Diamond inlaid front rifle sight. Functional bling?

HEYM USA, purveyor of fine rifles [I am unlikely to ever afford], offer a front sight for their double rifles that uses a diamond as the bead. Apparently it is a night sight. I have never seen this before.

Diamond Sight

Anyone know how effective these are?

When the boyz in the hoodz hear about these, the first to offer them as Glock sights will make a fortune 😉

Steve Johnson

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  • Eddy Alvarez

    lol i see a market for these on ‘homie sights’ too

  • Wicked.

    I just sent a link to a friend of mine, who was unable to open it at her office because their filter thinks this site has “violent and criminal related content”.

  • One of the properties of diamonds is their cut. The very specific way they’re cut is supposed to gather as much light as possible, and direct it through the center. That’s why diamonds sparkle so much. I can imagine they could use this property as a “night sight.”

  • skeetshot

    I used to have a delightful 26 in barrelled Purdy 12 gauge shotgun with a similar 1 carat diamond as a front sight. We dont have that gun anymore, but the picture brought back vivid memories of that wonderful Purdy !!!

  • Jean Luc

    The boyz in the hoodz? You sir, are a cunt.

    • Brian in Seattle

      Keeping it classy, I see.

      • Daeshauwnnn

        He address the comment with ‘sir’, to be fair.

  • Andrew Racek

    Neva been done befo

  • Big J

    Its about 50% useful and 50% gaudy.

    Diamonds have fantastic internal reflective and refractive properties, hence (as someone above pointed out) the sparkle of a diamond ring. If cut correctly, it will appear as a bright white dot, like an ivory bead, but much more eye catching. 50% Useful.


    The same effect could be done with synthetic diamond, Cubic Zirconia, or lead crystal. They all have good optical properties. Using diamond has that intrinsic “it’s a diamond” quality. 50% Gaudy.

  • Nice racist commentary, way to keep politics out of it.

  • Michael

    It’s a game changer.