Christians arming themselves in Mosul, Iraq

According to Danger Room things are getting bad in Mosul and the Christians are either fleeing to Iraqi Kurdistan or arming themselves:

Now, instead of relying on Baghdad to protect them, some Christian neighborhoods are taking security into their own hands, forming unofficial militias that set up roadblocks to screen for weapons and strangers. Some of the Christian militias are getting support from the Kurdish Regional Government and its security forces, according to Karadaghi.

The neighborhood militia strategy seemed to work for the Muslims, hopefully it will work for the Christians.

Steve Johnson

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  • jdun

    Good for them. I think everyone should own at least one firearm. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Muslim, Jew, Christians, etc, it is a God given right that you are allow to defend yourself from harm.

    A society that is well armed is a polite society.