Barrett M98B .338 Lapua

Barrett has announced their new bolt action Model 98 Bravo .338 Lapua mag rifle. Barrett has a dedicated website for the rifle but is very light on details.

Picture 5-13

Tactical Weapons reports that is weighs in at 16 pounds (including scope and empty magazine) and will deliver 0.5 MOA at 800 yards. Not too shabby.

Defensive Review reports that it will feature an adjustable straight rearward pull trigger, 10+1 capacity and a 27″ 1:10 match grade barrel.

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Those of you with a good memory will remember a previous .338 Lapua rifle from Barrett called the Model 98. This rifle is not based on that rifle, which was a semi-automatic.

The rifle will be available in 2009.

It will be very interesting to see how it stacks up against the incumbents: Sako TRG-42 and Accuracy International Arctic Warfare family of rifles.

Last year the Marines were testing the .338 Lapua TRG-42. I wonder if Barrett has their eye on the Marines.

UPDATE: Barrett have finally published info on the rifle:

MSRP: $4495
Weight: 13.5 pounds (6.12Kg)
Overall Length: 49.75” (126.36cm)
Barrel Length: 27” (68.58cm)
Twist rate: 1 in 10 Right Hand Twist
Scope Rail: 18.125” integral 1913 rail
Safety: Manual Reversible, thumb lever

Picture 13-15
Broken down

Some more photos (click to expand):

Picture 16-7

Picture 17-5

Picture 15-13

Picture 14-10

UPDATE: Photos taken by SMGLee taken at AUSA:




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  • Hayden

    Nice… how many thousands of dollars will these babies cost? Would be nice if we had some better pictures.

  • Eddy Alvarez

    oh man πŸ™ too much monies.

  • vininie

    I think it looks like too much gun for too little of a cartridge. Too much weight that would be good for a .50 or .416 but not the .338 Lapua. I mean It’s not going to be making 900, 1000 yard shots which are what you would need all that extra bulk for as in the m82 but this is a .338, should be in an action more like the Remington 700 or equivalent.

  • vininie, the .338 Lapua can easily do 1 MOA at 1000 yards. It is effective to 1500 yards.

  • Anonymous

    Those first two pictures from SMGLee are of a semi-auto Barrett. There are some more actual pictures of the M98B here:

  • Ah, thanks Anonymous. I uploaded the wrong images.

  • derek

    so what do you guys think is better the accuracy international .338 or the new barrett .338 for accuracy most importantly and overall feedback?

  • Loki

    This a very nice rifle, but this is just me personaly I would go with the AR-30’s .338 because the price is about a third less and AR-30 will still shoot just as tight of groups at the same distance. If you check out the artical in Special Weapons Magizine May issue in 2004 it can explain it a litttle better. There they compare the Sig’s Blaser to the AR-30 and there isn’t much different between the two. Besides the price and a little on accuracy. The Sig is very simular to the Barrett in price and looks, and thats why I feel that the AR-30 is the choice for me. If Barrett could, I know that they wouldn’t, but drop there prices I would consider buying one from them. I would like them to compare all three and see the results and post that.

  • Rinehardt

    While I would really love to be the proud owner of Barrett’s 98 Bravo (There’s no denying the obvious sex appeal.), the accuracy had better be exceptional for the steep price that they’re asking for it. Also, I read some where that a suppressor cannot be used with it, for some reason. Could someone tell me if there is any truth to this?

  • Kevin F. Butler

    I firered the 98B this past weekend and with a little effrot to sight in hit a nicket size target at 1800 years with 10 rounds. THis is a fantasitic waepon, with little recoil, and has tremendous potential. I can’t say enough and the field stripping and cleaing is so very easy due to all the composite pieces. I highly recommedn this weapon an dit’s worth each and every cent. I even got my 70’s hippie, no-guns in my presence spouse to step up and fire a round she hit dead center on teh first shot. The mono[pod makes it easy to zero in…little to no reciol with a great flash suppressor. You will not be disappointed except if you want something that makes it more challenging to hit the target dead center…..this weapon makes it very easy to do so!

  • John

    I have a 98 bravo and it is a superb weapon. its quality and craftsmen ship is far better then i have ever seen. And a sound surppressor will hookup to the 98 bravo i have seen it done.

  • Glenn

    I have an Advance Armament quick disconnect titanium suppressor hooked onto my m98 Bravo (Titan) is the model.


  • John

    Vinnie vinnie vinnie,,, the 338 lapua cartridge can easily make 1000 yard shots, the 338 lapua is way more accurate then the 308. It doesnt sound like you know much about the 338 lapua round. If i were you, I would recomend doing more research before posting a blog…

  • Repv


    If the 338 is more accurate than a 308. Then this Barrett sould shoot better that 1/3 MOA. My 308 does.


    can someone please tell me what that thing is thats mounted on top of of the scope??

  • Vic

    I’d also like to know what is that scope and the item on top of the scope. Can any help?

  • Glenn

    it’s the BORS ballsitic computer. you can read about it on the Barrett website…

  • eric

    i just bought a 98b with the nightforce 5.5-22-56 im in love its the best rifle i have is so easy to hit a target shoting with the 300 grain lupua bullet,lupua brass,cci large magnum primer and h1000 or retumbo 94.0 grains of powder can upload pics if would like to see.

  • brian

    Well kids, the 338 lupua now holds the world record in longest kill shot over a mile and a half. the previous was held by a canadian shooting a 50bmg barrett. which was at 1.5 miles. the new record is held by a brit shooting afew hundred more yards with a 338. There ya have it folks, the world of physics i thought existed was just pushed too the max haha. never thought id see the day a 50cal beaten by a 338 in a long range kill shot. I figured, if there was another caliber that would do the reach, a 416 maybe but oh well. also im saving up for the model 98b. shot one about 3 months ago and it was the creme and butter

  • sam

    I’m in the market to buy a long range rifle but i can’t deside weather to buy a barrett m98b or the savage 338 lapua 110ba could someone help me out ?

  • Zade

    the Barrett is the more accurate one of the two but it is also more expencive

  • Arek

    Repvon 14 Jan 2010 at 6:05 pm
    308 its gr8 round but you can only dreem with this round to have 1/3 results on 1500 plus yards.
    I have Rem 700 308ss and Barrett M98B 27″ – m98b it’s what i prefer.

  • Zade

    Anyone know how to make a silencer from basic materials you could buy at a hardware store.

  • glenn hauser

    Homemade suppressor………………………………..$75.00
    Doing 10 years in federal prison for having it………priceless!
    I bought mine from Advanced Armament for ……..$3,000.00
    It’s registered & with that come peace of mind πŸ™‚

  • Cole

    Hey I’m looking for a long range rifle and I think the 338 is a gr8 round for it….what do think Is better the m82b or the mrad or something else. Eny suggestions

  • Cole

    Ok I have made a disition to get eather a Barrett m98b, sako trg 42, dessert Tac. Arms, or an AI…all in 338 lapua mag…what do u think…

  • Cole

    Ok I have made a disition to get eather a Barrett m98b, sako trg 42, dessert Tac. Arms, or an AI…all in 338 …what do u think…





  • Easy

    I will love to have one like this, i try one at the range, and i like it, problem , my budget is not even closed to it. But i love the rifle. But some day i keep my estΓ©s open for a specials. Sales hope soon.