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  • jdun

    Didn’t had a post that stated the G36 have premature cook off in Afghanistan? Plastic aren’t know as good heat sink.

    I can’t understand why HK made the G36 that large. Didn’t they learn from their mistake with the G3?

    Anyway this is my favorite article about HK.

  • Greg

    Must be a training ex? didn’t know the german military left the compound in afganistan

  • dennis

    the german army weapon g 36 is great. The army from germany is very modern. and got the best armored vehicles and weapons. like the leopard 2a6m.

  • Dave

    G36 is a good rifle. Many people believe that the G36 short stroke gas piston is the best piston system on the market. G36 also has a magazine that is superior to high reliability STANAG mags. The only major complaint I heard about the G36 is that the handguards become too hot to grasp on rapid fire but I heard that HK solved this problem by designing a handguard with an aluminum heat shield.