Big News: Mossberg’s New Lightning (LBA) Trigger

This is really great news for shooters on a budget. Mossberg have developed a new trigger system called the Lightning Bolt Action (LBA) Trigger System which will be available next year (2009) on their centerfire bolt action rifles the 4×4 and 100 ATR. The trigger is adjustable from 2 to 7 lbs.

From the press release:

With its distinctive skeletonized lightning bolt trigger blade, the Lightning Bolt Action Trigger System offers the best in form and functionality, giving the shooter the flexibility of adjusting the trigger pull without the need of taking their rifle to a gunsmith. A simple twist of a standard screwdriver enables the LBA trigger to adjust from 2 to 7lbs. The design of the LBA trigger’s sear engagement offers a truly crisp, creep-free trigger, optimizing accuracy. The LBA trigger blade blocks the sear from releasing the striker unless the blade is fully depressed, even at the lightest adjustment setting. The trigger assembly is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum then hard-coat anodized to military specifications, preventing corrosion and minimizing wear over time.

The 100 ATR is a cheap bolt action rifle often recommended to new, young and/or shooters on a budget. Now they will be able to get an adjustable trigger out of the box.

Savage started the trend of rifle manufactures offering decent triggers when they introduced the adjustable AccuTrigger. My only gripe with the AccuTrigger is the special tool needed to adjust it. A screwdriver, which the LBA is adjusted with, would be much more convenient.

Picture 14-11
Mossberg 100 ATR

LBA Trigger System

More info on the LBA here.

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  • travis

    Will the triggers them selves be available to buy

  • travis, maybe, but I doubt it.

  • tyrell underhill

    thanks for the information because i didn’t know if i needed to take the trigger apart for the trigger poundage or not. thanks