    They made those and a 26.5 mmm break open models years ago. The 19mm guns are cheap, the value is the flares. When you find the 19mm flares there rare and expensive.

  • Bolter

    PS – Interordnance is selling like new HK and GECO flare guns for cheap (under $50) per their latest emailed bulletin. More traditional looking design.

  • Yeah, this is true. I remember seeing them “back in the day”.

  • Tim

    I remember seeing this 19mm model in magazine ads back in the 80’s.

    The break open 26.5mm ones are common now. I got one a couple years ago and still see them at various places as mentioned. They’re nicely made and work well. Lighter than the Eastern Block surplus launchers too.

  • That’s the EFL, isn’t it? HKPro also mentions a 75mm Saluting Gun M635 too.

  • charlie

    guys………… i’ve got 3 ( three ) red 19mm flares for the hk magazine flare guns……..what will someone pay for them ?????

  • Ken

    Charlie, leave your email address and I’ll shoot you an offer

  • Todd

    I have the H&K 19mm flare gun also and would like info on finding flares for it.

  • I had one at one time.Had to work out of area,got back to find out my ex had a yard sell with my toys.So her new found life partner could buy stocks in duracell.For the last few years I’ve been replaceing what I lost. the H&K Fanboy was one of item that made me smile. So if charlie,gunbroker,anyone wants to trade some American currency for one.That would make this member of the apple dumpling gang happy.

  • Wow! $25 is so low! What are they going for in Germany?
    (sorry if it’s a duplicate – I can’t tell if I already posted)