Slow motion video of scope and barrel flexing

This is a snippet of the future weapons episode about the .50 BMG Accuracy International AS50. It is amazing footage, you can see the scope, scope rail and barrel flexing during the recoil.

Watching that scope move around really made me wince.

Steve Johnson

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  • Erni

    Ummm, I chock this one up to crappy base design.

    You have a scope of weight hanging of a lever. Once you have recoil the whole pescy F=ma will cause a moment about the bolt down point of the base. You can see the scope base go up, which creates another moment about the scope rings and the bells go wobbly. Were the base actually fixed at the rear, and thoughout, this problem would be minimal as the recoil would be straight through more or less.

    Again chock this up to crappy base design, or crappy design that ignores physics.

  • dogon1013

    I chock this one up to massive recoil forces from a .50BMG round.

    Frankly, as long as everything returns the way it was after the shot is taken (which it will, as long as nothing broke) , it doesn’t matter how much it flexes. the flex actually may help protect the optics some. if you make everything too stiff, then something may break, instead of just bend.

    The barrel flexing is cool, I thought it would actually flex down, from the blast of the muzzle brake. On second look, maybe we are only seeing the last half of the muzzle blast shot, and maybe it is just whipping back up, after being pushed down from the muzzle brake.

  • jdun1911

    I can tell you one thing, that scope better be in warrenty.

  • If you saw the same video for any rifle, you’d see that amount of flex, scaled for the recoil.

    It’s the violence inherent in the system. Help help I’m being oppressed!

  • What he said. “they all do that.” Your grandpappy’s deer rifle that knocks ’em down guaranteed every time, and sometimes 2 for 1 bullet, probably bucks worse. You just don’t notice it because you’re blinking, and too slow with the visual processing anyhow.

    LOL @ oppressed!

  • fixit

    if your blinking when your firing a shot, you should be spending a bit more time at the range improving your technique.

  • zach

    Its not as much the scope flex that is bad design but the scope base. It’s only attached at the front, which is why it moves around so much