Shot timer for iPhone and my future iPhone app predictions.

Surefire have released a Shot Timer iPhone application called, you guessed it, “ShotTimer”. It shows elapsed time, split time and allows you to email results.

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I am slightly annoyed, I was seriously thinking about writing a shot timer but looks like I was beaten to it.

I predict it will not be long until a full IPSC timer and external ballistic calculator are released for the iPhone. Both make sense for such a cool device.

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  • We were just talking about these in my NRA Basic Pistol & Basic Home Defense courses.

    I commented that I bet one could build an app for my iPhone to do that.


    I now have more free time to enjoy life with courtesy of SureFire.

  • Jesse

    Still time to do it for the Android(google) phones. I just might give that a try too.

  • Crystal

    I tried this with my Beretta CX4 Storm in an indoor range by myself. it doesn’t read shots all that accurately in groups, but if you’re taking your time shooting single shots, it’s a good app.

  • David

    SureFire Shot Timer is not on the Apple application store.

  • Savo Stjepanovic

    This app does not work as it should. It does not detect shots properly. I purchased Shot Timer pro application for iphone that works perfectly but it is quite expensive – $19 bucks. I guess you have to pay for something that works.

  • SIS Software


    Shot timer PRO was today released for android. You can find in android market. Timer is not free it costs $9.99 USD.

    search android market for “ipsc”

    Shooting timer with state of the art shot detection algorithm that WORKS in any condition with any calibre. Mainly designed for IPSC shooters but works great for other disciplines such as: IDPA, IASC, SAS. Test yourself how fast can you shoot! Tested by professionals for professionals. Works like no other timer.

    Main Features:
    ✓ State of the art shot detection algorithm that WORKS in any condition (Indoor & outdoor)
    ✓ Record your own shot profiles for each calibre or environment (from airsoft to .50 BMG calibre)
    ✓ Detects fast repeated shots even from automatic weapon
    ✓ Advanced detection algorithm eliminates surrounding shots
    ✓ Shot detection fine tuning
    ✓ Specific or random timer delay
    ✓ 5 different starting beeps
    ✓ Save shooting results (history)
    ✓ Replay shooting results
    ✓ Timer shows last shot, number of shots, splits between shots, loudness of each shot
    ✓ Detailed view of each shot separately

  • Roman

    Is it no longer available on the android market?