New SIG 556 Classic (550 “Clone”)

Earlier this month SIG announced an the new SIG 556 Classic. The design is modeled on the SIG 550. From what I can see the primary difference is the swiss style folding stock and polymer handguard.

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SIG 556 Classic

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SIG 550 (Photo from Wikipedia)

I am surprised they did not duplicate the “classic” 550 handguard exactly since the main selling point of this rifle is the look. It does not include the 550 integral bipod.


Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
Overall Length: 37.1”
With stock collapsed: 34.3”
With stock folded: 28.1”
Barrel Length: 17”
Rifling: 1 in 7”
Weight (w/o magazine): 8 lbs. 2 oz.
MSRP: $1998.00

I like the lines on the Classic. Very sleek looking, at a price.

Hat Tip: Police One

Steve Johnson

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  • R.A.W.

    Just eyeballing it, the handguards on the 550 bridge a longer gap than those on the 556. They look pretty close to the guards on the 551 though, so maybe that’s what they were going for:

    Why Sigarms didn’t release the 556 with a more recognizable and aesthetically attractive handguard, I don’t know.

  • Jason

    is this a limited edition?
    Where did SIG announce this?

    The new stock appears to fold AND collapse. I wonder how durable it is.

  • Looking at the press release, the stock is both collapsible (“length adjustable” at least — I guess they could mean shims or some other method) and foldable.

    I am glad that they added a “real” front sight. The default flip-up one on the 556 is awfully chintzy, in my opinion.

  • hga

    R.A.W.: the 550 has a 20 inch barrel, the original 556 a 16 inch and the Police One report of this “Classic” says it will be 17 inches (I suspect an error there).

    People who want a good handguard either bought one of the thousand “Commando” ones produced this year with a 551 carbine type handguard or just buy a standard 551 handguard and swap it for the ugly and nearly pointless standard 556 TriRail.

    Jason: Yes, I’ve read that it does collapse (and I think I’ve read that the issue 550 rifle has or is maybe going to move to that sort of stock). This “Swiss style” one plus its cast aluminum lower perhaps isn’t durable enough to fire rifle grenades ^_^, but then again it doesn’t have the barrel bulge for them.

    This version is said to be 0.4 pounds heavier; some of that would come from a longer barrel if it indeed has one, but a lot could be from a more durable stock. And a 551 handguard is quite a bit lighter than the TriRail.

    Steve: Good point. In profile, it looks like a 551’s handguard, but it e.g. has more ventilation holes, like the 550’s they run all the way to the back.

    There is one good reason to buy it: you get a (presumably) better and certainly nicer looking stock with it (and nicer than any alternative I’ve seen) and you don’t have to pay $100+ to get a 551 handguard. If the stock and its folding hinge is significantly better the combination might be worth the extra $433 MSRP.

    Hmmm, it also looks like the stock will lock up with the handguard in the style of the originals but the mechanism is different (the handguard has a small nub vs. a large ring, similarly the stock’s recess is a lot smaller).

  • jdun

    Aimpoint is still steaming mad that Sig copy their T-1 Micro and sell it for $200 less. Good times.

  • No thanks. I’ll wait for the Masada/ACR…

  • hga

    While the Masada/ACR certainly looks interesting and is lighter the SIG 55x family has a couple of decades more maturity.

    For that matter, what does it have over the more mature FN SCAR L except the prototype being about a half pound lighter?

    One might wait a long time for a Masada/ACR, this appears to be the latest info on its status (

    The following is a joint statement from both Magpul and Bushmaster.

    “The ACR is being redesigned to be a superior offering to compete for the next generation US Army infantry carbine and subcompact weapon requirement and will be available to select customers in 2009.”

    Jarrod McDevitt
    Ext# .223

    Bushmaster Firearms International, L.L.C
    Made With Pride In The U.S.A.


    I would expect that right now Bushmaster and Magpul are spending all their available management etc. time carefully maximizing production of currently shipping products.

  • hga, thanks very much for posting the statement. I have posted it on the main blog.

    It is a pity that it is delayed.

  • That sucks…