AR-15 magazine with colored round count: the CountDown Magazine (CDMAG)

Command Arms Accessories have designed an interesting AR magazine called the the CountDown Magazine (CDMAG). It displays a self-illuminated round count indicator that as well as showing the number of rounds it also changes color. 20 – 30 rounds have a green background, 10 -19 have a yellow background and less than 10 have a red background

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It also includes an indicator underneath.

Interesting concept. No word of pricing or if it meets STANAG specs (compatible with all firearms that accept STANAG magazines).

Hat Tip: American Police Beat.

Steve Johnson

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  • Stick w/ the P-Mag…

  • Doorgunner

    Had a bad experience with plastic mags when I got my first AR – nothing but metal for me.

    Still, cool to FINALLY have the ‘Aliens’ – style ammo counter on the magazine.

    Now, if they just made a 95-rounder!!

  • Chrontius

    Those were actually 100-rounders, but loading them to full capacity caused them to jam appreciably more often than loading to 95.