The legendary Mr. SMGLee has the scoop:

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EOTech with Laser Device laser build into one unit. IR and visible laser share the same battery as the EOTech 552 in order to minimize the package and also to cut down on weight.

The visible Laser is a 5mW unit with range for visible in low out to 450m in low light and about 30m in day light

The IR laser is a -25mW to -100mW unit with reach out to 2000m in high out put and 600m in low setting.

Added a recoil lug to the cross bar screw for better security on the rail.

Control are in the rear with individual windage and elev adjustments. power source are contolled via the remote switch leading from the bottom of the unit ot the side button build into the unit. a double click on either the remote switch or the side button will set the beam on continous mode.

The integrated unit was designed at the request of SOCOM, thus one of the EOLAD has the SOCOM designation. EOLAD-2 SOCOM, this is the highest priced unit within the line up.

The integrated unit has some good features, it takes only one battery source, it feeds off the two lithium AA in the 552. it is also more compact than say mounting a PEQ15 or the even bigger PEQ2. especially on a gun like the MK18 or the MP5s an d any gun with short rail real estate. it might be more effective by demo the sight on top of a gun like the HK MP7…

the control knobs are prety difficult to adjust, you would need a coin and the turns has very positive click, it would not be too easy bump out of adjustment.

The high-res photos are currently offline.

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  • jdun

    This probably happen before the fallout between Socom/US military and L3. Aimpoint won the last major contract, shutting out Eotech for good. IIRC Aimpoint will provide half of a million of new optics to the US military including SoCom.

    Too many problems with Eotech and L3.

  • jdun, interesting!

  • jdun1911

    It was on optic section a few months ago where SMGLEE + Eotech fanboys vs. Pat Roger + Aimpoint fanboys. The discussion got very heated. US special force ditched Eotech when their Eotech went dead in the middle of firefights. This was cause by loose battery disconnector. They weren’t happy about the situation. The operators wrote a nasty letter to L3 and mandatory switch back to their old Aimpoint M2 until they got the new M4.

    Another problem with Eotech is power drain. You can leave Aimpoint on without the worry of running out of power. The battery life last for 7 to 10 years on normal setting without turning off for the M2. Eotech keep draining the battery even if it is off. Most batteries in Eotech die within 6 months or less.

    The US military picked Aimpoint for many reason but it didn’t helped L3 when they mess up filling the forms. Then L3 complained about it being unfair which pissed off big military. In the end Aimpoint got the entire contract and L3 nothing.

    You already know SMGLEE. Here is Pat Roger Bio.

    SOPMOD Mandatory switch back to Aimpoint

    Eotech Lost Government Contract

    Are you a pay member of If so go to Archives Search and type in SMGLEE in the search field. Check the “Reply Authors”. In the Search Location: “Optics, Mounts, and Sights”. I think the Archive is open to pay members. But you can try if its open to you.

  • jdun1911, very very interesting. I will be searching for that thread.

    I have read posts by SMGLEE for a long time. But I have never been able to figure out what he does? Photographer?

  • jdun

    Well I’m pretty sure when he started posting on gun forums around 2000. SMGLEE wasn’t that knowledgeable in firearms at first. Over the years I think he learn a lot from talking to people in the industry.

    Given the fact that he is allow into Shot Show might suggest that he has direct or indirect connections in the firearms industry. Basically, you have to own or be employed in company that deals with firearms (gun shop, gun manufacture, training company, etc), firearms related companies (optics, gears,etc), be in the military, or government agency (DoD, police, etc) to get an invite into the show. It is not open to the general public. With that said if you know someone that is in the industry, you can get in.

    I’m also sure that he had some formal firearm training over the years in one or more privately held training sites.

    One of his profile on a forum stated he is in management of some kind. My best bet is that he work in a government agency of some kind. Maybe DoD. Other then that I don’t know much about him.

  • jdun, he mentioned in some post, it may have been this eotech post, that he was setting up an IT network somewhere. So maybe he is in IT. Your DoD theory is good, or maybe a contractor.

  • jdun1911

    It could be IT.

    He knows a lot of people and these people have enormous trust in him. Getting into the SEAL Armory with permission to take pictures is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  • windoto

    how lon can the sight be on white the visible lazer

  • Matty C

    I have a Rock River Arms (RRA) LAR-15 Elite Operator with a detachable tacticle carry handle. Without the carry handle, the weapon has a picatinny rail flat top. I am interested in purchasing an EOTECH Site, specifically the 522. Do I need to buy the RRA Dominator 2 EOTECH Mount to accomodate the EOTECH site? According to RRA, the mount places the red dot just above the front site post. Also with the EOTECH do I need the rear and front sites? My front site folds down.

    I am not a novice when it comes to weapons. I have been in LE for 14 years but i have only been familiarized with the M4. This is my personal M4 and I want to make sure I am doing things correctly.

    Thank you for all you can provide.