North Korea buying weapons not food

The BBC reports that the North Korean weapon purchases are up from $13 million, during the previous South Korea administration, to $65 million. Weapons are being supplied by China, Russia, Germany, the Slovak Republic and others.

While the supreme leader buys weapons and develops bombs the people are starving and the country relies of food aid.Picture 14-9

“The report shows the North has developed its military capacity despite severe food shortages,” Mr Kwon told reporters.

He said more caution should be practised when providing aid to the reclusive, impoverished, communist state.

Ideally the South would like to keep the North fed and intact, to prevent a flood of 20+ million impoverished refugees, and also does not want aid turned into weapons. This is just not possible.

Steve Johnson

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  • yarrrrrr

    wait Germany is giving them weapons? i didnt think Germany liked them…..

  • yarrrrrr, I was also surprised.